How to Immigrate to Canada w/ Andy Bandyopadhyay

What is a trans man to do when the forces of darkness encroach upon his life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? When he senses threats to his marriage, health, and belief in liberty and democratic society? There are many options. One such option – go North. Immigration is not an easy decision and definitely not an easy process.

Andy Bandyopadhyay wants to help anyone considering the difficult choice of leaving the United States.
Join Midori and Andy to compare and contrast immigration processes in the US and Canada, discuss options for moving abroad temporarily and permanently, and share ways to take care of each other when the world is on fire.

Andy had to think hard about life’s realities. Over the past few years, social and political upheaval in the US gave him much concern. He wanted a backup plan to preserve his marriage, healthcare, and citizenship in a functioning democracy. After two and a half years, he and his family are about to become permanent residents in Canada.

What led him to this? The fall of Roe was the last straw confirming his decision. It’s a dark time for someone like Andy – a trans man in a gay interracial marriage. The pain is deep for Andy, who reveres the ideal of American Democracy, as taught to him by his dad, a political science professor.

Roe rested on the right to privacy and built its logic on previous court cases protecting interracial marriage, contraception, queer sex, and queer marriage. Dobbs destroying Roe put these protections at greater risk. Combined with the fragile state of the American democracy, accelerating attacks on trans healthcare, and hostility to same-sex marriage and queer relationships – all this confirmed the difficult decision Andy and his partner had made to Immigrate to Canada.

This has been a multi-year process for his family. And it’s not done yet. Andy agreed to talk about his experience on an ongoing basis. This episode is the first of his report and reflection.

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About Andy

Andy Bandyopadhyay writes for Xtra Magazine. He and his husband Raj are moving from Brooklyn to Toronto. They are looking forward to bundling up and getting all cozy in their new home.

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Aug 29 2022


5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

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