Fundamentals of Feminine Dominance: Archetypes of Desire – Sadovarius

Have you found yourself pausing when someone asks “what are you really into?” or “What type of D/s do you enjoy?”

Having a hard time visualizing what you might enjoy in that scene your partner wants? Perhaps you’ve found yourself not quite loving the play you’ve enjoyed in the past but aren’t sure what to ask for in negotiations?

Contrary to popular assumptions- knowing what we really want in play can be challenging. It’s also quite normal to not know everything about your desires. Auntie Midori is here to help.

This is an exciting new virtual class from the founder of ForteFemme Women’s Dominance Intensive & The Art of Feminine Dominance. Part of a series exploring the fundamentals of feminine dominance* Midori will guide you through a unique process to help you identify your desire archetype and learn how to embody and express it through play.

*Note:* “Feminine dominance” is about a state of mind and how it can be explored through play, not necessarily gender experience. This class is open to all genders, orientations, and anyone with curiosity about topping (whether a little or a lot).

We will cover…

  • How to identify your core desires that underly your current play
  • Determine what your partner is really asking for in a scene
  • Identify the types of scenes that you won’t enjoy before you get into them
  • Learn Midori’s infamous Desires Chart and how to use it to break out of the box for better scene satisfaction
  • Special guest, Laura Antoniou analyzes the play potential in Midori’s Fem Dom Desires Chart
  • Consider scenes that you might not have thought of that just might delight you
  • Get practical tips for playing with your newfound clarity and desires.


No experience necessary.
All Genders & Orientations welcome

Come prepared to engage in thought exercises & discussions, deep dive into your needs, and take lots of notes (so many fun ideas!)

NOTE: This event is presented by an organization located in the UK. You can find the date and time in your local time zone at

🔴 REC: A recording of this class will be available for later viewing for 14 days. Only the presenter and moderators are being recorded.



Sadovarius is a platform providing kink-wide education with an additional focus on the SM part of Kink & BDSM through further activities. They aim to be a space of quality knowledge and shared experiences.

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Sep 18 2022


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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