With rare exception, our classes are designed for everyone to be able to attend solo or with partners. Occasionally there are classes where having an exercise buddy is suggested or required. For such classes, you can come with a friend or someone you’re comfortable with. It can be, but is not limited to, romantic or intimate partners. If you are attending solo and wish to participate in the exercise, you may work with another solo attendee.

This is not a problem, while many of the lessons are described with variations ranging from solo practice to multiple person relationships, most exercises in class are designed for 2 people, to ensure efficiency and time management of the class flow. One of the people in your group will need to partner with another solo attendee. After class we encourage you to do the homework together.

Absolutely! This gives you an opportunity to clarify your desires and delights in your solo pleasure and give you clarity of communication skills for future relationships. We invite you to enjoy a convivial atmosphere of like minded people.

Yes! Please make sure everyone is briefed on class preparation and requirements as specified for each class.

I do teach suspension in ongoing, one-on-one coaching. There are so many variables to rope bondage and suspension that Midori feels personalized instruction is the safest and most effective way to learn.

Yes! It depends on what you want to get out of your time, but it is your coaching call. Midori asks that you let her know in advance so she can plan to accommodate.

Coaching needs to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments can be blocks of 60 or 90 min. We suggest that you have an environment where it’s quiet and you can focus. Midori is willing to do a 30 min consultation free of charge, to see if it would be a good match for effective coaching. When initially reaching out, do let us know what area you’d like to learn about or focus on. Describe it the best you can in your own words. [Later: Reach more about coaching here] Coaching calls can be done over the phone or on Zoom, a free video call platform.

    • Not to worry, homework for classes is a lot of fun! In this, Midori is cheeky. Homework is to give you a chance to practice what you learned in class. Fun, and an excuse to play, is what Midori means by homework. 
    • For coaching, Midori assigns homework that range from fun to more challenging work designed to help you achieve your goal. Homework is personalized for each individual, centered around achieving your objective joy and fulfilment.

Midori is happy to work with your existing therapy program, to customize your coaching to be the most supportive. Midori has also actively collaborated with student’s coaches and therapists as the student desired. If this is something you are interested in, you can inquire during a coaching session.

How to find a kinky partner. Dealing with a D/s break up. My partner and I are both kinky but like different things, how do we find ways to work together or craft scenes? How do I find my own dominant voice? How do I engage in submission safely? Basic kink skills: Bondage, impact play, fantasy role play, how to communicate kinky desire? I am confused or troubled by desires or fetishes. How do I navigate BDSM or sexually social cultures/communities? I’ve been kinky for a long time and I’m feeling burned out, help? How do I explore the intersection of my creativity, identity, and kink? For therapists and coaches, a program to establish competency and how to better help your kinky clients.

Many professionals refer their clients to Midori for coaching, but she is also available to support professionals in deepening their understanding of BDSM in life and relationships. If you would like to learn kink competency, Midori can provide practical, pragmatic tools, so you can better serve your clients. Please contact us to set up a complimentary 30 min consultation call with Midori

    • If you want to learn a small skill such as enough rope to safely tie up a date, or how to create a hot kinky date night, Midori can work with you in 1-2 calls. 
    • If you’re interested in a deep dive on a single topic, we recommend a short series, such as 2-3 60 min sessions. 
    • Midori also offers creativity coaching and mentorship. These can be ongoing sessions at a regular interval, such as weekly or monthly.

No, you can hire me to teach you how to tie your partners or be tied by them.

You will be fully clothed for classes and coaching. For more physical classes, such as Whip Fit and various Rope Bondage classes we may suggest comfortable clothes such as what you might wear to a fitness class.

For conversational classes, we encourage you to bring note taking devices and an environment that allows for focus and curiosity. Any class that requires you bring specific tools or equipment will be specified in the description.

Everybody needs an auntie that they can talk freely with. An auntie’s job is to loo out for everyone’s best interest and help you achieve your goals while having a good time doing it. An auntie isn’t shy to celebrate you or remind you when you’re a bit off track. Midori’s offerings and advice, aren’t only in the realm of kink, so don’t be surprised if she also helps you out in other areas of life you didn’t expect. (Ask her about tea!)

Any individual attending needs to purchase a ticket. Many of our classes have discounted pair pricing. If you’re attending with anyone else, whether they are your submissive or not. Please purchase the appropriate amount of tickets.

You don’t need to have kink experience. Bring the life experience you have and we will help you learn to create the experiences that you desire. If you are kink experienced, Midori may challenge you to refresh your perspective and level up.

Everyone from the curious 18 year old to the experienced 80 year old. People who come to our classes tend to be curious people looking for quality information in a safe environment. People of all genders, races, and orientations who want to increase the experience of pleasure for themselves and their partners. The only limitations are that you need to be 18+ years old and respectful and kind.

Sometimes the classes are recorded, and if this will be the case you will be notified early with the opportunity to adjust your onscreen appearance, turn your camera off, or remove your name from the preview.

1-4 people can be on a private lesson. 5-30 is considered a private class, which is also available. Let us know how many people you would like present in the beginning, so we can design the right experience for you.

Not all of our classes can be taught effectively online. Some are being reworked to offer digitally and will be available soon. To see which classes Midori will be teaching soon, take a look at her [calendar].

Some classes are available to be taught online, let’s discuss what you’re looking for. Please fill out [the contact form] to schedule a time to chat.

With careful consideration for the health of our team and future attendees, Midori’s weekend intensives will be postponed until we feel confident that we can safely be in a room together without masks. These are deep dive, in person experiences that serve attendees best when they can experience their personal development in the container created between the small group and their instructor, Midori. We will be looking at how to create safe opportunities for deeper learning during the current COVID reality.

Midori loves talking with people and sharing her tools and stories on podcasts, television shows, and other publications. You can see some of her features [here]. Fill out [the contact form] to discuss possibilities!