April Kink Starter Series

Four essential classes for creating your smart sexy fun.

  • Week 1 – April 4:  [So You Want D/s? Now What?]
  • Week 2 – April 11: [Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You – What Do You Really Want Tonight?]
  • Week 3 – April 18: [Practical Advice for New Tops & Dominants]
  • Week 4 – April 25: [Practical Advice for New Bottoms & Submissives]

Who is this series for?

  • All adults
  • All orientations
  • All genders
  • No experience necessary
  • No partner needed – open to all relationship status

What to bring?    Note-taking material


Week 1 – April 4:  5 pm PST [So You Want D/s? Now What?]

Dominance and submission – does this intrigue you? But what exactly is this D/s thing? Let’s figure out some fundamentals so you can better seek and create D/s that’s right for you. 

This is an interactive, discussion-centered class.

We’ll discuss…

  • Different types of D/s. 
  • D/s scenes vs D/s Relationships. 
  • Common pitfalls.  
  • Concepts to help clarify your vision. 
  • Map and express your values and desires. 
  • How to prepare yourself for the D/s you seek.  

Week 2 – April 11: 5 pm PST  [Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You – What Do You Really Want Tonight?]

*Warning: This is a class for sexy, thoughtful nerds.  This is not a class about how to use a tool or skill, but rather about the why and how to play hotter.

This is for people who care about excellent communication and improving connections with themselves and their partners.  This talk is for those who don’t quite fit into the standard kink boxes… and for anyone who’s curious about their own pleasure potential.

Do you want more fulfilling BDSM play? Are you new to kinky fun? Need more effective ways to uncover the other’s real desires and minimize scene failure? Want to communicate your hungers better and get better play? Dissatisfied with scenes or frustrated at not having your desire accepted? How do you create a multi-person scene where everyone’s happy? Are you frustrated with vague terms or limiting beliefs prevalent in kink circles? Let’s get smarter about how we express our desires around kink. Let’s reframe kinky desires and gain practical ways to convey our pleasures effectively. Join Midori in this popular and unique class where she explodes the standard definitions of kink and expands the idea of what it’s all about. She maps out a fine-tuned and flexible framework that anyone can use to describe their appetites better. The first step to fulfilling your desire is to understand them better, then effectively and appealingly convey them.

Week 3 – April 18: 5 pm PST [Practical Advice for New Tops & Dominants]

Curious about BDSM? Are you just beginning to explore the top or dominant side? Do you find all the information out there a bit intimidating, confusing or impractical? Bring all your questions and she’ll tackle them. No BS – All practical.

No experience necessary!!!

Here are some topics we might discuss – it’s all based on your questions and curiosities

  • How to create successful kinky fun scenes
  • Good boundaries for hot play
  • Top Drop? Aftercare for tops?
  • Hot ways to negotiate without losing the thrill
  • How do I know if I’m a top?
  • What do all the terms mean?
  • Tips on feeling more confident
  • Ways to better understand what your partner is asking for
  • How to find out you and your partner’s desires
  • How to select the right toys
  • Unexpected Pervertables

Auntie Midori’s here to help! She’ll share with you practical tips, easy ways to get started, and how to avoid common mistakes.

She’s prone to confess tales of her spectacular goofy bloopers too.

Everyone is welcome, whether you like to top, bottom, or switch it up, whether you’re new or experienced—whoever you like to play with.

Bring your questions, note-taking material, and curiosity.

Week 4 – April 25:  5 pm PST [Practical Advice for New Bottoms & Submissives]

Are you beginning to explore bottoming or submission? Do you find all the information out there a bit intimidating, confusing, or impractical? Bring all of your questions and concerns to this informative class and let Auntie Midori tackle them for you, no BS, all practical answers and advice.

Some of the topics to be discussed :

  • Questions to ask yourself before playing
  • Questions to ask your partner before playing
  • Personal safety in body, mind, and spirit
  • Figuring out what you want
  • How to ask for what you want
  • Smart and excellent bottoming skills
  • The difference between bottoming and submitting
  • Stupid things people say about bottoming
  • How to help those topping and dominating you to succeed in a scene
  • And, all your excellent questions

Auntie Midori’s here to help! She’ll share practical tips and how to avoid common mistakes. 

Whether you like to Top, bottom or switch it up, whether you’re new or experienced, and whoever you like to play with, everyone is welcome! Bring your note taking material and curiosity

• • •


Thursdays in April
5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST


Zoom link will be sent to attendees after purchase. 



Apr 04 - 25 2024


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