Midori's events in NYC & SF + Women - Unleash Your Erotic Confidence! ForteFemme NYC June + AIDS LifeCycle + How to Make Hot Play Happen


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At a Glance
• May 28.           San Francisco Rope Jam Party

• June 2.            San Francisco Rope Control & Dominance Moves class

• June 16.          NYC Heart of Shibari. Class limited to 5 pairs

• June 17-19.     NYC.  ForteFemme Women's Dominance Intensive. Only 1 seat left! Registration cost goes up on June 1st

• June 21 - 23.   NYC Private Instruction

• June 21.          NYC.  The Elegant Whip class at the Pleasure Chest

• Aug 5 - 7.        San Francisco   ForteFemme Women's Dominance Intensive.

• June 4 - 11.     Do Good With Me!  My AIDS LifeCycle Fundraising Needs You!

•July 30 - 31.      New weekend intensive! "The Secret Ingredient: How to Make Hot Play Happen" with Marica B & Midori.    

•  All My Social & A Cat Pix

Rope Jam!



Party hosted in conjunction with
Rope Dojo & Hitching Bitches
Sat. May 28. 8:30pm - 1am

at the Center for Sex & Culture.
1349 Mission St.,

Age 18+

Rope: Control & Dominance Moves

Hands-on Workshop
San Francisco

Thursday, June 2nd.

7pm - 9:30pm 
Tix: $60 / $35
at the Center for Sex & Culture. 
1349 Mission St., 

Age 18+


The Heart of Shibari

An intimate class 
limited to 5 pairs 

Thursday, June 16. 7pm - 10pm 
Private location

Registration & Information


Image of Midori in a red latex dress and red lace mask. Text: ForteFemme Women's Dominance Intensive NYC June 17 - 19

Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive

June 17 - 19

Only 1 Seat Left!

Discover Your Authentic Power,
From the Bedroom to the Board Room

Midori’s Forte Femme workshop is in a class of its own, like Midori herself. Unique in scope and depth, Midori’s theory is psychologically sound. The atmosphere she creates is sex positive, empowering, and authentic―from the heart. Midori’s teaching goes to the core of BDSM, and even takes a step beyond kink to include profound truths about human sexuality and power that impact our daily lives. Whether you want to develop your sexual style or delve deeper into truths you have already recognized, Midori’s work will inspire and empower you. If you want to deepen your understanding of human desires and appetites and feel more confident expressing yourself sexuality, Midori’s teachings are for you. 
- Robin Rose, NY NY

So, thank you for that life-changing experience!! 
- Sue V. from Chicago

Thank you one thousand times over for this weekend.  I signed up wanting to stretch myself as a dominant, but I had no idea just how far the weekend's activities would take me.  Through your intensive, I found my strong, powerful, and very feminine dominant voice.  I was hoping to learn skills to fake confidence, but instead you taught me how to tap into my natural confidence.  I went from stressing about "what do I do next" to taking control and confidently moving the scene however *I* wanted it to go.   
- Gabby, SF


Private Instruction

NYC Private Coaching:
June 21 - 23

Private & Elegant Classroom.

By appointment only. 

~ ~ ~

In-Person & Skype


Does your schedule make it difficult to attend my public classes?

Do you seek privacy and discretion in your erotic and personal growth?

Are you searching for advanced skills and unique expertise to guide your explorations?

Dive into your full creative potential.
Gain focused instruction, customized to your interests and learn in-depth with follow up education.

I offer private instruction on a limited basis to select students.

By advance reservation only.

Please contact me directly.


The Elegant Whip

A class at the Pleasure Chest
Upper East Side

Tuesday, June 21. 8pm - 10pm 


ForteFemme logo of two sphynx and text ForteFemme


San Francisco

Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive

August 5 - 7, 2016

Discover Your Authentic Power,
From the Bedroom to the Board Room

Register Now!

Midori's AIDS LifeCycle Fundraising Page with event logo


I need your support. Here's what I'm doing... http://bit.ly/MidoriALC2016

For the last 12 years I've been volunteering 10 days of my life to AIDS/LifeCycle
It's a 7 day cycle ride from San Francisco to LA in the first week of June. It's like Burning on wheels with a cause, a love bubble of positive change like no other... 
It's an amazing event that raises a huge amount of funds and action for education and critically needed funds for HIV services (prevention, education, medication, housing, etc, etc.) I'm a "Roadie". We are the folks that help the crazy brave amazing cyclists achieve their mission... Somedays they ride over a 100 miles.   I'm out on the road with them as a "Sweep"

I began my career in sexuality education in the early 90's as a volunteer grassroots harm reduction and smarter sex outreach peer. I've lost many friends to HIV related ailments... Many have been affected... and the stigma around any STI and lack of education in general have impacted so many... Thus this is near and dear to me.

Even after so many years, asking is hard...

Please support me on this. Would you consider donating?

Here's the link:

(Yes, it's tax deductible too!)

During the Ride, I'll post pix and do Periscopes to share the experience with you! 

with gratitude, love and lunacy,




Midori and Marcia's Secret Ingredient Flyer. How to Make Hot Play Happen - 1 cup steamy fantasy - half cup role play - 1 pinch that tou you just bought - secret ingredient - 1 tub affection - 2 cups hot sex. A weekend Inentwive with Marcia Baczynski & Midori

The Secret Ingredient Weekend
  Because You Deserve Hot Play! 
But How? 
Marcia B & Midori Join Forces for the First Time
To Make This A Reality for You!

Yes! This is going to be ammmmaaaazing! 
~ ~ ~
Info & Registration: http://planetmidori.ticketleap.com/07-30-2016/
~ ~ ~
Want to discover the secret to co-creating great scenes and even better sex? Join Marcia B , of the Good Girl Recovery fame, & me in this unique intensive. "The Secret Ingredient: How to Make Hot Play Happen" 
July 30-31, San Francisco. 
Tickets are already selling quickly... get yours while you still can.

~ ~ ~

P.S. If you are a graduate of ForteFemme, Rope Dojo®, or Passionate Bonds, and interested in attending, drop me a note. We have a special package just for you.    Let me know which class, city and year. 

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