NYC [Midori’s Passage: Make Art with Rope & Meet the Artist] at Museum of Sex

Make Art with Rope & Meet the Artist
April 9, 6-10 PM

The Museum of Sex is hosting a special event in which Midori, famed shibari rope bondage instructor, author and artist invites guests to interact with and to add to he installation “Passage,” a rope environment that welcomes visitors into
The Incomplete Araki: Sex, Life, and Death in the Work of Nobuyoshi Araki. Midori talks about growing up in Japan, in the neighborhood where Araki shot his photos, sharing her impressions of sexuality in Japan, while participants add to the installation. She will guide and teach the group on the method of tying natural fiber ropes to help her keep Passage
moving and growing as a social practice involving viewers. Passage
is highly interactive and uniquely illuminating as there are deeper cultural symbolisms woven into the work. Participants will discover the hidden stories within this rope-tied garden while creating alongside Midori. This art installation session will be followed by an informal image presentation of Midori’s artworks, her famed shibari rope bondage and continued conversation about Japanese erotic culture and its influence on western tastes.

is a renowned educator on sexuality. Dan Savage calls Midori “The Super Nova of Kink!” She is an artistic visionary who has touched lives across the globe with expertise in sexuality, personal fulfillment, and kinky adventures. Using her “head-heart-hands” methodology, Midori facilitates tackling challenging topics and helps people evolve toward authentic expression and empowerment. This passion comes through in her transformative intensives - Rope Dojo ®, ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive, and The Wanted Man Intensive. She is the author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, Wild Side Sex, and Master Han’s Daughter.

is also a multidisciplinary artist fascinated with giving shape and texture to emotion, memory, desire, beauty, repulsion, collective memory and subconscious revisions of experience. A Tokyo native and long-time San Franciscan, she is known for her durational and interactive performances and installations. She’ has shown at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Das Arts Amsterdam, Gorilla Gallery Oaxaca Mexico, VN Jaeger & Schwarzwald in Vienna, among others. Her most current project is
a large-scale installation made with rope bondage that serves as entryway into The Incomplete Araki: Sex, Life, and Death in the Work of Nobuyoshi Araki here at the Museum of Sex.

This event is the first in a series of Museum Programming connecting Museum of Sex audiences through experiential events, discussion-based workshops and various multidisciplinary activities. By creating safe spaces for engaged inquiry, the museum becomes a dynamic social hub for those
that seek inclusivity, community and knowledge about the many facets of human sexuality.

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Start Date: 
Monday, April 9, 2018 - 18:00 to 22:00