Consent Dojo 28: Zoë Ligon

'Can I have your d!ldo?’ Consent & Radical Art Making

For this 28th edition of the Consent Dojo, Midori is joined by Sex Edutainer, Author, and owner of Spectrum Boutique- the incredible Zoë Ligon

Explore topics such as… 

  • Turning shame into beauty
  • Learn about Zoe’s recycled dildo project
  • What it takes to run a successful adult store
  • Financial discrimination against sexuality professionals

Bring your curiosity and questions for Q + A after the conversation!

Style: Conversation + Q&A
Props: Bring note-taking tools
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Consent Dojo is always free.

Join us Live on Zoom followed by Q & A or watch the replays on YouTube.

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About Zoë Ligon

Zoë Ligon is a Detroit-based sex edutainer, artist, and creator. She is the owner of Spectrum Boutique, an education-focused online sex toy store she founded in 2015. Her first book, Carnal Knowledge: Sex Education You Didn’t Get in School is available wherever books are sold. In her spare time, she runs a Discord called Effed Up Film Heads where she screens and watches strange or scary movies with her internet friends.

Consent Dojo is an ongoing project created by Midori where she sits down with a special guest to discuss different aspects of consent, how communication can affect and enhance our relationships, and how consent transcends the interpersonal world and builds more resilient communities and organizations.

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Sep 12 2023


5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Online - Zoom


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