October 05, 2002

Newsletter October 05, 2002

Table of contents:
• Sunny in London? & what I've been up to...
• A special good-bye to a fetish angel... Kaisu
• This weekend's Rubber Ball related London events
• London Rope Bondage class with Midori next Wednesday 10/9
• Fetish and bondage events with Midori in Copenhagen
• More Adventure Report ... Michigan Women's Music Festival
• Showering Midori - report by Mel

Dear Readers...

Greetings from sunny London!
Yes, that's right... Sunny London. It's warmer here than San Francisco right
now... very sunny... T-shirt and light pants sort of weather. Actually I'm
sweltering as I run around town in my leather pants and boots, which is what I packed for shopping-trip wear.
The warm weather will be a blessing this coming Rubber Ball weekend, as there will be thousands of pervs in skin tight and often skin bearing latex and leather. If it's cold, it's tough on the party hopping.

So far in London... I've just been here a couple of days, but it's certainly
been very exciting. A whole bunch of us are traveling around together and
the posse' keeps getting bigger.... Many of us, including Molly of So Hip It
Hurts Latex, Michael Blue the fetish photog and yours truly, are staying with L & S in Camden. The shopping here in Camden is fun... Been to a few department stores already. Fell in love with Dent brand leather gloves...
I'm coveting them. Mmmmm... the tight driving gloves were sexy.. Bought my favorite teas, of course. The heavy fetish shopping will be later... Yum!
Last night I did a great photo shoot arranged by Tony Mitchell of Skin Two.
I had the pleasure of binding up the hot new bondage model, Gwendolyn into three distinct positions as she wore sassy vintage fetish wear. (see the new issue of Skin Two #41 for the dirt on this spicy lady!) James & James,
London's fetish photo darlings took the images. I am looking forward to
seeing the prints this weekend. I want to thank Tony for making sure that
the stocking seams were never crooked!
Then there was the meeting with a publisher, that that's a whole other story.
By the time you read this, Molly and I will have been shoe shopping, lunched with Lisa S. and lounged at The Sanctuary, that fabulous spa for women with the white-colomned, Greco-Roman pool and lounges near meditative koi ponds. I hope I'll have time to stop by Vivian Westwood too!

as ever, I'll keep you posted on my adventures.


A special good-bye to a fetish angel...
Kaisu, a delightful young woman, an amazing creative talent and one of the beating hearts of the London fetish scene... beloved by pervs from Europe to Asia died on Friday 20th September 2002. She was just 36.
We miss you... I was not able to attend your memorial today... but I was
thinking loving thoughts of you.
We will all miss you terribly back here on earth.
If you knew her in person... or maybe you knew her from the pages of Skin Two... or maybe you wore sexy latex clothes she made at the House Of Harlot... Please stop by the Torture Garden web site. Her boyfriend, David's words were so moving that I couldn't even finish reading it through my tears.
I'm going to dance on the dance floor extra hard for you this weekend!
Kaisu... love you and miss you


"A weekend of non-stop action at the world's largest, longest and best-dressed celebration of fetish glamour..."
You'll find all the info you need on

FRIDAY October 4th
"Torture Garden Hardcore" party
Kick start the weekend with an imtimate, action-packed night at a legendary industrial factory venue.
Seed @ Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, Islington, N1. Angel tube.
Tickets £17

SATURDAY & SUNDAY October 5-6th
Saturday 2pm-10pm
Sunday 2pm-9pm
The world's only International Fetish Design and Fashion fair. Shop 'til you drop - with the wildest collection of clothing, art and furniture that's ever been seen under one roof. If you need a break from partying, you'll be able to come along to the Barbican for the world's biggest international design and fashion fair, the SKIN TWO Expo. You can check out latexwear from Pigalle, bags by Roebuck and a selection of products and companies so eclectic we can offer you everything from Texas based DV8 From The Norm to Amsterdam's Lust for Leather plus an exclusive bondage demo and talk by Midori!
Barbican Exhibition Centre, Hall One, Golden Lane, London EC2. Barbican tube.
Tickets £6 per day
(Midori's side note... I think the Brits are soooo civilized for starting the events well after brunch to give us time to recover from the playing and partying the night before! I hope that trend catches on in the other side of the Atlantic!)

SATURDAY October 5th
Torture Garden SKIN TWO special
A special night by TG, London's cutting edge dance/performance club, in a spectacular four zone club.
Club Colosseum, 1 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, SW8. Vauxhall tube.
Tickets £17

MONDAY October 7th
The SKIN TWO Rubber Ball
The world's number one fetish event, featuring shows by top fetish designers.
PoNaNa (formerly Hammersmith Palais),
242 Shepherds Bush Rd, London W6.
Hammersmith tube.
Tickets £30 (£1 donated to Crusaid for every ticket sold)
There's a £1 booking fee on each ticket and we donate £1 to Crusaid for
every Ball ticket sold.

The only full rope bondage workshop in London this visit
When: Wednesday, October 9th, door at 6:30pm. Class from 7pm
Where: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London near Holborn Tube stop
1) Advance reservation: up to Monday 10/7 12.50 Pounds per person.
2) At the door: 17.50 Pounds per person
Tickets & Info:
tel 01288 331403
e-mail Demeer@dircon.co.uk
Bring rope!
Wear comfortable clothes and a blanket or mat.
Buddies available for single folks


Yes! Copenhagen, Denmark.
I'm really looking forward to this. I want to thank my friend Peter for helping to make this happen.
for more information: http://www.meetmidori.com/
Friday 10/11
16:00 - 18:00 : Book signing and spicy rope bondage demo at Shop LUST.
Saturday 10/12
15:00 - 18:00 : Combined seminar/workshop on "Japanese Rope Bondage"
22:00 -> 05:00 : Performance and party at Club Manifest (the club's 4 year birthday party) with Midori as the main attraction with a hot rope bondage performance.


ADVENTURE REPORT... catching up on old stuff...
The last full report I gave you guys was middle of August... We left off at the presentation in North Carolina for TALON.... So what happened after that? Well, let me try to do an abridged catch up...

- Michigan Women's Music Festival:
Years ago this was a space fraught with negativism and controversy around SM... so needless to say, I was a bit nervous, yet hopeful about attending and presenting at the event. I want to thank all my friends who encouraged me to attend... Skye, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have gone through with it! Jai, thanks for the advice... Genna and Atom, thanks for encouraging me! Kim at the office, you rock!

So I went there and taught one class each day for 5 days. All nichtly tucked away and taught in the adult only section... The first day was Tuesday morning at 9:30am. I didn't figure anyone would come... but then I was pleasantly surprised to find as many as 30 women show up for my "Aural Sex: Voice & Seduction" class.
I was particularly appreciative of the night-owls from the Twilight Zone who came out to support and play in the class! Then the following four classes just blew me away with the amount of support that I received from the women there.... each class must have had 150 to 200 students.
The rope bondage class was most exciting... the opening demo with K had me melting as I seduced her with the rope and tossed her strong beautiful body with my desire... After that there were lots of women practicing entheusiastically.

Teaching aside, I had a wonderful time meeting amazing people. The Women of Color tent was a particular refuge for me, as I had opportunities to chat, visit and bond with other Asian Americans... even met a few from Japan. The BBQ on Saturday afternoon at the Women of Color tent was yummy!

Then there were the showers... and the delightful shower maiden that assisted me one afternoon... (now, for those of you who know the painting... think of Gerome's "The Bath." It's a lovely painting currently hanging in the Palace of Fine Arts Legion of Honour in San Francisco...)

Better than trying to tell you this myself, Mel, the shower maiden has
written up the experience... so I'll let her tell you herself ... ->

"Showering Midori" by Mel

There I was doing my work shift at the Women of Color tent, sitting around with a bunch of folks chatting with Midori. At some point during the conversation she mentioned that she’d love someone to shampoo her hair.
I didn’t immediately jump to my feet because I figured that there’d be a slobbering throng of worshippers to fight my way through. Fortunately for me, I was the only groupie in the crowd — or at least the only one brave enough to speak up. I raised my hand and gave my qualifications (I was the too-young, paid-under-the-table shampoo girl at a beauty salon when I was a kid).
I wasn’t sure if my offer had been accepted or rejected because she went on to other topics. "Oh well, I tried," I told myself. I didn’t feel let down, it was a long shot after all. So imagine my surprise when she and her two companions, HB and Oz, got ready to leave and Midori asked if I was busy right now. Technically I was still in the middle of my work shift but I quickly rationalized that I’d be extending service to a woman of color and, therefore, still working.
Midori stood in front of me, waiting to be disrobed. I tried hard not to be nervous, but was not succeeding very well. I reached out and slowly unlaced the front of her black leather halter top. She turned her back to me. I noticed that there was a release hook on the back and reached to open it. Just in time I realized that would be a femme faux pas to do it that way, and instead put my fingers underneath the strap and gently peeled the buttery-soft leather from her equally soft skin and slid the top off her shoulders.
I knew I had to get out of my awe-struck groupie mindset or the whole shower would be a disaster. I reminded myself that not only had I done this many times before but I had received many a scrumptious shower myself and knew what I liked. I searched inside myself and found 90% confidence that I needed — hey, she was still Midori.
I finished undressing her: Off came the Madam S camouflage mini-skirt, the leather riding boots, the fishnet hose that left a beautiful reptilian pattern in her flesh (I wish I could have spent more time just running my hands over her legs…mmmmm), the panties and cute little white sport socks.
I neatly folded each item and placed them on a nearby bench.
I quickly disrobed. It’s funny that I can’t recall what I was wearing that day. The only thing that I remember clearly is taking off my collar and putting it in a safe, dry place. I felt proud of myself for not being so enthralled with Midori that I’d forget something so important; I would have been thoroughly ashamed if I had had to go home to Daddy and explain that I forgot about her collar because I was with someone else.
Anyway, we headed off to the shower. Midori explained what was in each unlabeled bottle and I laid them out in order so that I’d remember what each one contained: shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap and a body poof. I set aside the shaving gel and razor that we weren’t going to need. I then joined her under the water and started soaping up her hair. In my head I was all over the place. The strictly business part of me was thinking about massaging her scalp with the pads of my fingers instead of my nails so I didn’t abrade her skin, and about cupping my hands on her forehead to prevent soap from running into her eyes. I was also thinking about how I like to have my own head massaged and trying to transfer that feeling to her. My other thoughts were purely selfish. I was enjoying playing in her hair, pressing myself close against her back and letting it drape across my shoulders then slowly slide off. It was thrilling listening to HB and Oz talking about how hot we looked while they took pictures.
I put the shampoo and conditioner away and returned with the soap and
body poof. I gently scrubbed her arms and back. Then a bonus happened.
For the first time at MichFest I heard hip hop music, my kind of music, "downtown" on the Land. Midori’s hips started bouncing to the beat. I moved up close behind her and started dancing with her, the soap letting me slip seductively across her back and ass. Thank goodness the music from the hip hop workshop stopped or I’d have never been able to get back to "work."
Midori turned around so I could soap her front. Her breasts were perfectly round and looked quite heavy; I wanted to caress them firmly and lightly scrape the abrasive body poof across her nipples. Hmmmm. Instead, I held my presumptuous behavior in check, washed them gently and continued on to her stomach. She turned to rinse and I bent and drank some of the water that flowed down her spine. I loved the feel of the water flooding into my mouth and spilling over my face when I closed my lips to swallow. I pressed my lips in a kiss to her skin and quenched my thirst from her at the same time.
Then I knelt lightly in the pebbles on the ground while I washed the lower half of her body. I have a fetish for thighs and asses and would have loved to have run my soapy hands down the crack of her ass to her asshole and cleaned it lovingly. Again, my desire to be overly familiar with her had to be contained as I lathered and rinsed the muscular terrain of her legs. I made my way to her feet. I lifted and each one, held it gently in my hands, and cleaned between each toe. I love the exquisite feeling of having that done to my own feet. Done too softly and I tickles but with the right amount of pressure it is quite…lovely. I recalled the sensation for myself while I cleaned her feet and felt a yummy tingle in my gut.
Midori expressed pleasure with my service. I was feeling quite happy as I prepared to put the bath supplies away while she continued to rinse. I looked up and made eye contact with her.
"Would you like to shave me?" she asked.
I somehow managed not to just stand there staring at her with my mouth gaping open. My answer was a very enthusiastic "yes."
I picked up the razor and the container of shaving gel that I assumed I wouldn’t get to use and went back to the shower. I lathered gel under her arms and shaved her with slightly trembling fingers, grateful that it was a safety razor.
While HB dried her with a fluffy towel, I stood in the shower letting the soothing water ease some of my excitement. I got out and realized that I didn’t have a way to dry myself. My thoughts about whether to let myself air dry or use my clothes were interrupted by Midori offering to let me use her towel, for which I was grateful.
I was happy that Midori said it had been a sensuous experience for her and I was touched when she rewarded me with a soft, sweet kiss.
It was hard to go back on finish to the rest of my work shift in the tent but I managed somehow. Harder still was not telling everyone I ran into. I was near to bursting when I finally ran into some friends who would appreciate my tale and understand why I was so giddy.
The morale of this tale, as I told them, is that it pays to do your work shift.

With pervy wishes