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Tips for Your Sexy Smart New Year's Eve!

Ready or not, 2016 is close upon us.
(I'm not ready at all, but that's par or my course.) 

We all celebrate it differently. How do you observe this marker of time?

When I was a child I would go with my family to the temples in Tokyo. I very much miss that. Even now, new years eve for me is a time of quiet reflection and family coziness with the Mrs & the cats. (This also keeps us out of the way of the drunk drivers. They're just scary around here.)  On New Years Day I get together with special friends and enjoy dim sum while share hopes for the new year over dumplings.

I want you to have the best new years eve of your choice... So here are a few tips on having a sexy and smart evening...

1. Stock Up on Your Lube, Batteries and Safer Sex Supplies!

Really, do you want to risk running out of these at 11:45pm on December 31st? 
Are the batteries fresh in your sex toys? Because I don't want your new year to come in with a whine. 
Have you checked the expiration date on your condoms? 
If you play well with lots of friends, hey, get them each their their own lube bottles. Cross contamination isn't the kind of sharing you want to be known for. 
If you find you self alone at the the party, use the condoms to make balloon animals. Surely, that'll attract an strangely intriguing sexy new pal. Or a scary one. Maybe that's one in the same for you. I don't know.

2. Don't Drive.  Just don't.  There's an App for This. Seriously. Don't Drive.  Drunk Driving Idiots Will Be Everywhere. 

I If you have a smart phone, this will make your travels so much easier. Go to either or to your app store.   Download the app. Set up your account. Then use my discount code MIDORI273844  You’ll get up to $50 in free ride credits. 

*If you're a Lyft driver - or drive for any of the drive share service. Thank you. And I'm sorry about that last customer who barfed all over your back seat. We promise to be extra nice to you on this tough night. 

3. Don't Leave Your Drink Out of Sight. Don't Even Set It Down. Yes, Take Your Booze Into The Bathroom Stall With You.   Passed Out is Just Not a Sexy Look On You. 

That innocuous looking dude sitting next to you at the bar is Satan's Spawn with a pocket full of date-rape drugs just for your drink. 

4.  Masturbate Before Going Out.

The glow on your cheeks from satisfaction is a totally powerful subconscious draw to long time lovers as well as the hook-up hotties. Then there's the real-deal self-made pheromone just can't be beat! 

5. If a Party's Boring, Just Leave. That Party's Not Going to Get Any Better.

'nuf said. 

6. Just the Tip, Baby!

Remember to tip the hard working folks who are making your night out glorious! They're not getting to party. 

7. Look up at the sky. Not the Screen...

...for just a moment, sometime during the night and be amazed at all the souls burning brightly around the world, and the wonder of the universe! 
*Take a moment to text or call someone who might not be having as good a time as you are, and remind them of their light and beauty shining into your heart. 

with love & lunacy,

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Partner Attendance Encouraged.)

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