May 26, 2007

Midori's Newsletter

May 26, 2007

Table of contents

1. Travel, Health and Birthdays Passing
2. AIDS Lifecycle: Journey With Me This Week
3. Upcoming classes (LA, Palm Springs, San Rafael, SF, Las Vegas, Chicago, Kansas City)
4. Columns: UK Men's Health + ErosZine
5. Hang out with me! My on-line haunts

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1. Travel, Health and Birthdays Passing

Hi everyone! I'm writing to you from Piraeus, Greece, a suburb of Athens. I'm taking a few days of R&R in the middle of a crazy busy teaching tour schedule.

Along with turning 41, teaching and performing in four different countries, seeing dear friends and making new ones - I found out that I had a severely infected jaw stemming from an internally broken tooth that may have been chronic for some time. I ended up in emergency oral surgery and had to rearrange my travel to London a bit. From personal experience I can tell you that flying 5 days after such a surgery is no fun. But thank goodness for a great team of dentists and surgeons, it's healing as expected. As those of you who've been reading my blog know, during the past year I've been quite ill and run down. I'm really hoping that this tooth-jaw problem was the root to all my lowered health and now I can finally return to a good state.

Oh and it's a good thing to get this taken care of now, since I don't want to be groaning in pain when I get married on July 7th!

I'll now attempt to keep the rest of this newsletter short.

Wishing you peace and joy,


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Once again I'm participating in that crazy weeklong bike ride called AIDS LifeCycle. It's a ride from LA to San Francisco by 3000+ people who are crazy enough to believe/know that each of us together can ease the suffering from HIV in this world.

While I'm not actually crazy enough to ride, and I don't have the time to train or the right bike, K and I are both on the Sweep Team as Roadies. We are part of a group of 15 vans that drive up and down the route picking up broken bikes and broken people, cheer them up, cheer them on and help each of the riders to fulfill their dreams - and make a bit of difference in the world. I can't say that it's a fun filled trip but it can be quite profound.

So starting Sunday, June 3rd through June 9th, I'm in service to the riders and the world and that's a really good feeling. I'm also going to be on the Media Team, interviewing Riders and Roadies. I'll also do my personal audio / text blog on my live journal so you can hear all about the ride.

I am hoping that some of you will join me in this journey. I'd love to have you follow my progress via my blog. I'd also really appreciate your sponsorship. I'm asking all my readers, friends and students for the equivalent of a drink. I hope you'll consider supporting me with a sponsorship. What you feel you can give will make me, and all of us on this crazy trip very happy. You can do that and also get more info on what this is about at the URL below.

In Remembrances and Hope: If you have someone you miss or you wish for their health through this pandemic, we will turn your sponsorship in to a mobile note of love and support. Donate any amount. In the names of your loved ones. We will write their names and messages from you on our volunteer van. If you've already donated, we will do the same. Just let me know the details in the notes section when you donate through the URL below.

If you are riding or volunteering and you see a van decorated with stuffed bunny dolls, or see a small Asian woman with a bunny hat, say hi to me. Hydrate, be careful out there and stay single file.

Oh and here's my blog address:

Thanks for your support!

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Two classes at Coco De Mer LA. $40. RSVP encouraged. 8618 Melrose Ave LA, CA 90069 Phone: (310) 652-0311
· Mon 6/11/07, Class "JoyStick Secrets: How to Please Your Man"

• Tues 6/12/07, Class "Secrets of Shibari&quote; (History + basic hands on)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

• June 15 - 17Desire is a weekend women only wild play weekend. Several classes and rare one-on-one classes with several instructors.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

• Tues, 6/19/07 Class "Hands-On Erotic Rope Bondage" at Pleasures Of The Heart. $25

• Wed, 6/20/07, Class "Aphrodisiacs!" at The Center for Sex & Culture. Tastings, History and Cool Stories

4 classes - all info at www.Nawayoi.comRSVP highly encouraged.
· Sat, 6/23/07, Class "Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside the Box" $15. Noon - 2pm

· Sat, 6/23/07, Class "Sensual Spa from the Feet Up" $15. 4pm - 6pm

· Sun, 6/24/07, Class "Predicament Bondage" $15. Noon - 2pm

• Sun, 6/24/07, Class "Hand and Foot Bondage""

Three classes at The Pleasure Chest 3436 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago 60657 Tel. 773.525.7151.
· Tue, 6/26/07 Class "JoyStick Secrets: How to Please Your Man" $30. 7pm - 9pm

· Wed, 6/27/07 Class "Aural Sex 1: Seduction by Voice" $30. 7pm - 9pm

· Thr, 6/28/07 Class "How to Satisfy a Woman" $30. 7pm - 9pm

• Sat, 6/30/07. Several classes. More info soon!

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4a. If you're in the UK, check out my new monthly sex advice column in Men's Health magazine

Subjects so far
"When Women Look at Men"
"Spunkalicious You! Improve Your Flavour."
"Love Shack Essentials: The Lothario's Cabinet"

4b. You'll find some of the columns I've written recently for Look for "Diva's Debauchery" Here are some of the topics.
"Where The Kinky Women Are"
"The Seattle Erotic Art Festival And Denver's New Club, Kink"

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Come and hang out with me at my various on-line haunts! I run two really good sexuality discussion groups, have some blogs and MySpace as well.
They're all listed at

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