Sept 20, 2003

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter Sept 20, 2003

Table of contents

  • A personal note to the readers.
  • Upcoming classes in the next month (San Francisco, San Jose)
  • Class listings continued (Kentucky, Houston, Dallas, etc.)
  • Some classes beyond that
  • Tristan's looking for a hot poly couple
  • *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    Dear Readers,

    It's been a while since you've heard from me, hasn't it?

    I apologize for the extended absence. It's been an eventful summer for me personally. I took some time off for my self, including going through the first phase of a multi stage knee surgery.

    My deep thanks to those who have and are still helping in the healing process.
    Thank you also to those who have sent your well wishes.

    The surgery had some unexpected complications but I'm coming through it fine. The doctor and other caregivers are very optimistic, but they still want me to take it easy.

    Let me tell you, fetish wear in flats just doesn't quite turn on my pervy heart. Hmmm, where is that sedan carried by the hunky, devoted ones? ( Chuckle! )

    Unfortunately I've had to cancel my trip to London around the Rubber Ball in October, as I'll still be in physical therapy and the surgeon isn't too keen on me going over seas so quickly.
    But don't worry! I'll be in Denmark in late October and am already considering future trips to London. Let me know what the reader interests are for classes in Europe.

    In other and better news. . . My work on the upcoming book from Circlet Press is coming along nicely towards anticipated publication next year. It's a collection of my sexual science fiction short stories, set in my old hometown of Tokyo.
    Another book of non-fiction is also under negotiation with a publisher. . . More on that when the contract is final.
    Greenery press gave me the great news that the second printing of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage is flying out and they're considering a third printing. This is all very exciting!

    Planning for classes for 2004 is now under way, including presentations with universities and non-pervv institutions as well as the SM clubs and kink shops. It's going to be an exciting year! If your club or campus would like me to present, just drop me a line.

    Below I've listed the classes upcoming for the next month and some previews for the month after that.
    (By the way, I'm looking for one or two individuals interested in being my demo bottom for the Interrogation & Military play class on 9/27 in San Jose. Drop me a line personally at if you're interested. It's best if you are already registered for Folsom Fringe.)

    I hope to see you out there!

    With open heart


    San Francisco
    Tuesday, 9/23
    The Art of Feminine Dominance
    8-10 pm
    Pre-registration suggested
    Everyone welcome
    Elegance, power and confidence... learn how to be a finer domina -- or how to better serve one. Tonight, Midori shares her personal secrets of the feminine art of dominance, including psychology, politics, practical exercises, techniques and fashion. This class is open to all genders harboring the powerful woman within, from the novice to the experienced player. Look here:

    To reserve your space in a workshop with pre-registration, you may pay with a credit card, cash or a check in the stores. If you're mailing a check for your registration, please include your name, phone number, and which class you're paying for -- and please mail it to the store holding the event. You may also reserve a space with a credit card over the phone by calling (415) 974-8980 for events in our San Francisco store and (510) 841-8987 for events in our Berkeley store. However, we will not charge your card, so please bring payment when you attend the class. If you do not attend and do not call by 3:00 pm on the day of the class to cancel, we reserve the right to charge you for the full workshop fee.

    San Francisco
    Thursday, 9/25
    Madame S & Midori presents Lolita Wolf
    Sensory Deprivation & Control
    by Lolita
    7:30pm - 9:30pm
    Controlling a bottom's senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) can effectively change the whole psychology of a person. The whole balance of a person can be transformed. Other senses become intensified. This can be done for erotic pleasure or "torture."
    We'll be exploring various toys and techniques (both store-bought and homemade) that you can use to enhance both the reality and the fantasy in a scene. Of course, we will deal with all the safety issues.
    Pre-registration is encouraged. You can pre-register via PayPal using the e-mail Make sure to mention the class title: "Sensory Dep Class"
    Class size limited to 25. Selected items on sale at special discounts during the class
    Location: Madame S' Lair located above Madame S at 321 7th Street, just before Folsom Street in San Francisco
    Admission: $25 Pre-registration encouraged. See above.
    Tel: 415 863-9447

    Lolita loves to play, play, play but is also an activist and an educator who has shared her knowledge at groups and events around the country. TES Emeritus Board Member, LSM Officer, Black Rose Member, Honorary Member of GMSMA, Board Member of Leather Leadership Conference and active with NCSF and Leather Pride Night.
    Her website is at
    Lolita publishes the "P+P," a free weekly SM cyber newsletter which is read by thousands each week and can be seen at
    She has also written for magazines such as Prometheus, Equus Eroticus and On Our Backs magazine.
    A six-year-old Princess who lies about her age, Lolita manages to stir up shit and get her own way (most of the time).
    She considers herself a versatile opportunist and owns a slave named Neptune.

    San Jose
    Saturday, 9/27
    For Odyssey's Folsom Fringe
    "Interrogation Play"
    I am looking for one or two individuals interested in interrogation play, military and non-military style.
    It's best if you are already registered for the Folsom Fringe event. Experience in this is a plus but not required.
    I'll select in the next couple of days from those who drop me a line at
    For more information go to:

    Friday 10/17 to Sunday 10/19
    3 day Intensive with Midori
    LOCATION: South central KY (easy access via Cumberland Parkway).
    REGISTRATION: E-mail: to request a Word (.doc) registration and release form.
    Registration is contingent on receipt of the completed and signed forms along with a postal money order (only) for the correct amount no later than September 29, 2003.
    (Midori's side note: I know it's getting close to deadline. Please contact the organizers directly as they are very understanding people.)
    To keep things friendly, registration is limited to thirty (30) people on a first come first registered basis.
    COST: $135.00 All Classes (6) - three days
    Includes a minimum of 5 classes, night use of the dungeon for play on Fri and Sat nights, and food (light lunch Sat., prepared supper, coffee, beverages and light snacks)
    $85.00 Saturday Classes (3) - one day
    Includes Saturday classes (3) only, Sat, night use of the Dungeon and food (light lunch, prepared supper, coffee, light snacks and beverages)
    $35.00 Single Class - Fri or Sun
    Includes light snacks, coffee and beverages only
    PLEASE NOTE: if you have any dietary restrictions or you are a vegetarian be sure to clearly indicate that ON your registration.
    **Mail completed forms to:
    PO Box 1062
    Russell Springs, KY 42642-1062
    Attn.: Midori

    · Advanced Rope Bondage and Rope Demo

    So, you've got the basics and want to try more? Want to expand your repertoire? Midori will share with you more advanced Japanese and Western rope techniques. If you want to participate in the hands-on exercise, please wear comfortable clothes and bring your rope or you can purchase the good stuff at the shop She will also demonstrate her own artful advanced rope bondage if time permits.
    · Dressing Your Kink: Costumes & Corsets

    Do you want to be a femme fatale, a Vampire Lord or Catholic schoolgirl for that special party? How do you really get into your role? Midori will help you to find and dress your persona. She'll show how to skillfully use make-up, find outfits, and improvise. If time permits, she may dress a volunteer from the class.
    · Suspension Bondage Made Easy

    How to enjoy suspension bondage safely for everyone. Learn creative ways to fly! This is not a rope suspension class.
    • Beyond Duality: Dominant Masochist, Submissive Sadist, & Other Fresh Insights to Desire
    Midori kick up the dust again. Ever feel like you don't quite fit in to the roles and terms commonly used in SM and kinky sex? Do you have a vague discomfort at what seems to be a dualistic expectation how we play? . . When are we a real top or real bottom? What is your possible range of experience as a dominant or submissive? Have you had a scene that leaves you vaguely unfulfilled? Do you question how your desires fit your partners? In this unique class Midori will show you a new way to look at your desire, question leather conservatism. She will help you to investigate how to meet your needs and your partner's needs and to find new ways to reach towards a satisfying scene.
    · Pushing the Psychological Edge

    Fire up your scenes by engaging the mind of the players. Midori will debate, discuss and demonstrate various topics from the mental edge of SM play: humiliation, embarrassment, fear and terror, interrogation, annoyance, phobias, name calling, put downs, public scenes and doubt. What makes this genre of play hot for the Top and bottom? How do you do it? What are some of the dangers and how do you deal with it? She will deal with taboo topics and many emotionally challenging scenes. Are you ready to push and get pushed? Some of you may want to consider being a brave volunteer at the hands of Midori.
    · Interrogation and Military Scenes

    Crisp uniforms. Commanding women and dashing men. Relentless discipline. Cruel interrogators. Physically demanding training. If these images make your heart beat faster, then march don't walk to this class! Your military play might involve only two people or a large cast with complicated coordination. Midori will discuss the different types of scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your roles, and how to do it all safely. Expect intense scenes demonstrated right before your eyes!

    'The Farm' is a private residence NOT a commercial facility. Thus, if we have not met, include in your e-mail at least one 'reference' who we can contact. The 'reference' must be someone we 'know' or at minimum a known group leader that we can communicate with and who will vouch for you.
    Cancellation policy NONE

    Transfer of Registration
    Upon written request and with WRITTEN approval, (e-mail is acceptable) you may transfer your paid registration to another person for a $15.00 fee until October 1, 2003.

    Thursday, 10/23
    The New Club-TNC, and "Hollywood Book & Cafe" presents Midori
    Book signing and 2 Workshops.
    Art of Feminine Dominance Level 1
    3pm to 5pm
    for Women/Women Identified people only
    Pre-registration required
    Contact to register or for more information
    Book Signing
    5:30PM - 6:30PM
    Hollywood Cafe (713.523.8855).
    Location: 2409 Grant St. (right off Montrose St. & Hyde Park).
    Hollywood Cafe has Midori's book in stock for the event so come mingle with Fetish Diva Midori and meet new, like-minded people, and get your book signed. Remember that major chain book shops and on line book giants aren't giving any meeting space to our community. So if you want cool places to hang out that welcome kink folk please support local bookstores :)
    Art of Japanese Bondage
    7pm to 930pm
    Class Sold Out!

    Friday 10/24 to Saturday 10/26
    A full weekend of classes, demos and play parties sponsored by the Sanctuary
    I also plan to drop in and hang out at the local munch on Friday night.
    More info on this later as the class topics and schedule are finalized.

    PREVIEW of October & November
    Just to whet your appetite. . . I have plans for the following presentations:

    10/29 - 11/2 Copenhagen, Denmark (check

    11/4 - 11/10 Boston with Grand Opening Boutique

    11/16 Dallas, Lizard Lounge Show

    11/20 - 11/23 New Orleans, Fetish In The Fall

    11/28 - 11/30 MENSA Bay Area key note lecture and seminar

    12/2 San Francisco Good Vibes

    12/5 - 12/8 Phoenix APEX

    12/14 Los Angeles

    Now here's a note from my friend Tristan Taormino.

    "Hey Midori!
    I am working on a documentary for VH-1 about open relationships, swingers, and polyamory, and we're looking for poly couples or groups. They should be in their 20s or 30s, very "ordinary" looking (no heavy body modification like lots of piercings and tattoos), totally comfortable being 'out' about their poly on television (no masks, blurred faces, etc.), and willing to talk about their lives both in and out of the scene. We are especially interested in finding a triad.
    The producers of the documentary are bright, and the show will not be stupid, judgmental, or tacky. Plus, it's not HBO, so they can't show sex and they can barely show nudity, so the piece will be very much driven by the people's interviews.
    I am wondering if you know any folks who'd be good candidates and who would be interested. You can forward this email to them