May 24 2002

- Tech Problems continue with eNewsletter
- Oxygen Network does Kink with Midori?
- What I've been up to
- Report on Steamy Kink in Austin, Texas last weekend!
- Question for the Readers: Books you want me to write?
- Naked photos of Midori? oh, my...
- Other cool events: San Fran, LA, Boston
- Good luck to IML!

Dear Readers,

Well, here I go again... This is my fourth try to get some of this
information out to you... It's copy of the original but I've updated it just
a tad... made it shorter for test's sake and omitted events that past... I
hope this e mail gets to you. I'm having some tech problems so three e mails
I sent out in the last week did not get to you... the one announcing the
classes I just had in Austin TX as well as San Francisco... sigh... ah the
tyranny of technology!
My tech guru's tell me it ought to be fixed... so, here we go!


[What I've been up to]


First I wish to thank all my friends who came out and helped me to fend off
the birthday blues! The 'guerilla' birthday bash at the venerable tiki
palace, the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel went off spectacularly! (Ok,
with the one major glitch that I was an hour late for my own party... My
latex gown split wide open at the rear during my suspension bondage
performance at the Michael Rosen photo retrospective/birthday party just
before mine... Blue helped me out by dashing off and retrieving another
outfit from my wardrobe for me. I spent an hour with my naked back pressed
up against the wall of the Mark Chester studio... ah, the joys of fetish

We estimated 80 people dropped in. I loved how fancy & fun people dressed...
everything from Dan of the Two Knotty Boys in white tie and tails, butches
in uniforms, femmes in leather corsets, Dr. Flash in a snazzy Island
tropical and straw hat, women in elegant cocktail attire, leather men in
tight leather vests, etc. etc.... The cross section of folks from so many
different communities was simply delightful! I really wanted a place where
my friends from different worlds, inside and outside the kink community, and
all the communities within kink, could chat and interact... a salon, if you
will... and it happened! I got to see so many of my friends! And they got to
meet each other! When I was cutting the birthday cake, as I look around at
all the wonderful people, I felt my chest get all full and choked up with
joy... You guys mean so much to me!

A special thanks for Blue, David V and Huck for helping me with this! You
guys were fantastic. Thanks to Shane for being my personal

Also, thank you to Karin Thayer of the Oxygen Network for documenting the
fun and helping me with interfacing with the hotel management. The hotel/bar
management were great once they realized that we weren't going to break into
random sadomasochism... that this indeed was a nice birthday party of
civilized people. Joe from the Chronicle, hey I hope you got some fun scoop
on me!

I want to thank each of you, my dear friends, who came to this... It really
did mean a lot to me.
thank you thank you thank you!


[Oxygen Network does Kink with Midori?]
Speaking of Oxygen Network... and the SF Chronicle... each of them
interviewed me and also documented a special class of mine at Good
Vibrations in Berkeley. (thanks to the women who came to that class and
consenting to being filmed. We had such a good time!)

Oxygen Broadcast time:
TH/30 may -- at 12 noon. "Pure Oxygen" runs from 12 noon - 12:30 pm, and my
segment is at the beginning of the show. also, this half hour show with my
segment will repeat that same day at 5:30 pm, 11:00 pm and at 9:00 am on
friday, may 31st. I'm sooo curious as to how it turns out! If you see the
show, tell me what you think.
The SF Chronicle also took some great photos... I'll keep you posted as to
when that airs.

If you're a Canadian reader, Sex TV from Toronto just interviewed me and
filmed me doing a really hot suspension on Babydoll (of the fame). I'm not sure when they're doing that, but I'll let
you know! It's in conjunction with a 'sex in Japan' feature.


What else have I been doing? I've been doing some really fun suspension
bondage photo shoot... just for fun and art. I hope to share them with you


OK, so I really wanted to let you know of this event last week... but my
server ate this e mail... so, I've now gone and enjoyed the event. It was a
whole lot of fun! The local crew took me out to see the largest urban bat
colony take it's evening flight... a most amazing sight... the classes were fantastic...
Mr. Guy Baldwin gave a very provacative key
note speech. I really enjoyed the erotic art from local artists hanging in
the class rooms... and the Sunday afternoon picnic/play part was the best!
It was such a treat to have a pretty outdoor retreat with a pool, wide open
lush land, a shaded and large play area with equipment and good food... all
for good company and hot play!

The local hospitality was just super! I highly recommend this event.
"The 2002 GWNN Bash!

The Group With No Name, Austin, TX is proud to announce the 2nd Annual GWNN
Bash! Workshops, Seminars, Dinners, Entertainment, Vendors, Picnics and Play
all await you... right here in Central Texas.

When: May 17 - 19, 2002

Featuring: Guy Baldwin, Midori, Roger Stevens, Ms. Twisted, Master Jim &
marsha, Daddy Bob Keltner, Master Travis, Hromovy, Ms. Siren, Cronus & beth,
CaneMaster, Sartan, Red 'n' Rod, The Austin Babtist Women, and much more
For information on registration, play parties, schedules, and more go to


I've been staying at my home office mainly... working on my next books.
I do have a question for you.... this is to help me figure out what my next
several books ought to focus on.
What do YOU want me to write a book on?
What book do you wish existed in the world of sex books and kinky books?
Fiction, non-fiction, essay, how-to, photos, travels, what?
Any input much appreciated!


Yes it's true... My dear friend, leather sorority sister and fab
collaboror/pghotographer Michele Serchuk's sexy photos, including four of
yours truly, is on If you want to see, go to & look down the page,
It's between John Santerineross & Annie Sprinkle (alphabetical order).

There are many amazing artists and friends there,
including Olivia, Richard Kadrey, and more. It's a really nice little place
if you're an erotic art collector. Let me know what you think!
and while it's not nekkid photos of me, you'll find photos of my friend and
fab sex writer Tristan Taormino hanging out in shiny latex outfits at
Kinkfest on her site... since I'm too busy/lasy/non-tech to get the images
up, at least you can see it there. I wrote about Kinkfest in my last


Just a few things that happen to drop into my in-box.... If you hear of cool
stuff, let me know too and I'll try to post it!~~~~~~

{Boston and everywhere, month of May}
From Grand Opening! Boutique
May 1 - 31: May is Masturbation Month!Yes, you read right! We have a whole
month to celebrate one hand love! We have lots of books and videos to show
us various techniques and you can even raise funds for women's sexual health
care agencies. During the weekend of May 18-19, have your friends sponsor
you for every minute you masturbate in the "Come for a Cause"
masturbate-a-thon. Plus, you'll get a 10% discount coupon for Grand Opening!
when you turn in your pledges. Prizes will be awarded from Grand Opening! in
3 categories: manual, battery-assisted, and plug-in! Our local
mastubate-a-thon benefits a local women's self-help organization. What a way
to go (and come)!
for more info:


{Los Angeles, 5/24}
"Welcome to the future. SuperStar Avatar is a hybrid entertainment
experience which uses immersive technology and personalized content to put
you at the center of the action. Sexy, liberating, challenging and above all
FUN. Aesthetic Science proudly presents the first chapter of SuperStar
Avatar: Hollywood Exotica
For details check out
Experience this emerging phenomena for yourself on Friday May 24th at Fais
Do Do, Los Angeles, Presale tickets are available at Groove Tickets


{San Francisco May 29}
9th Annual Mr. Bondage A Go Go Contest. $300 cash first prize for the most
decadently appealing dude. Celebrity Judges. Guaranteed 100% bondage
beefcake live onstage. Contest at Midnight.
930 pm - 3am after-hours. 21 and over. $7.00
Dress Code Enforced (No sports apparel /jeans/khakis)
Info =


{San Francisco, May 4th - June 2nd}
Michael Rosen: 25 Years of Sexual Art: a retrospective of fine art
sexual photographs on the occasion of the artist's 60th birthday
May 4th - June 2nd, 2002 at the Mark I. Chester Studio, 1229 Folsom
Street (8th/9th Streets), San Francisco
Open Sun May 5th, Sat/Sun June 1st/2nd: 1 - 6pm. Also open by
appointment, call 415-621-6294
Public transportation to or near 1229 Folsom Street(between 8th and
9th Streets): BART (Civic Center station); 12 Folsom bus; 19 Polk
bus; 42 Downtown Loop bus; all other MUNI on Market, Mission, Howard,
Harrison and Bryant Streets.


{San Francisco, May 4 - 31}
Photo Gallery show FETISH GIRLS by Eric Kroll
at Stormy Leather, 1158 Howard St. between 7th and 8th
Eric Kroll's new photos on exhibit... some never before seen shots of me and
Gwen there!
for more information: and Eric's site


{San Francisco, June 1}
Best Bisexual Erotica 2 Reading
Saturday, June 1, 7:30 pm
Boadecia's Books
398 Colusa Ave, Kensington, CA
Join Editors Bill Brent and Carol Queen, as well
as local contributors including Lori Selke, Linda
Poelzl, and Steven Schwartz as they read steamy
selections from the second volume of Best Bisexual


{San Francisco, June 1}
Build Your Own TENS Unit/remote control electrical toy class
at Castlebar
Preregistration required
for more info....


By the way, I wanted to let you know that The Stockroom now has personally
autographed copies of my sexy stories CD "Aural Seductions Vol. 1 Erotic
Stories"... It's 74 minutes of lust filled stories read by yours truly &
written by Carol Queen and myself.... now available through The Stockroom
Since I prefer to support the small business of fellow kinksters I wanted
to mention this... the other giant unnamed web source for books and CD's has
it, but they're not autographed.


And finally... to all the contestants at International Mr. Leather contest:
"'break a leg!" and to all the attendees, have a great time! Remember, you
can always sleep when you get home. *grin*OK, if this message actually sends,
I have some other interesting info to send out.
(crossing fingers, dancing the dance for the tech gods, petting my hard
drive fondly, etc...)