September 12, 2006

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
September 12, 2006

Table of contents

1. Summer time black and blues: Adventure report
2. Upcoming Classes & Events (SF, London, Vienna, Montreal, Ottawa, New Zealand & Australia!)
3. My Photo Exhibition. "BeefCake by CheeseCake" San Francisco 9/22/06
4. Because I'm a hopeless optimist - AIDS LifeCycle begins anew
5. Ask me anything at my Stockroom Forum. Or Peek Into My Private Life Via My Blog and MySpace.

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I'm enjoying a rare treat of writing this newsletter from home in San Francisco. It's nice to be home for a few weeks. Soon I'll be taking to the road again for the intensity of the fall tour.

Since my last report -

Montreal is such a romantic city - beautiful old buildings, fantastic food, the French pleasures and naughtiness mix with the kindness and earthiness of the Canadian spirit. I was there as part of the first Out Games, which kicked off to a roaring success. The Out Games had all the usual competitive sports as well as country western dancing, aerobics, choral competition and officially sanctioned Leather and Bear events. I had the chance to attend my first competitive ballroom dance competition there to cheer on my friend Veronica, who won the Gold metal in Chicago's Gay Games just a couple of weeks prior. I had no idea how exciting live ballroom dance competitions can be. I wished I had the time to take dance lessons! Along with all the sports, they had a global academic conference on GLBT human rights issues, which I dearly wanted to attend but it just didn't work out. The Montreal sex education center,, coordinated with the Out Games and brought me into MC the leather contest, That was just a fantastic night club in a 19th century pool and bath house. Flashing lights, packed crowd of sweating and glistening muscled bodies decked out in leather harnesses and tight leather pants. I felt like I walked into the famed (but fictional) Club Babylon!

The very day after a week in Montreal, I was teaching in Raleigh, North Carolina. There I spent a day teaching for the Triangle Munch Group to a totally enthusiastic audience. The quality of Southern hospitality and fantastic BBQ is no myth! Yummy!

Two days after Raleigh, I landed in Osaka airport to finish the project with the Canadian TV show "Pleasure Zone." The first 5 days were spent in Kyoto and Osaka, shooting the erotic travel docu-tainment piece. As soon as I know when it's airing I'll let you know. We enjoyed a traditional bath, went to a huge sex shop, played in a SM bar and love motel. When we weren't shooting I sat contemplating at the temples, walked, ate and hung out with my newfound buddies. After the shooting wrapped, I spent the remaining 5 days in Tokyo, exploring the sleazy sexual underworld and the high art world of Echigo art festival. Returning to Japan, where I immigrated from as a teenager, is a bittersweet thing, full of excitement and melancholy. This sort of experience is truly a thread in the American tapestry - the experience of the Americanized transplant returning to the country that rejected them and that which the person rejected. But I digress. Gettng to hang out with a long lost friend T was super as well as getting to visit with my mother. There is much more to my adventures in Japan but not much space in this newsletter. So I'm serializing the experience into my columns at . Here's the exact link to the column: Eroszine. I'm also presenting on my trip to Japan in San Francisco next week.

The summer tour gets crazier. The day after I return from Japan to the States I'm in Kansas City teaching for a couple of days. A large hall packed with eager students joined me for a series of classes sponsored by the Kansas City Dominance Council. Those scenes I did for the Erotic Humiliation class were really intense and had me in a buzz. I made some friends there and I'm really looking forward to returning, maybe even next year!

So then I finally landed back in San Francisco. By this time the jet lag is setting in - I am usually not affected by this as much as others, but the trip to Japan wiped me out. For some reason long trips opposite the sun, and across the date line, is harder on the body. I'm sure the emotional intensity of the trip 'home' also affected me. It took me a full week to get over the brain, heart and body lag. Then a nasty lingering cold immediately took me out for another two weeks. I took the clue and rested a bit.

But rest? There is no real rest for the wicked and the free lance! I was off to LA for sold-out classes at the Pleasure Chest and Syren as well as a really sexy performance (ok, it was more like an actual scene) at the Purgatory club night of Bar Sinister. I would have liked to have hopped around more and visited friends while I was down there, but when I wasn't teaching, performing or in a meeting I was staring numb-brained at my computer or in bed. Oy.

So now it's getting close to Folsom Street Fair here. That crazy street festival with 200,000 + kinky people, along with all the pervy, sexy events building up to it.

I know some of you will be in town for this big citywide leather extravaganza. If you see me, stop by and say hi. (And please forgive me when I can't remember your name. I suck with remembering names.)

Wishing you a beautiful day,


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• Tuesday, 9/12, Class "Hot & Bothered: Playing with Erotic Embarrassment" at GOOD VIBRATIONS Polk Street, 1620 Polk Street (at Sacramento Street), San Francisco, CA 94109 $25
• Wed, 9/13, Class "Hands-on Rope Body Harness" at QSM
• Fri 9/15, Class "Seducing Lady Luck: Up Your Chances for a Hot Night" at The Exiles
• Tue 9/19, Class "San Francisco: "Kinky Japan Revealed: Photos & Dirt from Midori's Pervy Adventures" $20 at The Citadel
• Fri 9/22, Photo Exhibition Reception "BeefCake by CheeseCake" at
• Sun 9/24, Folsom Street Fair &Rope demo at Twisted Monk's Rope Booth. On 12th and Folsom booth #1049. Time: who knows! Look for the 15-foot high red flags.

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Rubber Ball Weekend Bash
• Fri 10/6 Torture Garden performance with Kumi • Sat 10/7 - Sun 10/8 8 Skin Two Expo sampler classes • Sat 10/7 Rubber Ball ninja performance 8 salons at Coco De Mer. (Call 020 7836 8882 or
·10am - 12:30pm: "Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside of the Box"

· Sun 10/8 "Hands-on Rope Bondage"

• Mon 10/9 "How to Satisfy a Woman + Lesbian Sex Tricks for Men" · Wed 10/11 "Knotty & Nice: Easy Bondage for Sex and Pleasure"

• Sun 10/15 "How to Thrill Your Man" · Mon 10/16 "The Sensual Whip: Erotic Secrets of the California Style"

• Tue 10/17 "Become the Fantasy: Erotic Role Play Games for Couples" · Wed 10/11 "Love Toy Wizardry: Get the Biggest Bang from Your Sensual Toys"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

At the Café
· Fri 10/20 Class topic to be announced

• Sat 10/21 "Hands-on Rope Body Harness" · Sat 10/21 "Masterful Rope Scenes"

· Sat 10/21 an extra surprise!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

hosted by
· Fri 10/27 Performance at Fetish 4 Play Party

· Sat 10/28 - Sun 10/29 Rope Bondage Dojo (Sold out)

· Mon 10/30 Class "Sensual Foot Pampering for Lovers"

• Tue 10/31 Class topic to be announced

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

hosted by Venus Envy and Miss Jenn of Breathless
· Wed 11/1 Class "Erotic Role Play" at Venus Envy

· Thr 11/2 Class "Essential Shibari: Fundamentals of Erotic Japanese Rope Bondage" at Venus Envy

· Sat 11/4 Class "Predicament Bondage" at Breathless

• Sat 11/4 Class "Pussy Purring Pleasures" at Breathless

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

· Fri 11/17 - Sun 11/19 Southern Exposure Conference

• Sat 11/18 The Fetish Ball performance

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

11/24 - 12/17 A bit huge tour to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with shows and classes! Stay tuned for details!

= = =

This fall I'll have my first major photo exhibition called "Beefcake by Cheesecake", along with Julie Simone, another photographer, at Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco. It'll showcase powerful homoerotic images of men in bondage - showing their strengths and vulnerability.
10% of all sales of my photos will go to AIDS LifeCycle.

465 S. Van Ness Ave, SF, CA 94103
Reception: Friday, 9/22, 7pm - 10pm.,
Run of the show 9/22 - 10/1

Two photos from this show will appear at the Provocateur Group Show in Melbourne, Australia on 9/23 at the PopShop Gallery

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Because I'm a hopeless optimist.
Because people are still sick and dying.
Because hate is a crime and love is a cure.
Because it really is an issue of global and national security.
Because you and I can actually make a difference in the world.

I hope you'll choose to help me again and stand against the tide of hopelessness.
(Yes, it's tax deductible.)

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