The Historical Arc of Sexual Surrender w/ Barbara Bowley & Lee Clark

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Sexual penetration and submission to penetration is a simple physical act. Humans, being humans, have used this physical act as a way of classifying themselves throughout history. Identifying as a Top, bottom, or moving between or outside this classification scheme only carries value if humans decide to attach values to it.

But when physical/sexual categories such as Top or bottom become hierarchies tied to a person’s value in society, problems arise — even more so when this hierarchical value system comes to serve social power dynamics as happened in Western culture. We look at how sexual categories became implicit social norms in the West, undergirding the patriarchy and capitalism. We then look at how members of the kink and Queer Fam communities turn the idea of sexual hierarchy into objects of play and exploration, returning them to their roots in human exploration, conscious relationships, and pleasure.

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*NOTE: This is a ‘dress rehearsal’ with a live audience and a preview of a presentation they are giving to a mental health and sexuality conference. They would like your participation and help with constructive input.)

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🔴 This event will be recorded for later viewing. You are welcome to change your name and/or leave your camera off. 

About Barbara + Lee

Barbara Bowley (she/her) is a retired Professor of anthropology, soon completing her Sexual Health Alliance certification in sexuality coaching and consulting. Lee Clark (he/him) is a technology executive and founder of Logikbar, a Managed Service Provider for alternative art, thought and media. Barbara and Lee are active kinksters, bringing theory-informed participant/observer perspectives to kink.


Nov 20 2023


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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