History of Sexual Science Social Media w/ Ilyssa Boseski, LCSW, MEd

How a Man in a Dress Threatened The Third Reich: Scandalous History of Sexology

This is NOT your grandma’s history lesson… Join this fascinating talk by Ilyssa Boseski and discover the origins of Sexology and scientific ventures of World Love during a century of World Wars.

Uncover a salacious legacy of truths that continue to survive a globalized cultural paradigm of persecution and secrecy.

Learn the things people were asking over a hundred years ago about biology and behavior, and what happened to the answers they found!

Because we’re here, turns out the world has always been queer… so why the hell isn’t anyone used to it by now?!

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About Ilyssa

Ilyssa Boseski, LCSW, MEd, (she/her) is an award-winning Sex Therapist with an affinity for Historical Sexology. Founder of her own private therapy practice, Ilyssa works with various populations normalizing sex and guiding others to their own conclusions about life and self-discovery.

In her free time, she continues to explore the niche and intricate details of history, searching the past for the influences on modern Human Sexuality.

Read about Ilyssa in Psychology Today or find her on Facebook.com/IlyssaBo or Instagram @ilyssaboseski


Sep 19 2022


4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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