Consent Dojo 37: Ilyssa Boseski, LCSW, MEd

For this 37th edition of the Consent Dojo, Midori is joined by Clinical Sexologist, Educator, & hobby historian, Ilyssa Boseski, LCSW, MEd.

While everything we share with our therapists is confidential; that doesn’t mean considerations for consent end after we sign paperwork! Ongoing consent can strongly affect the progress & comfort experienced in every session. Join us as we discuss the nuances of maintaining good client rapport (from both sides of the clipboard) with reflections on power dynamics, limited disclosure, counter/transference, and the significant difference between words such as “voluntary” & “willingness”. 

We’ll be looking at a variety of concepts including (but not limited to): 

  • Mindful Power Dynamics: The fine line between being an Emotional Support Human and a friend. 
  • Limited Disclosure: When personal meets protocol, are we sharing for relatability or likeability? 
  • Terminology Turmoil: The significance of trigger warnings, identity politics, colloquialisms, mandated reporting, & more!

Bring your curiosity and questions for Q + A after the conversation!

Style: Conversation + Q&A
Props: Bring note-taking tools
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Consent Dojo is always free.

Join us Live on Zoom followed by Q & A or watch the replays on YouTube.

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About Ilyssa

Ilyssa Boseski, LCSW, MEd, (she/her) is an award winning Sex Therapist with an affinity for Historical Sexology. Founder of her own private therapy practice, Ilyssa works with various populations normalizing sex and guiding others to their own conclusions about life and self discovery. In her free time she continues to explore the niche and intricate details of history, searching the past for the influences on modern Human Sexuality.

Consent Dojo is an ongoing project created by Midori where she sits down with a special guest to discuss different aspects of consent, how communication can affect and enhance our relationships, and how consent transcends the interpersonal world and builds more resilient communities and organizations.

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Jul 15 2024


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Online - Zoom


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