[SF] Magnet 20th Anniversary Art Show

Celebrate 20 Years of Supporting Queer Visual Artists at the Strut Sexual Health Clinic in San Francisco. 

How can one summarize 20 years of art shown at Magnet? Hundreds of artists, mostly solo shows and some in their own organized group efforts, have shown an incredible range of creations. Rather than pick and choose artists or artworks retrospectively, Curator Matthew Denckla suggested a special, “open call” for submissions, to resonate with and echo our annual call for artists, turning outward for what artists working today might send. Instead of looking across time, we offer a “cross section” of recent works. In this selection, we hope to encourage and inspire dialogue across various media, methods and artists; across our communities; and inside of each of us about what we show about ourselves, our experiences and our many ways of seeing the world through making art.

-From the Curator, Matthew Denckla 


Joseph Abbati! Diego Gomez! SAPPHIC SCENES ! Daniel Arzola ! Mikhamik! De Kwok ! Jordan Thomas Robinson! Brittany Maxste ! Angel Angeles ! Jasmine Liang ! Luke Kraman ! Greg Climer ! Midori ! Oscar Zamora Graves ! Aron Bothman ! James Dillenbeck ! Meehaun Glasper-Wade ! Nathaniel J. Bice ! Jovon Bright! Rae Senarighi aka Transpainter! ! Gabriel Garbow ! Sina Grace ! and Justin Hall!

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May 23, 2023
5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST

The reception will have free snacks, food, wine, non alcoholic drink options. 

This is an in-person event with limited space. Registration is free, we encourage you to RSVP now before space runs out. Only folks that RSVP on Eventbrite will be allowed to attend.


There are no stairs to enter the lobby level at Strut from the street level. The building has three floors, and there is a stairwell with handrails and a wheelchair-accessible elevator. There are 26 steps from the lobby to the 2nd floor and 48 steps from the lobby to the 3rd floor. All our bathrooms are gender neutral and we have restrooms that are accessible to people who use wheelchairs

Questions about Strut or San Francisco AIDS Foundation events please contact the community event manager Baruch Porras Hernandez at baruch@sfaf.org



Sep 08 2023


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


470 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114


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