October 17, 2007

Midori's Newsletter October 17, 2007

Table of contents

1. Thoughts from the road
2. October classes (Toronto, Berkeley)
3. November preview (Dallas, Jamaica, Amsterdam, Berlin)
4. Hang out with me! My on-line haunts

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- - - - - - - - 1. THOUGHTS FROM THE ROAD

The cabin is dark now. The first feature movie's finished, the flight attendants have cleared the meal service away and now most of the passengers are trying to catch some shut eye. Flying somewhere over Greenland, I wonder what the sex lives of Icelanders are like. What are their fantasies and taboos? Is sexuality celebrated? What's it like between the sheets as single or attached person? It's not prurient interest but an occupationally hazard. Being a sex educator and writer I often wonder about this as I travel around.

This fall's teaching tour schedule is really exciting, crammed and even a bit nutty. Today I'm flying from the ultra sleek and sophisticated London to the cradle of social experimentation, San Francisco and then directly to laid-back Kaneohe, Hawaii. Next week finds me in slick Toronto, then Dallas and... September saw me in New York as well as Halifax, Ottawa and San Francisco... and so goes my schedule goes, taking me from the metropolis to small towns, contrasts abound. Patterns are emerging in my teaching tours, on questions people would ask me and their curiosities, on their ways of sex and access to it. You'll find my initial thoughts in an essay appearing in this month's Diva's Debauchery column.

Speaking of writing, the first year as the regular sex columnist for Men's Health UK has gone well, they like my work and I found out I'm on for more with them! This may sound odd, but I really enjoy researching and writing columns on dating, what women want and the foundations of a great sex life. (Thank you always, to those who help in my blog surveys!) The same goes for the increasing popularity in my general sex and love skills classes, such as "JoyStick Secrets" and "How to Eat a Peach." Some have disparaged my efforts here, maybe thinking I'm turning my back on something. Perhaps some imagine a hierarchy of sexual sophistication, putting kink at the higher end. But maybe it's just that most don't know the roots of my career began in my 20's as a safer sex activist and in general sexuality education.

As for the kinky stuff, in Skin Two magazine's current issue, among some of the hottest pervy artwork out there, is Zille Defeu's interviewed me about the difference between the US Leather scene and the UK fetish scene - a conversation that took place while I'm in a giant green latex bunny outfit by Polymorphe latex. As for photos of me and my pals from this past weekend's wild Torture Garden and Rubber Ball, I'm sure they'll be up on line soon. Skin Two

You bet your thigh high booties, I'm lovin' the freaky and the vanilla all at once!

Wishing you peace and joy


This just in... A couple of spots just opened up for the sold-out Rope Bondage Dojo in Dallas during the first weekend of November. Currently there's no waiting list, so figured some of you might want to know.

= = = = =


TORONTO, CANADA (Wow! Lots of stuff in Toronto!)
• Fri 10/19. at the "Everything to do with Sex" trade show. 9pm book signing. 10:30pm rope suspension demo.
• Sat 10/20. Both classes sponsored by Lord Morpheous. For pre-registration and info send e-mail to:LM@lordmorpheous.com
11am - 1pm class "Hands-on Hand & Foot Bondage"
1:30pm - 3:30pm class "Mapping Your D/s Archetype" (great for all exp.)
• Sat 10/20. at the "Everything to do with Sex" trrade show. 5pm book signing. 5:30pm rope suspension demo.
• Sat 10/20. 7:30pm class at the Come As You Are Boutique "Hands-on Rope Bondage"
• Sat 10/20. Late night at the North Bound party, a performance.
• Sun 10/21. 5:30pm class at the Come As You Are Boutique "Lip Service: A Cunnilingus Workshop"
• Mon 10/22. 7:30pm class at the Come As You Are Boutique "Hands-on Rope Body Harness Workshop"
• Tues 10/23. 5:30pm Special Presentation "Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture" brought to you by University of Toronto Sexual Diversity Studies Department.Come As You Are Boutique (Off site)
• Sat 10/27. Late night. Performance at SubSpace party.

• Mon 10/29. 8pm class "Hands-on Flogging" at Goodvibes

= = =


• Fri 11/2 Class at the Sanctuary. Possibly "Mapping Your D/s Archetype" or "Catalytic Scenes". RSVP@sanctuarylifestyle.com with "Midori Class" in subject line
• Sat 11/3 through Sun 11/4: Rope Bondage Dojo®.

• 11/5 through 11/10. Presenting classes at Kink in the Caribbean.

· 11/14 through 11/17. Presenting to DasArts, post grad art and performance school. For Institute Students only.

• Sat 11/18. 1pm - 4pm class "Predicament Bondage" at COC Amsterdam, Rozenstraat 14. For women only.

• Possible classes in late November. Stay tuned for more info!

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Come and hang out with me at my various on-line haunts! I run two really good sexuality discussion groups, have some blogs at LiveJournal and MySpace as well. They're all listed here

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