November 19, 2004

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
November 19, 2004

Table of contents

1. Adventure Report
2. Midori in Penthouse? Yes!
3. Classes in Next 2 Weeks (Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, LA)
4. Midori's On-Line Pervy Student Lounge
5. Preview of December and beyond.

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Dear Readers,

"It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the
time." Tallulah Bankhead

Oh so true! Since the last time I wrote to you I've been busy having a great time! I figured out that during the month of October I was home for 3 whole days. The fall is certainly the social high season for the kinky set!

After returning from London and Amsterdam for the fetish pilgrimage trip to the Skin Two Rubber Ball, I swapped out the contents of my luggage and headed down to Los Angeles.
There, in conjunction with Grand Opening! Sexuality Boutique and it's owner, Kim Airs, I taught the "Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensive" to thirteen bright and professional women of diverse age, experience and orientation. We spent 21 hours over three days
in a secluded suite of a luxury Hollywood hotel delving into the heart,
mind, technique and secrets of finding one's powerful feminine dominant
space. The power and camaraderie generated in that room was amazing!

We're already working on the LA Women's Intensive for next October. I am also considering doing this class in other cities in North America, but I won't be offering this more then 2 or 3 times a year. As they are arranged I'll announce them here in the eNewsletter.

I stayed in LA a few days longer and taught some classes there. I look
forward to returning to LA in December for Pantheon West and LARAWW. (by the way, Grand Opening's web site is at

While I was there I finished the introduction to Michael Manning's new erotic illustration book, Inamorata.
It's due out soon and it's one of his finest works. It's a collection of his
private works. See if you can find me in the illustrations!

Then I hopped home to San Francisco just long enough to swap luggage and flew to Toronto, Canada for the big North Bound Leather Party. I must
confess, for the past several years I've been developing a love affair with
Canada. Toronto is one of my favorite destinations. There's a really vibrant scene there and I've got loads of good friends. It's high on the list of cities I'd move to!
Kharma picked me up at the airport. She was an indispensable part of my weekend's success. Whenever I needed help there she was! In less then 24 hours after leaving LA and SF, I was in the workroom of Northbound leather's hot designer, Marty, getting fitted in a dark purple leather corset, slit skirt and kimono sleeved shrug.

Two breaths later I was in a club space presenting on Military &
Interrogation Play (hosted by Morpheous at
It's a really intense class for everyone, including myself and those who volunteer for the demo scenes. A young man about to enter the Canadian service was pushed on his devotion to his country and loyal endurance. A boi was tormented by hir high femme drill instructor. Another one ended up to be a scene with a "secretly" cross-dressed male officer. The most intense one, however, was simply a conversation between me and Table Boy, leaving him shaking, my heart racing and the audiences' on the edge of their seats. I'll be teaching this class in San Francisco on 12/9. (Yes, I'll be looking for volunteers!)

The next day I was cloistered at the site for "Bento" this year's theme for
the huge annual North Bound Leather fetish party. This is truly a world-class event. Over 3000 people dressed in their finest fetish gear!
The fashion show is very much Milan-meets-Kink. This year it was
Milan-meets-suspension-bondage. After the show Kumi, my favorite bondage babe, and I did a sexy mesmerizing bondage suspension that ended with her one-ankle bound and dangling from 30 feet off the ground. Such performance collaborations make me 'high' and elated.

Then more classes up there at Come As You Are as well as University of
Guelph and a SM club in Kitchner. I love traveling to bring kink all over
the place!
Toronto is really special to me for all my dear friends.... I got to slumber
party with Mario of Polymorphe Latex, fetish super babe Bianca and glamour photog Martin. Hung out with Cory and Zoe, Naughty Nancy,
Darleen, T'Hayla, Jason, Lord Morpheous and his friends of the Nether Realm, oh and that amazing dinner that Anna and George cooked!

The whirlwind continued as I presented my new class "Beginning to Bottom" in San Francisco's QSM and then off to Asheville, NC for classes with Standard Deviation. The local crew then delivered me to Atlanta where I got to hang with Kip n Karla and teach there and then do some really sexual bondage shows.... It was Halloween after all, so I had two hotties (Rubberella and Gwarskitty) dressed as witches and me as a leather nun. They were suspended alone and then together in sexual positions and then I used the broom on them! Ahhh, the debauchery!

Now we're finally into November. The first weekend of November, 30 rope
bondage enthusiasts converged upon my Rope Bondage Dojo. In over 18 hours of instructions (and a play party in between) we bound, played, explored the psychology and had an amazing time. I want to thank Delano of Delano in Distress for co-presenting with me.
Thanks also to Michele Serchuk for photo documentation!

The next Rope Bondage Dojo will be in Washington DC's Crucible, July 8 - 10, 2005. I'm also planning one in Toronto and another in San Francisco over the next year. Stay tuned!

(Speaking of Michele's photo work, if you have any business at the MTV
corporate building in NYC I hear that she's got a photo exhibition there
with sexy lingerie and latex photos of yours truly!)

No sooner did I coil my ropes up from Rope Dojo, I was off to my beloved
NYC! (ahhhh John's Pizza!) It was GMSMA's Leatherfest weekend. The
Predicament Bondage class for Gay Men's SM Activists group was hilarious.
Then the Lesbian Sex Mafia had me lead them in Hand and Foot Bondage
Workshop. The classes at Toys in Babeland were totally filled up as we
steamed up the room with sexy talk and swinging floggers.

New York had a cold snap during my visit. When we drove up-state for an
erotic film shoot with Maria Beatty it had snowed. Maria, award winning
erotica director, documented a very steamy rope play scene between Mayan Lee and myself. I'll let you know when it comes out.

I had the most wonderful dinner in NYC... Nearly 5 hours of serious
perveratti time. Gathered in an old little family style Italian restaurant
in the West Village were (and just those I can mention) Betty Dodson,
Barbara Nitke, Amy the go-getter, Veronica Vera, Michele Serchuk, Laura
Antoniou, Karen Tayler and myself. Candida Royal was to join us but she
couldn't make it. Gawd what an amazing gathering of sexperts and what a
great conversation! We talked about the sexual state of the union,
masturbation techniques, fun with airline security, the joys and challenges
of writing and teaching, our sexual adventures, our next projects, the
Kinsey movie, hot new lovers in our lives, wacky sex toy design ideas, guns, Las Vegas, politics, Barbara's freedom of speech court case with NCSF, etc.... It was interesting how quiet the near-by tables got during certain parts of our steamy conversation....

Life can't be just all sex and sizzle. I love all sorts of fun in NYC. KB and I went out for a night on Broadway. We wanted to see Wicked or Avenue Q but no dice with the tickies. So we saw Dame Edna instead. Funny as hell.
It's really amazing how much public humiliation scenes the vanilla audience loves to participate in! I got to go ice-skating in Rockefeller Center for the first time. Something I've always wanted to do!

Speaking of culture-vulturing, Gumby, my opera buddy and I saw a couple of San Francisco Opera productions lately. One was the Flying Dutchman and the other was The Grand Macabre. The latter was full of kinky sex, orgy, cross dress male sub and crop wielding femme dome, etc. if you ever thought opera was stuffy, you should see some of the new productions! Both nights I went decked out in latex outfits and on one night he wore a straight jacket! The other attendees loved it too! I just love San Francisco!

Oh, then there was last Friday night! It's now the Monday morning after the "Bang 4 The Buck" women's hardcore party that Kelly B and I threw as benefit fundraiser for the AidsLifecycle ride 2005.

Held last night, so those attending my boy's "Knife Play" class at the Exiles could come and expend that energy from the class. (I heard that
Khadan did a great job in presenting! I wish I could have stayed to enjoy it but there was a party to set up!) Over 140 women showed up for debauched action.
I want thank each of you for playing and fucking and having a great time!
I want to thank all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors for making it such a great event. We raised a healthy chunk of money. I'll report back with the total. It's something in the range of $1400. I'll also have Kelly write up the music play list and post it as many wanted to know that.

We'll do another one at the Wet Spot in Seattle on January 16th. (The next day is a bank holiday!) and maybe another one in SF next year around the same time.

For info on my efforts with AidsLifecycle or just to see a photo of me in my
new latex from Gaelyn and Cianfarani go to

So that's all for now... More adventures around the corner.

Now I have to figure out a very special bondage... That annual ritual of
binding and fisting turkey!

Whishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving season! (A quaint North American tradition of gluttony and family to ward off the cold hands of winter.)



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There's a teaser in the December issue of Penthouse. The Unrepentant Voyeur interviewed me and the article is appearing in the January issue.
Here's what they have to say...

" Sex Champion ...
Tiger Woods is golf's top dog - even if his game has rolled into the rough
lately. Barry Bonds is baseballs Superman. And no basketball player has yet to claim Michael Jordan's crown. But what would the world's greatest athlete look like if his or her sport were sex? One front-runner for the title of Planet's Most Sexually Advanced Being would have to be Midori, the petite, fortyish, five-foot-four Asian American.... "

Hey, they made me 2 inches taller!

Check out the December and January issue of Penthouse!

- - - - - - - -


Phoenix, AZ, Friday, December 3 to 5, 2004
South West Leather Conference / Master/slave Weekend

~ * ~ * ~

Phoenix, AZ, Monday, December 6, 2004
Class for for APEX "Military & Interrogation Scenes"
For more info go to

~ * ~ * ~

San Francisco, Thursday, December 9, 2004 7:00p-10:00p
Class "Military & Interrogation Scenes" at QSM
More info at

~ * ~ * ~

San Jose, Saturday, December 11, 2004 3pm - 5pm
Class "Advanced Rope Bondage 201A: How The Best Tops Plot & Think RopeScenes" at Pierce Ink's Back Room
More info at "The Back Room"

~ * ~ * ~

LA, Sunday, December 12 2pm to 5pm (doors open at noon)
Class "Predicament Bondage" at Passive Arts Studios' Pantheon West
10914 S. La Cienega, Lennox, CA
Tel: 877 LUV BDSM
For more info:
Cost is $10 for members of Pantheon West, $20 for non-members.
Or get a lifetime membership for $25 and then pay the $10 entrance fee from then on.

~ * ~ * ~

LA, Saturday, December 18
Doors for social at 7pm. Class from 8pm to 10pm
Class "Beyond Twisted: When You More than Top or Bottom" for LARAWW, A women's only event.
For more info go to

Midori kick up the dust again! Ever feel like you don't quite fit the roles
and terms commonly used in SM? When are you a "real" top or bottom? Have you had scenes that leave you vaguely unfulfilled? Do you question how your desires fit your partners? How do you make a scene work when your desires don't seem totally compatible? In this unique class, Midori will show you a new way to look at your desires and to question leather conservatism. She will help you to investigate how to meet your and your partner's needs and to find new ways to reach a satisfying scene. We'll also talk about how to design effective multiple play partner scenes.

~ * ~ * ~

San Francisco Saturday, January 8, 2005 Afternoon
Class "Erotic Humiliation Play"
At the Citadel, 245 8th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

= = = = = = = =

Drop by and join the discussion, find out what's on my mind today, meet
really cool kinky people from all over the place and ask lots of questions
about the pervy life!

= = = = = = = =


These are the cities that I'll be teaching in. For more info check out the
class calendar here at

· San Francisco (Humiliation Play)

• Seattle (Women's Play Party! + class Toys in Babeland + Jury of Erotic Art Show)
· Vancouver (for Libido Events)

• Saskatchewan, Canada (History & Psychology of Japanese Bondage,
Hands-on Japanese Rope Bondage)
• Salt Lake City (Hell Weekend with Midori for Journeymen 3 Academy)

· Boston

· Toronto

· Dallas

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

See you around!


If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or you just want to meet and have intelligent discussion on kink with other like-minded people around the globe (ok, so it's mainly people who've been to my classes but they do range from Denmark to Australia) join the discussion at my yahoo group called DivaMidori (it is Adult Access only) the URL is:

Don't forget to check out some of the new images at my bondage art site