May 22, 2003

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter May 22, 2003

Table of contents

  • May/June : Classes and Appearances (Philly, SF, Dallas, New Orleans)
  • Adventure report
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    May/June : Classes, Appearances in Philly, SF, Dallas, New Orleans - Listed in chronological order.


    May 23, Friday, 8pm - 10pm

    Learn easy and sexy rope bondage techniques with the author of "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage".

    Want to bring sizzling, sexy, fun and easy rope bondage to your bedroom? This class is designed specifically for combining sex with bondage. Learn how to tease and seduce with the rope and set the mood for some hot play. Midori will teach you safe ties for sex in various positions, making a dildo harness with rope, sexual sensation enhancement with rope and more. There will be practice time so bring ropes and a beach towel and wear comfortable clothing. (All the exercises will be fully clothed.)

    Couples or intimately comfortable friends encouraged!
    Location: Fetishes Boutique, 704 S. 5th Street in Philadelphia.
    (One Block Off of South Street)
    Phone: (215) 829-4986
    Admission: TBA


    May 24, Saturday

    Learn the foundations of wonderful feminine dominance skills.
    Elegance, power and confidence... Do you want to know how to be a dominant without being a bitch? How do you find a sexy and effective style of dominance? Fetish Diva Midori will share with you her secrets of the feminine art of dominance. She will discuss the psychology, politics, practical exercises, techniques, fashion and more. This class is not limited to a gender, but for all who harbor the powerful woman within! Something for everyone from the novice to the experienced player.

    Location: Fetishes Boutique, 704 S. 5th Street in Philadelphia.
    (One Block Off of South Street)
    Phone: (215) 829-4986
    Admission: TBA


    Wednesday, May 28, 8pm to 10pm

    One of Midori's best selling classes. Learn how to use your voice to seduce and heat up your sex and kink life!
    Location: Good Vibrations, their new store on Polk Street. 1620 Polk Street (at Sacramento Street) San Francisco, CA 94702
    Tel: (415) 345-0400
    Admission: $25 Pre-registration suggested. Everyone welcome


    **New Class!**
    Friday June 6, 7:30pm to 10pm

    Midori's latest class. This is a 2 hour class, perhaps one of a series, on how to be a better presenter for the kink communities. This class is oriented towards the new teachers or those considering teaching.
    The class will cover:

    · How to get started in teaching your favorite kinky subject

    · Successful class structures

    · Nervous? How to get over it

    · How to create a fun teaching experience

    • Where to teach and how to get in there

    Pre-registration is encouraged. You can pre-register via PayPal using the e-mail Make sure to mention the class title: "Teaching to the Perverted."
    Class size limited to 25

    Selected items on sale at special discounts during the class

    Location: Madame S' Lair located above Madame S at 321 7th Street, just before Folsom in San Francisco
    Admission: $15 Pre-registration encouraged. See above.
    Tel: 415 863-9447


    Sunday, June 8th 9pm to closing at 4am.
    Hot live rope bondage & suspension performance. Beauties Bound!

    Masumi Max fans won't want to miss this either.
    Also a meet-&-greet after the performance with book, CD signing, etc. Midori's suspension frame will also be for sale.
    Location: The Church, 2424 Swiss Avenue, Dallas TX
    Admission: check at door
    Tel: 214-826-2249


    Saturday, June 21st Noon to 7pm + Play Party

    PRICING: $20 members before June 14, 2003
    $25 associate members and non-members before June 14, 2003
    $25 members at the door
    $30 associate members and non-members at the door
    Members of co-sponsoring groups receive the member price.
    Price includes both seminars, workshops, BBQ lunch and play party.

    Tickets are available at Rings of Desire, 1128 Decatur Street, New Orleans LA or send an email to with "Wiseman/Midori Tickets" as the subject. When purchasing tickets at Rings of Desire, you will need to show your membership card to receive the member price.
    SABLE members can purchase tickets from Robert or jo anne.



    What's coming up beyond June
    · 7/7 Aural Sex 2 at Good Vibrations in Berkeley

    · 7/11-7/1313 Thunder in the Mountains, Denver

    · 7/18-7/20 several classes in Winnipeg, Canada

    • 8/1-8/2 Full Day Rope Bondage Dojo + other classes at The Crucible in DC
    • August: Private trip to Other World Kingdom
    • September: Ft Lauderdale Florida, St. Louis Mo., SF, etc.


    Last I wrote to you, I was heading off to the Caribbean.
    Oh, I had such a wonderful time! I really enjoyed being part of the crew of a 46' sailboat on the bright blue waves of the British Virgin Islands.
    Peggy aka O was the fearless and often wise cracking captain. (Top above the deck! Below deck was a whole other story. *g* )
    Lolita was first mate (of course!)
    I scurried about the deck handling the ropes. (Surprise, surprise.)
    Peggy's parents, Al and Earl were part of the crew too.
    Each day we sailed to a new port. We enjoyed snorkeling, kayaking, eating really delicious foods (huge lobsters!) and 4 scuba dive expeditions.
    One was the 19th century wreck of the steamer ship The Rhone, where the movie, The Deep, was filmed. Utterly amazing.
    Each night we anchored at a new port where I had some of the deepest and most restful sleep I've had in a long time.
    I even worked on the next chapter for my new book.
    My birthday was during the trip, so the whole crew surprised me with a birthday cake delivered to the boat.
    Peggy and Lolita gave me my birthday spanking too. On a boat, there were no place to hide or pawn off the spankings to!
    The great outdoors, new adventures, physical activities, dear friends who are leather folks and quality conversations; an unbeatable combination for a vacation!
    After my vacation I had three days at home, during which time I had to try to excavate my desk, do all the normal home stuff, swap out clothes, etc. What a whirlwind! I even had a guest appearance on PlayBoy Radio on XM radio. That was an experience. They're definitely not shy.

    Then I packed my bags for three weeks on the road and headed to Toronto.
    Toronto is absolutely a fantastic city. If you've not been there for the fetish scene, don't miss it! It's beautiful and the people are just the nicest.
    I had the pleasure of presenting an entire afternoon of rope bondage workshop to AIDS Committee of Toronto as part of their fundraiser. Great organization.

    The suspension rope bondage class for the 301 group was fun and lively.
    I returned to my favorite erotic shop there, Come As You Are, where it's always a nice intimate place to teach, learn and buy your sex toys. (I know have 3 different types of Hello Kitty Vibrators!)
    I had the pleasure of having my friend Jason as my trusted sidekick, which I always enjoy. We shopped true to our fetishist's heart.
    North Bound Leather was a required stop for me. I picked up a sexy new leather blouse for myself there. They are some of the finest leather tailors around. I simply covet their sexy leatherwear.
    These guys host really hot fetish parties, so maybe I'll see you up there.
    Jason and I also did our ritual shopping for Barbies. We both love and collect Barbies.
    We also attended a local SM play party. It was hosted at one of THE finest dungeon playhouse I've ever had the pleasure to visit, and that's quite a few.

    After a sleepless night of preparing for my next leg of the trip, I headed off to NYC for days of kinky action at the NYC Fetish Marathon.
    Two weeks in town and I hardly had a chance to breathe. I just love NYC! It's like a second home for me. (Yeah, I want to win the lottery and get a cute little love-shack personal dungeon in town. Oh, well, since I never play the lottery, I guess I'll just have to dream on.)
    I was really nervous and excited about my new presentation to the Museum of Sex as part of their Icon series.
    My presentation was titled "Whips & Stiletto, Goddesses & She-Devils: Icons of the Sexually Dominant Woman" in which I outlined the development of the style and symbols of the Femme Domme as we've come to know it.
    The Museum of Sex was quite impressive. I have to confess I was prepared to be disappointed. It's so easy to make something like that that's either cheesy and sensational or overly intellectual and dry as dust. It was neither. It was historically responsible, solidly researched, well presented and saucy to just the right level. It's a NYC must see!
    Thanks to Abby Ehman and Ellen for inviting me to present!

    Most of the week I was going nuts preparing my Matrix inspired bondage performance at the S*M*ack party.
    Chris Flam, perv party promoter extraordiannaire, connected me with the most fab crew and performers for me.
    Delano, Gecko, Jeneye rocked the night for me! The Torture Garden crew came in a did a really really really naughty show. Photos from all the action at the party will be up soon at

    If you come to NYC between now and June 20th, don't miss the erotic photo exhibition at Purple Passion showing the works by Michele Serchuk and Adriana Skura. Michele's show features our collaboration over the past several years, most of which are previously unreleased photos. The show opening party was really cool! We were quite surprised by some of the celeb appearances.

    The whole TES weekend was a fun filled blue. I got to test out a new sub V. He's good. I think I'll keep him around.
    I was hanging out with my leather sorority sisters from PhiDivaKappa and HB most of the weekend. V managed to keep up with us and our demands, which is no easy feat. (or feet)
    HB and I tried to make it to the women's play party, Kink, but we were too late. Simply too much to do!
    Speaking of too much to do, I missed seeing Matthew Barney's exhibition at the Guggenheim. I'm very bummed about that. I know of his brilliant gender challenging art and wanted to see it for myself. Man, I wonder if I can make it back before the show ends on June 11th.
    If you tune into Naked NY on Metro TV in the next few weeks, you just might see me playing sexy dress up with the blond co-host of the show at Purple Passion.
    Somewhere in there I managed to present a safer sex and SM lecture to the NY Society for the Deaf, have dinner with Karen Taylor and Laura Antoniou at a fabulous Asian restaurant near their secluded Long Island D/s estate. Walked around NYC, ate yummy greasy pizza. Tied up a cute girl and made her cry in a good way. * g * Teased some boys and hung out with my evil sorority sisters.
    (by the way, the NY FAO Schwarz does not have a good Barbie section. It was heart breaking.)
    Ok , that's all for now. I have to get going as I must prepare for my trip to Philly. I get to see another PhiDivaKappa there. Bubbles, my beloved ApprentaDiva!


    If you want to catch the archives of eNewletters, read some articles I've written or check my travel schedule, just drop by the Fire Horse Productions, Inc site


    p.s. as I'm trying to finish writing this, I'm watching Michele Serchuck sensuouly and cruelly take down Delano just a couple of feet from me. They don't make it easy for me to concentrate... they're really sexy and the moans are positively, um, distracting.