Sexuality in Japan Today w/ Hinako

Recently Midori made a new friend, Hinako Ishikawa, from Akita, Japan. She is a graduate student at SFState in the Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies.  They ran into each other in the Castro, went out for coffee, and talked and talked about the current state of sexuality in Japan. Then Midori invited her to join me and Dr. Carol Queen to watch “Funeral Parade of Roses” at the Roxie. (really intense 1969 movie of a trans sex worker fable)

The conversation was sooooo good, especially with both their from-Japan-global-queers across generations perspectives – that Midori invited her to come and speak with me here on Patreon… and share this rare conversation with you.

  • What’s the current situation of sexuality in Japan? 
  • Sex, romance, and dating life
  • The sex industry
  • The shocking difference between metropolitan and rural areas
  • Realities facing LGBTQI+  people.
  • She recently acquired a new 春画 (shunga … as in antique ‘dirty’ art) book, so she’ll talk about the ancient Japanese pleasure guide, kinky play, and sex toys!
  • She’ll also report on her experience visiting a typical sex shop in rural Japan. 

You just know we’re totally going down unexpected rabbit holes and passionate discourses, right?

(By the way, I hope you enjoy the maximal nutty graphics I made for this. I went a bit gonzo.  I wanted to put in my beloved Godzilla but I couldn’t find just the right image.)

Bring a beverage of your choice.
Chat or don’t chat. Screen on or screen off.
Join in for part or all of it.
All from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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About Hinako Ishikawa

Hinako grew up as a queer woman in rural Japan, where she faced and witnessed discrimination and the exclusion of LGBTQ people, which made her passionate about creating a hate-free environment. 

As an undergraduate, Hinako worked as a member of the Diversity Club, which advocates for LGBTQ rights, and as a gender/sexuality lecturer to teach Japanese students the concept of SOGIE. She also became certificated as a suicide prevention supporter in her hometown. 

Hinako is devoted to education. She has been part of the Teacher’s License Program, learned education psychology and teaching methods, and worked as a tutor for three years. Utilizing her Teacher’s License, Hinako is passionate about creating inclusive and safer learning spaces for LGBTQ students. She is particularly interested in changing gender-divided sexual education classes and gender-biased career education in Japan. 

Hinako is also doing research on Asian sexuality, exploring dominant ideas of Asian masculinity/femininity, traditional familial ties among Asian communities, and Japanese unique traditional sexual behaviors. 

Hinako is currently an intern for the Education and Referral Organization for Sexuality (EROS) at Associated Students, SF State. In this role, she works to provide sexuality education, safer sex resources, and peer education to prevent STIs, and promote Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging. 


Hinako’s long-term goals are to contribute to the establishment of the first university sexuality department in Japan and promote comprehensive sex education.


Aug 10 2023


5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

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