The Practice of Developing a Sense-ual Life + New Midori classes in SF & NY. Head Harnesses, Pink Japan, Rope Moves & Baltimore Rope Dojo

Thursday 9/17. 8pm

at The Pleasure Chest NYC

Upper East Side

$50/pair - $30/solo

Learn effective rope moves to enhance control & pleasure. What ever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity. In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for both the topping and bottoming sides.


Pink Japan with Midori: Sex & Taboo Today

Mon 9/21. 7pm

Purple Passion NYC
What do you know about 2D love, places for secret trysts, wacky cosplay, bizarre sex toys, carnivourous women & grass eating men?  Come early and dive into my collection of rare smut and dirty ephemera from Japan. Then discover the weirdly wondrous creative sexual strategies of the Japanese today.

Call  or stop by the store to get your ticket.



New York City. Nov 6-8

A unique experience limited to 9 women

Only 3 seats remaining.

Friday: Liberate Your Identity

Saturday: Listen Intuitively

Sunday: Savour the Moment

Take flight into your authentic erotic power -

from the bedroom to the boardroom

The Practice & Discipline of Developing a Sense-ual Life

This conversation came up in a recent talk I shared on exploring hyper-presence and amazing, sensual creative states in rope play. It's really not just about rope, or kink, actually. It's about being sensual - as in being aware of all of our senses.  Yes, being intimate with one's senses is a great thing for our sex and erotic life.  This is actually even more important in our daily lives. We so often think of the sensual as being specific to the horizontal boogie. I'm not sure when it happened that we relegated exploration of the senses to the bedroom. We are creatures of sensory perception and existence. Perhaps this is part of the driving force behind the intense foodie pursuits popping up everywhere. If you listen to passionate gourmands speak, you'll hear the breath, pulse and descriptions akin to passionate sex.

Ok, so food and sex.   We get to indulge in our senses in these two parts of our lives.

But how can we be truly of our senses, and sensual, if we don't notice the world around us on a daily basis - in the most mundane moments?

I'd like to share one of the exercises and homework we have in a class I teach.   I call it the 30-Second Sensualist.   Take 30 seconds, any 30 seconds - preferably when you are not in danger of driving off a cliff or messing up a surgical procedure - and go through each of your senses. Completely focus on one sense at a time. Let this be in ordinary moments.

What do you really see? Can you see the details of the light through the autumn leaves?

What do you really smell? Can you describe the scene of the warm sidewalk?

What do you really taste? Would you be able to describe in detail the taste of the last summer peach?

What do you really feel? The skin of the sun warmed peach - how does that feel?

What do you really hear? Can you hear all the birds as you walk to work?

As we practice the 30 Second Sensuality, let that become a minute... and then two minutes... and.... Can you do this for 15 minutes?   Oh! If you can, what amazing things your senses will awaken for you!

Enjoy the end of the summer senses in the northern hemisphere - and enjoy the senses of the coming spring in the southern hemisphere!

with love & lunacy,



Rope Dojo


January 16-17, 2016

Registration opens Friday, September 12, 2015.

Register HERE

Two days of intensive training in

the Head Heart Hand method.

Go beyond the ordinary.

Create passion, connection, confidence & joy!

Limited to 30 people.

Direct instruction w 7 fantastic Instructors,

including special Guest Instructor, Gray Miller

Canadian October!

Toronto & Ottawa
Oh how I love Canada! 

I can't get enough of the warm hearted people to the north of me!

In preparation for the coming winter, I've got several classes to heat up your indoor sporting activities!

October 7 - 11:  Five classes at Come As You Are  Register early!

October 12 - 14: Three classes at  Venus Envy

This visit made possible by Come As You Are


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I have 5 free tickets-for-two to give away! $50 value.  2 free tickets to attend Sexual Health Expo (SHE)!  It's in NYC, September 19-20.

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If you win, I'll e mail you the my special code.

I'm teaching a mini Rope Bondage class there. Big thanks to my favorite New York boutique, The Pleasure Chest.

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