My Art in Hollywood! + Periscope Livefeed + ForteFemme private erotic dinner & Classes in Baltimore, Northern Maryland, & New York

  • Anubis, my 9' flower & steel sculpture is now up in Hollywood!
  • Live video Periscope session with GrayDancer on August 7th.
  • ForteFemme Alums! Join us for the private erotic dinner.
  • Classes in Baltimore, Northern Maryland, & New York
  • ForteFemme Women's Dominance Intensive in San Francisco & Copenhagen

I'm having fun with this super cool new app! Join us live in this special edition of RopeCast and ask us questions using the Periscope app. Look for my chennel @PlanetMidori. Can't join us then? We'll archive it for your viewing pleasure on YouTube & RopeCast.


Are you a ForteFemme Alumna? Dine in elegant debauchery at our private dinner hosted by the deliciously naughty Our Gourmet Life. Bring a guest or dive in solo!

San Francisco. Saturday, August 15th. 7:30pm -

RSVP required.

Please e mail me directly.

Finest Dominance Training Course.

Be Confident, Sexy & Enthralling!

ForteFemme Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive

San Francisco:

Aug 14 - 16

Copenhagen, Denmark:

November 6-8


It's up! It was an exhausting process but I'm just thrilled to bits! My crazy 9' tall sculpture of Anubis, made of flowers, rope and steel went up at the Antebellum Gallery for the Dog & Pony Show, a group art exhibition curated by the amazing Michael Manning.
The other artists work are amazing... so intensely erotic...
See photos from the opening reception - definitely the erotic art event of the season!

"This is an erotic art exhibit featuring the work of ten artists - Michael Manning, Jon Macy, Dorian Katz, Midori, Brooke Kent, Rachel May, Rick Castro, Victor Lightworship, Shun Yamaguchi, and Idella Spann - exploring the theme of human pet play - specifically canine and equine - in a variety of mediums."


My piece is an olfactory installation as well as a visual one. It will be changing state, scent and appearance over the next month. The figure is that of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. As a floral figure, he came to form from steel and debris, into lush floral glory and will slowly decay over time in the bright light of LA, back into dust and memory... Most of my floral installations last a mere few hours before I destroy it, so this is a new aspect that I've been dearly looking forward to. I just wish I were closer to go visit him more frequently. The next time I'll see him will be the end of August when I return to LA to take him down.... Life and art is so short...

Thank you to all who came to the opening party!!!

I hope you'll to swing by and see it. (1643 North Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028, just off of Hollywood Blvd.) If you do, send me photos!

with love & lunacy,

(from left, me, Dorian Katz & Michael Manning, in front of his super steamy art!)

Here's a 15 second YouTube video of the week of installation of Anubis.

Installation of Anubis flower & steel sculpture, from day 1 to day 6 + opening reception at Antebellum Gallery, Hollywood.

The Dog & Pony Show was curated by Michael Manning

The Anubis is also an olfactory installation, with the scent experience constantly changing during the 5 weeks of it's lifecycle.

Baltimore class at Sugar Shop!

Art of Feminine Dominance
(for all genders & orientations. Partners welcome!)

Wednesday, September 2nd. 6:30pm

Advance Ticket purchase recommended


Do Everything! Do Nothing! Do it at SummerFest! — Labor Day Weekend, Sept 2nd-7th, 2015 — Northern Maryland.

I'm presenting 4 workshops, plus hanging out and having a great time!

• Rope: Dominance & Control Moves

• Fit's Like a Charm! Midori’s Scarf Dildo Harness

• Towards Deep Flight. Exploring Possibilities of Transcendence & Altered State in Rope Play

• The Queen’s Walk & Other Practicals in the Art of Feminine Dominance

Woo hoo! I'll be back in NYC! The Sexual Health Expo (SHE) invited me to present September 19-20. This is an event sponsored by my favorite New York boutique, The Pleasure Chest.

I'll be teaching: Be the Hottest Dominant Femme!

Private instruction & coaching available while I'm in town. 

I may organize a ForteFemme Alum event too.

I'll announce exact dates soon.