Consent Dojo 24: Dirty Lola


For this 24th edition of the Consent Dojo, Midori is joined by award-winning sex edutainer, speaker, & self-proclaimed dildo slinger, Dirty Lola to talk about Ethical Non-Monogamy.

Join them as they explore topics such as…

  • Why we need to stop calling every non-monogamous moment ‘Polyamory’
  • Practicing ENM won’t protect you from cheating, divorce, or heartbreak
  • If you’re looking for easy ethical nonmonogamy may not be for you.

Extra-Credit Homework from Dirty Lola (after the call)
Read Polysecure, The Ethical Slut, It’s Called Polyamory, or Opening Up… even if you’re already in a well-oiled ENM situation!

Bring your curiosity and questions for Q + A after the conversation!

Style: Conversation + Q&A
Props: Bring note-taking tools
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Consent Dojo is always free.

Join us Live on Zoom followed by Q & A or watch the replays on YouTube.

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Dirty Lola is an award-winning sex edutainer, speaker, and self-proclaimed dildo slinger. Known for her live sex ed, Q&A show Sex Ed A Go-Go, and as a Sexpert on the Netflix docuseries The Principles of Pleasure, Lola has spent over a decade working to end the stigma and shame surrounding sex and sexuality. Having started her journey sharing personal discoveries with polyamory and kink online, Lola now uses her knowledge, warm candor, and public platforms to teach the masses in person and rapt Internet and television audiences.

In addition to her educational projects, Lola is the creative director of the Spectrum Journal, an online magazine offshoot of the female-owned online sex shop Spectrum Boutique, on the advisory board for the Effing Foundation, and has brought her unique brand of sex-positive sex education to brands such as B-Vibe, Freya, Womanizer, and Spencers Gifts.



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Consent Dojo is an ongoing project created by Midori where she sits down with a special guest to discuss different aspects of consent, how communication can affect and enhance our relationships, and how consent transcends the interpersonal world and builds more resilient communities and organizations.

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May 02 2023


5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Online - Zoom


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