San Francisco: Performing with Squidling Bros Presents Caravan of Creeps and Freaks

Sunday, May 14th, 2017
Doors 9:0 PM / Show 10:00 PM
Brick and Mortar Music Hall
San Francisco, CA
$15 ADV / $20 DOS / Age 18 And Up

Squidling Brothers
The SQUIDLING BROTHERS are a collective of circus freakshow performers based out of Philadelphia, founded by JELLY BOY (clown of danger and science) & MATTERZ SQUIDLING (the impenetrable music man). Combining their feats of wonder, skill, and comedy, the show gives audiences a fast-paced, high-risk, unforgettable experience. Taking from the American Carnival and Theatre of the Absurd traditions, The Squidling Brothers have mutated the classic and the modern to create a style all their own. The Squidlings have also been featured on the television programs AMC Freakshow and Oddities San Francisco.

Just off a trip out to Tokyo, Japan for the Sadistic Circus the Squidling Bros. join forces with The Caravan of Creeps in a grand undertaking, traveling fast along the north-west coast over a two-week span, from Vancouver down to the bay area. The Squidlings will be performing in Canada for the first time, and returning to west coast favorites Portland and San Francisco. The Squidling Bros. Caravan of Creeps Tour is sponsored by Chemical Burn Entertainment, a film distribution company based out of California, and Body Art Forms, a modern primitive jewelry wholesaler.

Traveling with Jelly Boy the Clown and Matterz Squidling the Caravan of Creeps is a collective of freaks, weirdos and clowns.Fibi Eyewalker is an Interdimensional dare devil, and galactic beauty. Both on land and on fire, this dragon lounged lady has mastered the mysteries of the elements by swallowing swords and devouring flames. Damien Kenny is an extreme performance artist, juggler and body suspension practitioner who takes classic sideshow stunts and fakir abilities to a new and truly unique level. Piercing through deep muscle between bones while engaging the audience with strange humorous interactions with his doll Lorretta. Little Miss Tristan Risk, The High Priestess of the Low Brow has been touring internationally as an agent provocateur and contemporary horror actress for the past 16 years. Bloody Betty is a Vancouver-based performance artist who enjoys making light of humanity's darkest subjects through gratuitous violence and mind blowing (sometimes literally) special f/x. Burns The Dragon is a transhuman self-made side show freak who had his beginnings as a living statue. As a busker, Fire play and contact juggling have taken him to the stage, and now on the road with the caravan of creeps.

Don’t miss this rare chance to witness this brand of east coast meets west coast sideshow and dark hearted horror burlesque. One Night Only!

“To be fair that’s the thing we got going for us right now, with the Ringling Bros. dying and our names rhyming it’s almost like there’s a void that needs to be filled.”-Jelly Boy the Clown

Start Date: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 21:00 to 23:59