“Domination’s the name of the game in bed or in life, They’re both just the same, Except in one you’re fulfilled at the end of the day, Let’s play master and servant”.

This is how Depeche Mode described what is now called “Kink” in their hit song “Master And Servant”. When I first heard this song as a teenager, I had no idea what they were talking about. I just thought it was a cool song from one of my favorite bands and to be completely open at the time making out with a boy was as far as I could even think about. Now I understand what they are talking about but like many of us I don’t know the deep down value of this play. What draws someone to dominating another person in bed or even better why would someone want to be dominated? Is this just fun couple’s play or is there something about it that being treated like a dog helps balance a person out? Like many of you I’m curious to learn more; to answer these questions and more we interviewed “The Supernova of Kink” from San Francisco. With a title like that we should get to the bottom of this matter…..then SPANK the hell out of it!