ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Intensive

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Intensive
ForteFemme is a weekend-long, exclusive experience for eight women that will elevate your authentic inner femme power.

Learn the full scope of creating a fulfilling experience for you and your partner through exploring safe, effective techniques to cultivate pleasure and play.

The emphasis will be on the discovery and expression of your desires, understanding the psychological and emotional structure of joyous BDSM, and providing practical tools and strategies for women with busy lives.

Fortified with individual attention and guidance, Midori will guide you into a place of empowerment and confidence.

"ForteFemme wasn’t about cosplaying a domme that wasn’t inside of me, it was about getting to the core of my being…. This was crucial to my healing, self-esteem, and partnership."

Deep Dive & Unique Education: 25+ hours of concentrated education that will train you to clearly identify your desires, understand your partner’s pleasures, and effectively communicate and collaboratively create pleasure and erotic adventures. Specially curated by Midori for the individuals in attendance, this course will challenge you and stretch your ability to live in joy and ethical empowerment. Some have described this as 5 years of experience and wisdom packed into 3 intense and life-changing days.

Custom Workbook: You will receive a workbook created by Midori with additional educational materials, exercises, and resources to support you through the course and as you integrate what you’ve learned.

Sponsor Goodies: Our generous sponsors have sent us an array of goodies to enrich your experience and encourage your pleasure. Learn more about our fantastic sponsors below.

A Night of Sensuous Dining: The Bay Area weekend includes the option of a special private erotic dinner experience created exclusively for us by Our Gourmet Life. This happens Saturday night after the class ends for the day, pre-registration is required and ticketing is separate, as it’s an optional social experience. You are welcome to bring a guest. You will meet ForteFemme alumni from previous years and enjoy a sensuous evening in your deepening power.

1 Hour of Private Coaching:   As part of your graduation package, all attendees receive the option for an hour of private coaching and guidance towards your pleasure and confidence, available in the weeks after the course.

Membership to The Society:  Upon graduation, you will be accepted into The Society. The Society is a ForteFemme alumnae organization created for the purpose of continuing education, support, friendship, and excellence in women’s personal empowerment.

  • FRIDAY // Liberate Your Identity 
    1:30pm to 7:00pm

  • SATURDAY // Listen Intuitively
    9:00am to 6:00pm 

    Erotic Dinner // Our Gourmet Life
    7:00pm to 10:00pm
    *Optional & seperately ticketed- Highly encouraged for you & a guest

  • SUNDAY // Spotlight Your Pleasure
    9:00am to 6:00pm

    Practical Lab // with Partner
    5:00pm – 7:30pm

  • You seek the highest quality education from a renowned expert with decades of experience.
  • You want to dive into excellent immersive education without wasting time on searching for bits and pieces of information from disparate and questionable sources.
  • You are ready for honest self-reflection and the acquisition of skills through inquiry that may challenge your thinking.
  • You seek to be in and co-create a supportive, kind, and understanding environment for growth and learning.
  • You value confidentiality, respect, and consent. You appreciate and respect others’ self-expression, journey, and vulnerability.
  • You are a person who identifies as a woman (trans women are women!) or nonbinary person whose life is regularly affected by misogyny and sexism.
  • Your BDSM experience level is anywhere from entry to expert.
  • You value thoughtful and thought-provoking content.
  • You crave a unique educational experience and information not available online or in regular workshops.

“Can BDSM really be good for me? Is it healthy for my relationships & partners?”

You will learn how to discern what healthy BDSM is. Through the program, you will understand what makes for loving, healthy, and fun kink, and what contributes to toxic or harmful experiences.  ForteFemme helps you to deepen compassion and intimacy with yourself. In turn, this leads to better relationships with those around you.

“How do I get out of this stuck and stale feeling about our play?”

Through the deep work you’ll do in this course, you’ll learn how to use an innovative framework that’s elegantly simple for creating mutually fulfilling scenes to cultivate play and pleasure.

This program builds up your skill, knowledge, and confidence through a multi-layered approach. Along with studying the psychological and emotional foundations, you’ll learn and practice essential physical skills such as easy bondage, gorgeous flogging, confident movement, and commanding presence.

“How is this relevant to my everyday relationships, work, and life?”

While this program teaches through the lens of BDSM, the skills and practices it teaches enhance success and balance in all facets of life. The ForteFemme curriculum focuses on the authenticity of self, examination of ethical power, communication skills, and collaborative creation of joy.  Think of BDSM play as a microcosm of interpersonal relationships and a playground for exploring exceptional communication skills, integration of shadows and desires, and collaboration in creating pleasure and connection.

The confidence and deep communication skills you gain in ForteFemme translate beautifully to enrich your everyday life, community, and business leadership strength.

In this small group setting, discussions and exploration are rich and genuine. This time and space allow for individual attention, guidance, and discovery. There will be no formulaic scripts or conventional technique drills. Midori will guide you into a place of empowerment and confidence that is unique to you.

Unsure if ForteFemme is the right choice for you? Send us a Message. Midori would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have.

What the Graduates have to Say...
"ForteFemme launched me into a whole new level of awareness, found camaraderie with amazing women and inspiration from their ideas and insights--along with the wise and invaluable guidance that Midori provided for each of us.

We laughed, we cried-there are no words to describe the power of this experience--you really must go through the process for yourself. This is truly the start of a whole new life for me."
Alumni, NYC 2012
"Midori's ForteFemme weekend was an absolutely essential and sacred experience at a pivotal moment in my life. It was worth every single dollar and more.

ForteFemme truly offered me everything I needed in that moment of my life to carry on, to feel affirmed in my desires and longings for deep and playful human connection, and to envision a brighter sexual and spiritual future for myself."
Alumni, NYC 2017

We are delighted to share that the event will be held in a new location, a magnificent Spanish-style estate in the Oakland Hills. There will be outdoor spaces accessible with stunning views of the Bay Bridge and Mount Tamalpais to help you recharge between sessions.

The venue is scent-free, including candles and incence. Please do not wear perfume or highly scented products of any type. The property does have a sweet feline cat that will be kept away from the instruction area. However, if you have allergies you may want to bring your medication of choice.


The Venue is a 20+ walk from the local bus stop, we recommend taking a ride share or a taxi for the remaining leg.  The instruction area is on the main floor of the house and should be ADA-accessible.

If you have specific accommodations such as a service animal, food allergies, or are hard of hearing, please Send us a Message and we would be happy to work with you to make this event accessible.


Your safety, and that of our team, is important to us. We are asking everyone to take a COVID-19 Rapid test within 24 hours of the start of the event. These are easy to pick up at your local pharmacy.  If you are showing any symptoms of illness including cough, congestion, sore throat, loss of smell/taste, body aches, etc please do not push yourself to attend and put others at risk.

We welcome anyone to wear a mask indoors but will not require all attendees do so. There will be open windows, air circulation, high ceilings, and space outdoors to eat for those who wish to minimize risk.

FAQ //

  • I don’t have any experience. Is this weekend for me?
    YES!   Start your exploration on the right step.

  • Does my partner join me in class?Partners will not be participating nor are they to be present during the instructions. If you have a partner, they are welcome to join you for the optional Saturday night dinner. They are also strongly encouraged to join you for the last section, Lab Time, late Sunday afternoon. (We encourage you to ask them for aftercare from the weekend too!)

  • I don’t have a partner. Is that ok?
    Yes! This weekend will help you to better identify your desire and give you great tools for meeting people. We are happy to match you with a skilled Trainer Bottom for the Lab Time.

  • Do you provide lodging?
    No, but here’s a link to some hotels previous attendees enjoyed.
  • Friday’s instruction starts at 1:30pm. Do I need to attend this or is it just a meet-&-greet?   
    Friday we will be covering important content that you’ll need for the rest of the weekend. Full Friday attendance is required for the completion of the weekend. 

See the full ForteFemme FAQ on our website.


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Local Sponsor – San Francisco //  Mr. S Leather – Handcrafted Gear Made in San Francisco since 1979 for Bondage, Leather, Rubber & Neoprene.

Immerse yourself in a world where your pleasure matters, your power is celebrated, and your dominance is thoughtfully cultivated. 

Can’t make this weekend? Event already sold out?
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Oct 13 - 15 2023


1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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Oakland Hills Estate
Oakland Hills Estate
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