May 31, 2008

Midori's Newsletter May 31, 2008

Table of contents

1. On the road with a bunch of crazies
2. Rope Bondage Dojo Stage II registration opens June 6
3. June classes/events (LA, San Jose, Toronto, London)
4. July preview (Berkeley, SF, Denver)
5. New columns, new venues
6. Hang out with me! My on-line haunts

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By the time many of you read this I'll already be heading down the gorgeous California coastline with 3,000+ cyclists. No, I'm not cycling. I'm not that crazy! I'm part of the "Roadies". We're 500+ people that do a lot of the behind the scenes and not-so-behind the scene jobs to help the cyclists through the 7 day trip. On AIDS LifeCycle we make sure that if you're a cyclist, all you have to do is to bike, and bike a lot, through cities, towns, farms, hills and flats, tough sections and sweet sections. We are the food servers, the rest stop workers, the bus drivers, the motorcycle safety crew, the bike techs, the luggage handlers, the camp makers and more. I'm on the "Sweep Team." We're a crew of 15 mini-vans with two drivers. We make sure that the cyclists are safe and if there are any problems we pick them up and take them to the next rest areas. We also help to keep the cyclists' spirits up and remind them of safe cyclist laws and manners.

I think the cyclists are crazy - just plain nuts. Some of the days are over 100 miles of riding. They hurt, they cry, they endure. They have to train all year long, fund raise, put their gear together and then keep up their spirits to get up at wee hours and pedal, pedal, pedal.

Some people ride because they want to challenge themselves. Some people ride in the memory of someone they've lost to AIDS or other illnesses and tragedies. (There was that woman who rode in honor of her surfer boyfriend who drowned during riding the waves and had an epileptic seizure. There was the young woman who rode for her dad who died of AIDS related complications.) There are the Positive Pedalers who ride strong with grace against the cold hand of death and evil of ignorance. Many are not natural athletes or strong cyclists by nature. They are ordinary folks who each train and persevere and achieve something remarkable with deep generosity of spirit.

So my job is, for 8 days, to put aside life's petty daily worries and to be in service to a greater cause and be with a whole lot of really amazing souls.

I want to thank everyone who's come to support me in so many ways this year towards this important event. It's a project near and dear to so many of us. Along the ride we'll meet remarkable residences of the towns and villages we pass through, and do a lot of person-to-person outreach and connection.

Each day I'll be voice and text blogging, about twice a day for a few minutes each, about the ride. You'll meet some of my old and new friends. You'll hear tales of adventure and the heart. You'll hear me emotional, from elation to exhaustion. It'll all be "work safe", so I hope you'll stop by and listen or read.

Here's the blog

I won't have any net access but you can send me notes, messages and words of support. The ALC tech geniuses make the daily messages available for us at the end of the day at camp - every day. I'd love to hear from you. Here's where to do that:
If you're a pal of Kelly, you'll find her here

Wishing you peace, pleasure and joy!


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The much-anticipated Stage II Dojo is finally here. For those who are interested, please note that the registration process is different than for Dojo I.

Dojo Dates Time: July 12 - 13. 10am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday (+optional social and refresher on Fri July 11)
Cost: US$300 per person. Because of the intensive nature of the material and instruction, this course is limited to only 24 participants.

Due to anticipated high demand for this weekend and in order to ensure fair and equal access, registration will be held by lottery. Registration for Rope Dojo II will officially open on June 6th at 6am Pacific Time and will stay open for the following 3 days. Registration will close on Sunday, June 8th at 11pm Pacific Time. Lottery winners will be notified by 9pm, June 10th. All who entered will be notified of their status at that time.


In order to qualify for this weekend intensive we must be able to verify that you've completed Rope Bondage Dojo I. If you are planning to attend with a partner please note that we must be able to verify that both of you have completed Dojo One.
Please be prepared to provide the following information with your registration:
- Date, year and city you attended Dojo I
- Name you registered under
Optional additional information: (Information that helps us to verify who you are.)
- Email address you registered for Dojo One from
- Confirmation # for Dojo I.

If last-minute cancellations occur, those on the original registration will be given priority and first options for that slot, based on their lottery number.

Thank you!
Midori, DeLano and the Dojo Team

= = = = =


• 5/31 - 6/7 AIDS LifeCycle ride

Thr 6/8 Erotica LA. Presenting 2 classes for The Pleasure Chest
· 1:35 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. "Back Door Betty: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anal Sex"

· 3:30 p.m. - 4:20 p.m "Live the Fantasy: Erotic Role Play for Couples"

More info at:Erotica LA

class series at Coco De Mer. Tel. 1.310.652.0311. Address: 8618 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (The site is hard to navigate. You might just want to call them.)
· Wed 6/11 "JoyStick Secrets"

· Thrs 6/12 "Japanese Bondage Made Easy: Hands-on Workshop"

• Fri 6/12 A special event by invitation only.

• Sat 6/17 "Predicament Bondage"at Edges

Sat 6/21 2 classes for DEVIANToronto
· Noon - 2pm "Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside the Box"

· 330pm - 530pm "Sensual Body Spa for Couples"

Series of classes at Come As You Are, that sexy sweet boutique! Seats go fast so sign up early! Address: 701 Queen St W, Toronto Ontario, Canada M6J 1E6. Tel. 416.504.7934 or toll-free 1.877.858.3160
· Sat 6/22 "Pussy Purring Pleasures"

· Mon 6/23 "Hands-on Rope Bondage"

· Tue 6/24 "JoyStick Secrets: How to Pleasure a Man"

• Wed 6/25 "Hands-on Sensual Flogging"

End of June or early July: Possible special class in London. More info soon!

= = = = =


• Mon 7/7 "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice" at Good Vibrations (510) 841-8987 Location: 2504 San Pablo Avenue (at Dwight Way) Berkeley, CA 94702

Dojo related
· Friday 7/11Special pre-Dojo II event. For registered students only

• 7/12 - 7/13 "Rope Bondage Dojo II" By advance registration only Rope Dojo

• Tue 7/22 "Mapping Your D/s Archetype" at the Citadel 1277 Mission St (at 9th St.), San Francisco, CA 94103. $20

• Tues 7/29 "Become The Fantasy: Erotic Role Play Games for Couples" at Good Vibrations on Polk St. 620 Polk Street (at Sacramento Street) San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 345-0400

• Thr 7/31 Class at Stormy Leather 1158 Howard Street,?San Francisco, CA 94103 Tel: 415.626.1672 *** Stormy Leather taking requests. What do you want me to teach? Send your requests to:

Sat 6/177/25 - 7/27 at Thunder in the Mountains. • "Sex Bondage - Wrapped for Pleasure" • "HOW TO TOP: For Bottoms, Nervous Switches & Uncertain Beginners"

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For those of you who enjoyed my monthly column on for the past three years, I have sad news for you. The site has discontinued new columns. They are, however, keeping my old columns in the archives with photos. I really enjoyed my writings for them and the editorial freedom, so I hope you'll enjoy the archives as well. Diva's Debauchery

In the mean time I continue to write for various other publications.

~ Men's Health magazine in UK features me as their monthly sex advisor and problem solver in "Ask Midori".

Social Kink has me as their featured blog columnist. This month I wrote about "Your Dirty Mind and World Peace". Last month I wrote "Suitcase Dungeon: The Traveling Kinkster?". Next month I'll tackle the topic of "Dominant or Just a Jerk?".

My monthly column in often gives me a chance to engage in educational smut fiction to include medical play, electrical play, and upcoming episodes on role play and the single tail!

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Come and hang out with me at my various on-line haunts! I run two really good sexuality discussion groups, have some blogs at LiveJournal and MySpace as well. They're all listed
Live Journal
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