October 28, 2003

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter October 28, 2003

Tableof contents

  • Recent adventures, Folsom Street, etc.
  • Upcoming classes and special events in the next few weeks (Copenhagen, Boston, Dallas again, San Francisco, Arizona, LA)
  • Seeing into the Future: 2004 expected Midori sightings
  • Midori's Salon / Student Lounge in Yahoo group, BeautyBound.com etc.
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    Dear Readers,
    Greetings from somewhere above the Atlantic! I'm currently on a plane towards Copenhagen, Denmark to present to a huge and uniqueerotica event called Kinky Copenhagen. I'm really excited. More on that below.
    In the past month my knee has continued to heal from the surgery, although I've been stressing it a bit more than is sensible. It's just so hard to resist those sexy high heels! Now that I'm back on my feet I've been on a pretty intense teaching tour.

    Here's some highlights from the past month.
    Folsom Leather Week was a total blast! My strength, in so many ways, returned in full. My leather buddies, handsome butches and beautiful
    femmes all, converged on the Exiles meet and greet and held court.
    At the Odyssey Fringe I did an intense interrogation on my boy Khadan, who was keeping a very real secret from me. (He served me well at the Exiles meeting so he thought he would have it easy!) I even used the boy's slave-trainee Patricia against him. I was impressed that he didn't crack. Later that night at the Mr. San Francisco Leather contest I found out what the secret was.

    I was tapped, pinned and inducted into Mama's Family. I'm very honored to have this recognition. For more about the good work that Mama does go to: www.Mamasfamily.org
    See, Khadan's part of Mama's family and he could not divulge Mama's secret.
    Some of you may know Khadan by another name in Mama's family.

    It was Folsom weekend, Leather High Holidays, and so many kinky and erotic things happened that I can't even start to list all of it! It was great to see several of my PDK Leather Sorority Sisters back in town.
    This was also the first time that Khadan Alexander served me after petitioning me for the position. I was very impressed with his service. You'll be hearing his name again.

    After Folsom I disappeared to a private writer's retreat in Portland where I spent a couple of weeks finishing a chapter for my upcoming erotic science fiction book for Circlet Press. I was going to go to the Wicked Women leather weekend of play in Seattle but I didn't quite get around to it. Too much good stuff to do (and too many deadlines!)

    Then I found myself in a car with boy e, speeding to a small town in Kentucky, at a kink club house called "The Farm" where I presented a very intense block of classes focused on the heavier psychological issues of SM to a dedicated group. Boy e served me in St. Louis and found herself in a more formal service position with me that weekend. It's amazing how deeply the connection and conversations in a weekend can go when it's a dedicated small group that goes through the experience
    together. Such weekends totally rejuvenate me.

    After the weekend a couple of the students, myself and boy e hung outin Nashville. Picked up some great local bourbon and sorghum for
    gifts. Ate really rockin' BBQ. Saw a blues band and went to a Goth club. All in one night! Oh, it was painful to get up so early to go home!

    I had 1.5 days at home then turned around and flew to Houston. (I think my cat is starting to forget who her mom is.) There I stayed with KD and Princess V at their friend's gorgeous lake house. I got to zoom around on a Jet Ski for the first time. What a blast! Thanks for KD and everyone involved for making the Houston classes and performance such a huge success.

    Then off to Dallas to the Sanctuary! Silk and k took care me and I stayed at the home of two of my Dallas family members. I absolutely love and adore my extended leather family in Dallas! I have always had a wonderful time there and this time was no exception! From the moment I landed, attending the 4th Friday Munch to the Play Party at the Sanctuary Dungeon, teaching all the classes there and enjoying personal pleasures, in all aspects I had a blast. The play scene between R and I at the Saturday night play party was absolutely special. Letting one's intuition take over a scene and letting it happen is so important. I
    had planned on a huge suspension scene.

    What transpired was magical, with R wrapped in rope, cradled in my arms with me moved to tears. Hearing the voice of another from across the realm of the living leading the experience. Oh and a special note
    to k, you are very very good at taking care of me. Good job!

    So now I head off to Denmark! Since I had to miss two trips to Europe earlier this year, I'm really looking forward to this.



    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Thr 10/30 to Sun 11/2
    Kinky Copenhagen
    For more info: http://www.kinkycopenhagen.com/
    Come to three days of really amazing kinky classes, events and shows in Denmark. Every thing from sex and spirituality, SM, tantra, modern primitives, vampyr sex, fantasy shows, debates on porn and prostitution with politicians, etc.
    Some really wonderful folks are presenting and performing. The Danes are so cool about all things sexual! Check out the above URL for
    Here are just a few of the events that I'll be participating in:
    Thur 10/30 Noon: Press Conference
    Fri 10/31 1pm: Bondage Performance
    10:30 pm Class "Beyond Duality: Freeing Your Potential for Kink"
    Sat 11/1 3pm Class "Flogging Workshop"
    10pm Panel Discussion "Sexuality & Spirituality"
    10pm to early next morning - Kinky Copenhagen Ball
    Sun 11/2: 1:15 pm Class "Bondage for Sex Play"
    4:30pm Class "Advanced Rope Bondage"
    - - - -
    Boston, MA
    Wed 11/5 to Tue 11/11
    Grand Opening Sexuality Boutique
    For more info: http://www.grandopening.com/ or call
    Pre registration highly encouraged (more info below.)
    Grand Opening Sexuality Boutique is celebrating 10 wonderful years of bringing joy, orgasms, erotic toys and sex positivity to the world. I'm joining the crew at the shop with one week of fun & sexy classes - plus the big huge party!
    Here's the line up of classes and event:
    Wed 11/5 730pm to 930pm "Art of Feminine Dominance 1"
    Thr 11/6 630pm to 830pm "Aural Sex Level 1"
    Fri 11/7 630pm to 830pm "Flogging Basics Hands-On
    Sat 11/8 1pm to 530pm "Japanese Bondage Hands-On" A 4
    hour workshop
    Sun 11/9 Grand Opening Anniversary Party
    Mon 11/10 730pm to 930pm "Male Genital Play: From Vanilla to
    To preregister for classes or further info:
    Grand Opening! Sexuality Boutique
    318 Harvard Street, Suite 32
    Brookline, MA 02446 USA
    Phone: 617-731-2626
    Toll-free: 877-731-2626
    Fax: 617-731-2693

    _ _ _ _ _

    Dallas, TX
    Sun 11/16
    Dallas Fetish Ball at the Church
    Throbbing music, latex wrapped bodies undulating on the pulsing dance floors, erotic performers, kinky play. All this and more when the Dallas Fetish Ball rocks the Lone Star State.
    I had such a great time during my last visit that I had to come back! Remember my last visit? When I bound and suspended beauties for hours on stage and climaxed the night by sending Masuimi Max spinning from the apex of the 25' ceiling? So this is encore time!
    Are you a hard core suspension lover? Come on by!
    Are you a fetish partier? Get your fancy on and party at the Church!
    Location: The Church, 2424 Swiss Avenue, Dallas TX
    Admission: check at door
    Tel: 214-826-2249
    URL: http://www.thechurchdallas.com/thechurch/

    - - - -

    New Orleans
    Fetish in the Fall Cancelled
    Call to Action
    For more info: http://www.ncsfreedom.org/
    Little minds are frightened by things that they don't understand. Narrow minds want to control your behavior so they can feel self-righteous.
    Selfish people will manipulate others to get what they want. Fetish in the Fall, originally scheduled for the weekend of November 20th has been cancelled. I had planned on attending, teaching and partying, but that's not happening.
    So a few little minds with political expediency in mind tapped into public concern using some convenient PC catch phrases and got a lovely event for consenting and alternative adults shut down.
    The sexually narrow minded folks are trying to gather force to shut down event and sexual freedom one event at a time.
    How does this affect you? With each event shut down or pressured to
    change in some way, the forces of anti-freedom come one step closer to your bedroom door.
    Make a difference. Go to the web site of www.ncsfreedom.org
    and send an e mail of complaint. It's totally easy.
    It'll make you feel better.
    It'll make you sexier.
    I'll think you're sexy.
    You'll have a better orgasm and sleep better for having done that.

    - - - -

    San Francisco
    Fri 11/28 to Sun 11/30
    MENSA Bay Area Regional Chapter Annual Meeting
    The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of MENSA has kindly asked me to present a workshop and make a keynote speech about sexuality. I don't have exact info on this but I hope to get this to you in the future. When I know it'll be posted on the Calendar section of my site www.fhp-inc.com If you attend, give a holler!

    - - - -

    San Francisco
    Tue 12/2
    Class "Sex Bondage" at Good Vibrations
    A fun class on how to incorporate sexy bondage into your sex life!
    Lot's of demos, ideas and a bit of hands-on too!
    For more info on Good Vibes and classes: http://www.goodvibes.com/
    Location: Good Vibrations, 1210 Valencia Street at 23rd Street,
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    (415) 974-8980
    $25, pre-registration suggested
    Everyone welcome
    *** Good Vibrations is having a huge Holiday Ball at Club NV in
    SF on Thursday 12/4. See you there too!

    - - - -

    Fri 12/5 to Sun 12/7
    Southwest Leather Conference & Southwest Regional Master /
    slave Contest
    Classes and details to be announced.

    Mon 12/8
    Class for APEX
    Topic to be announced

    - - - -

    San Francisco
    Wed 12/10
    New Class atQSM "How to Get What You Want While Pleasing
    Your Top"
    What's the difference between getting your needs met and being a pushy bottom? How can you set boundaries without driving Tops away? Midori can help you to figure out your bottoming style, and to use it to make your Top happy. Tops sometimes need ego strokes and aftercare, too! Bring your notebook and questions. The class will include role-play dyads and exercises, and Midori may ask for volunteers from the crowd. This is the first time Midori has offered this class anywhere.

    Sliding Scale: $20 to $10. Doors open 7:00 PM; class 7:30-10:00
    Note: Please email classes@qualitysm.com or call us at 415-
    550-7776 Mon-Fri 11 AM to 5 PM if you plan to attend. This class
    may sell out in advance. For more info http://www.qualitysm.com/

    - - - -

    Los Angeles
    Sat 12/13
    Class for LARAWW
    Women's SM organization hosts a class by me. Stay tuned for more details

    .- - - -

    Los Angeles
    Sun 12/14
    Pantheon West: Class
    Topic to be announced
    For more info: http://pantheonwest.com/


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SEEING INTO THE FUTURE: 2004 Expected Midori sightings
    Hey, I just might be in your area next year! Here are the events I am now fully committed to be at. There are others that are still being firmed.

    Jan: Toronto (Safer SM Education, Come As You Are) Montreal (Come As You Are), Los Angeles (Grand Opening)
    Feb: Edmonton, Canada (Lupercalia), Calgary, Dallas
    Mar: Boise, Idaho
    May: Chicago (ShibariCon)
    Oct: Kentucky (The Farm)

    Planning for classes for 2004 is now under way, including presentations with universities and non-pervy institutions as well as the SM clubs and kink shops. It's going to be an exciting year!
    If your club or campus would like me to present, just drop me a line.

    P. S. If you want to catch the archives of eNewletters, read some articles I've written or check my travel schedule, just drop by the Fire Horse Productions, Inc site at http://www.fhp-inc.com/

    If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or you just want to meet other like-minded people around the globe (ok, so mainly people who've been to my classes but they do range from Denmark to Australia) join the discussion at my yahoo group called DivaMidori ( it is Adult Access only) the URL is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/divamidori/

    Don't forget to check out some of the new images at my bondage art site BeautyBound.com

    In Leather Pride