At a time when the most obvious thing about intimate and sexual contact – physical contact – is no longer taken for granted, Midori has suggestions for improving communication on the verbal level.

by Neeta Halperin

Even as a teenage girl, Midori knew she had no future in Japan. “My mother is white and my father is Japanese,” she explains. “In Japan I am immediately identified as ‘not ethnically pure’ and as such, many doors were closed to me in the first place.” Apart from the origin of her parents, they also did not belong to the same class. “So I was genetically involved, class-involved, a daughter of divorced parents and in fact a single mother; on top of all that I was born in 1966, the year of the fire horse (hinoeuma); The Japanese believe that women born this year will experience difficulties in finding a match and will lead to the early deaths of their spouses and father. Modern Japanese will tell you that they do not believe it, but this belief is well-rooted in all sections of the population.

“Midori’s American grandmother, a journalist who worked in her youth for the right of women to vote and stayed in Japan for several years And submissive in a hostile environment; at the age of fourteen, Midori’s mother allowed her daughter to move in with her grandmother in the United States. 

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