Consent Dojo 14: Sir Ezra


We’re starting the new season with a spicy topic:

Learn about ethical Mindf*kng from the guy who wrote the book!

For this 14th edition of the Consent Dojo, Midori is joined by Ezra Algos,  Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios and the host of the Ask Ezra Int!macy Coaching Podcast. He recently authored the exciting book  “M!ndf**king Mindfully: A Guide To Mental Manipulation For BD$M & Sad0mas0chism”

So much of BD$M is about the mental & emotional experience behind the play. But what does it look like to play with the mind itself? Consent & safety look different when we are playing in the often invisible realm of the mind.

Join us as we explore topics such as…

  • Shag your mind! What even is m!nsdf*kng & why do people love it?
  • What does consent look like in deep mental play?
  • How to distinguish between ethical, consensual, & erotic mental play and m!ndf*king that is not all three.
  • How can you repair after something goes wrong?

**Bring your curiosity and questions for Q + A after the conversation!**

Style: Conversation + Q&A
Props: Bring note-taking tools
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Consent Dojo is always free.
Join us Live on Zoom followed by Q & A or watch the replays on YouTube.

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Ezra, also known as Sir Ezra, is the author of “Mindfucking Mindfully: A Guide To Mental Manipulation For BDSM And Sadomasochism” Published just last year, this deliciously wicked and ethical manual has been a must-read for serious kinksters everywhere. He is an Intimacy Coach at working with people exploring their sexuality, from the BDSM curious and the deeply kinky.  

He is non-binary, polyamorous, omnisexual, and kinky. To bring better kink education to the world, he co-founded the Triskelion Scholarship for BDSM education.  He is also the Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios and the host of the Ask Ezra Intimacy Coaching Podcast.   

You can find him, and his BDSM household, The House Of Algos, on Twitter & all the usual social media. 




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Jul 05 2022


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