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Do you want more fulfilling BDSM play?  Need more effective ways to uncover the other’s real desires and minimize scene failure?

Let’s get smarter about how we express our desires around kink. Let’s reframe kinky desires and gain practical ways to effectively convey our pleasures.

Want to better communicate your hungers and get better play? Dissatisfied with scenes or frustrated at not having your desire accepted? How do you create a multi person scene where everyone’s happy?

Join Midori in this popular and unique class where she explodes the standard definitions of kink and expands the idea of what it’s all about. She maps out a fine-tuned and flexible framework that anyone can use to better describe their appetites. The first step to fulfilling your desire is to better understand them, then effectively and appealingly conveying them.

A class for thoughtful people, people who want hotter play, and those don’t quite fit into the standard boxes… and for anyone who’s curious about their own pleasure potential.

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About Boundless Events

Boundless provides events and opportunities for self discovery and personal growth within the realm of Kink in order to build community and interpersonal connections. They aim to create and nurture a community where people are free to express love, intimacy, and connection through Kink focused relationships.

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Feb 16 2022


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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