September 8, 2005

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
September 8, 2005

Table of contents

1. Mini Adventure Report
2. New Classes & Events added next 2 weeks: San Diego,
-- Los Angeles, San Francisco
3. Midori the window art performer?
4. Kinky Student Lounge. Ask questions! Meet others like you!

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Dear Readers,
I just finished an awesome tour of Canada. I went to Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax to teach. I just love teaching up there. The folks are bright, eager and just a lot of fun. Viktoria of who coordinated this trip, in conjunction with Adult Fun Super Store and Venus Envy, made sure I had some personal time off to do the things I really enjoy - so I had time to go to museums, gardens and enjoy amazing meals. The parties in Montreal were deklightfully sinful... I even had a very sexy experience I've never had before - but unfortunately I've agreed with the parties involved not to write about it yet. I also took a one-day trip to Toronto to take a dirt bike course called Trail Tour based on my friend Nancy's enthusiastic recommendations. I've never been dirt biking and it was great! The instructor totally brought up my level of confidence and I even got to do some super tight single track through a tightly wooded area. (I think maybe I want a very short duo sport bike to tool around town on because my Suzuki Bandit is still too tall for me to practice on. Anyone have any leads for a good bike?)

But I digress...

So I'm home for 26 hours. I leave in a few hours for San Diego and LA. I'm totally swamped and behind on my office/admin work! Yikes. But I realized that there are a couple of events that just got scheduled for the upcoming 2 weeks and I wanted to let you know. Especially the book signings! My book signings turn in to a really fun social event. (The North Bound Leather signing in Montreal turned into a totally a great house party!) You get to hang out and chat with me when I'm not having to teach. I also want to tell you about them as they've been added recently and it's not fun for me to sit at a signing when no one shows up...

There's so much more that's happened in the last couple of weeks but with the clock ticking towards my flight time I just can't get it all in here. If you want to know the gory details stop by my blog.

Oh and Katrina... sigh...
It's just mind boggling, heart breaking and overwhelming. Reading/watching from Canada and through Canadian media was interesting... My feelings have been all over the place. I know that all of you have been helping in ways that you can. You've seen links for donations and many of you are working through your own social networks to reach out. I'm grateful that the current communication technology allows us to help in ways that we never could, even as the official channels crumble. So give in ways that you can. Sometimes it's the simple like being there for a friend who is feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of the heart wrenching images of disaster and hopelessness. (I decided to support the Humane Society's efforts to rescue the pets that many folks were forced to abandon. .)


= = =

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San Diego: TONIGHT!
• Tonight 9/8 @ 7 pm "Predicament Bondage 1" Location ReBar: 30TH @ Upas Donation: $15 Class size limited. RSVP to Hosted By: DUTCH, Mr. San Diego Leather

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Los Angeles
• Saturday, 9/10 7:30pm Book Signing and Party
Book signing and party at A Different Light Bookstore
8853 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Los Angeles
Rope Bondage Dojo TM LA has been sold out for a while. The next ones are in San Francisco and Boston.
* Bring rope!

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San Francisco
• Thursday 9/15 7pm - 10pm " Beginning to Top: Scene Scenarios"
"Beginning to Top: Scene Scenarios & Scripts for Novices"
Location: QSM: for more info go to or

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San Francisco
· Thursday, Sept. 22nd, 7pm

Social & Signing at The Castro Bookstore, A Different Light,
Celebrate Folsom weekend and all kinky delights as Midori reads from and signs her brand new book, Wild Side Sex: the Book of Kink.
Sex positive celebrity Annie Sprinkle says: "Midori is an absolutely brilliant sex educator, and I can't recommend her teachings highly enough. She is truly one of the most erotically gifted people I've ever come across (pun intended), and lucky for us, she's willing to share all she knows and has experienced. Midori will inspire you to have a more pleasure filled and ecstatic life."
...- Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Author of Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex-Make Over Your Love Life
Join Midori at A Different Light Bookstore, at 7pm. ADL is located:
A Different Light Bookstore
489 Castro St.
San Francisco, CA 94114

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PREVIEW OF OCTOBER AND BEYOND For more info see the class calendar at
· OCT: London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge

· NOV: San Francisco, Oahu, Toronto

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It's been exciting that there's beem more invitation for me to do creative art work beyond the fetish / SM context. It's really exciting when a curator recognized the art and performative works that I've been developing.
If you find yourself near the Castro District in San Francisco on Thursday, September 22nd, and happen by the window of the jewelry store Flux on 18 th St near Castro you'll see their window artfully and scandalously done in rope, sexy flesh and glittering jewels. The store commissioned me to create a special art exhibition / performance window in honor of Folsom Street Fair.

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Any question about kink or sex answered! Meet sexy, interesting and intelligent people from all over the world! All orientations, genders and experience levels. (Populated mainly by people who've been to my classes, ranging from Denmark to Australia) join the discussion at my yahoo group called DivaMidori (it is Adult Access only) the URL is:

See you around!