May 12, 2004

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
May 12, 2004

Table of contents

• Adventure Report (Women in Boston, freaky in Big Easy, Nashville, Vancouver)
· May/June Classes (Denver, New York, Chicago, Toronto)

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Adventure Report

Hey gang!

Here's my much awaited adventure report. I'm whisking you through a few weeks of adventures in my life. (By the way, for daily discussions on kink topics, stuff we covered in classes and what's up in my life, stop by my student lounge.

I've been to tons of really fun places.
The Women's Dominance Intensive in Boston went really well. A very inspired group of women! The skill and confidence growth that we all go through in one of these weekends is amazing.
While in Boston, which is one of those places that I consider one of my regular ports of refuge, home away from home, I stayed with friends in a room they have set aside for me, got to hang with friends, go dancing, play secretly in a public bathroom, eat late night Japanese food in China town, etc (The folks of Grand Opening Boutique and I will be running another women's dominance weekend intensive in LA in October.)

New Orleans for Leather Leadership was productive, wild and weird. Productive, because of all the discussions and networking around leather activism and community building. Wild because it's New Orleans and I partied!
It may seem corny but those Haunted History Tours are great! Joe and Nev, our fab local guides and my leather brothers and sister that formed my posse ate our way through the Big Easy. Every chance I got I was stuffing my face with crawdads or beignets (sp?). Frankie and Johnny's was the best for crawdads and Café du Mond, of course, for the beignets. I saw great art. There's this painter off the main square that paints mermaids. . . Someday I want to get her artwork, but alas, I had spent too much money on food and piercings. Yes, piercing! "But Midori, I just saw you and you didn't have any new piercings!" you say. . . Well, you can't see the new rings unless, well, you're in my 'business' or you're my gyno.
I went and got a triangle piercing at Rings of Desire, on Decateur street. Angel, the proprietrix herself pierced me.
A triangle piercing is a female genital piercing that goes under the clit shaft. I figured it would be fun in all sorts of situations, and it sure has been!
She's a fantastic master piercer so I highly recommend her.
The trip was weird because I also spent a large chunk of time in the waiting room of the Orleans Parish Jail. Yes, jail. A friend of mine was busted on trumped up charges of public indecency on Bourbon Street on a Saturday night. Let me just say this. The reputation of New Orleans as a freewheeling, anything goes party town only goes so far. Exposure is still very against the law and the police can decide to use that at any time. It's also an election year, which causes authorities to make selectively tighter decisions around what's permissible and what's not. Cute girls flashing their breast can get away with a lot more than men, particularly men that may appear to be queer or leather.
Then, once rounded up and behind the walls of local law enforcement, it's their world and it's very 1950s. (In a bad way.) So, a word of warning; have a good time, but keep your goods covered. My friend turned to NCSF but they were not available for him. Instead he turned to some other resources that lead to legal help. It wasn't cheap or easy but he got out. With all that, I didn't get any action or play while I was in New Orleans. Bummer. But I did really enjoy my time with my posse!
• Annual Leather Leadership Conference :
• Rings of Desire Piercing :
· Haunted History Tour :

• Frankie and Johnny's tel 899 9146; 321 Arabella St; open 11am-9pm daily . Website: click here.

Nashville. Fun! Thanks Ms. K, Darke Family and Leather Journey Magazine for making that happen. The pervs there are quite dedicated. You wouldn't figure to find kink in the buckle of the Bible Belt, but sure enough, they were there. The swingers club, Manage, where my classes were held was just gorgeous. And I got to go to a local farmers market and score some amazing country ham and bacon. My friends there thought I was goofy for getting excited over that, but I just love local food. Next time I need to visit the bourbon trail!
• Nashville kink source :

Washington DC: Rope Bondage Dojo weekend intensive at the Crucible. Good group and lots of great bondage work! (I'm looking forward to the next Bondage Dojo in SF the first weekend of November.) I stayed at the DC house of my leather sorority. Many of the PDK sisters converged and we had a great time. It was also the same time at the Women's Health and Choice issues march weekend in DC so the town was hoppin! The DC PDK house is another one of my home away from homes...
• The Crucible :
• SF Rope Bondage Dojo: Nov 6 - 7. Info : Click here.
• Ready to register for the SF Dojo now? Click here. Credit cards (AmEx, Discover, Visa, MC, Debit Cards)

Two weekends ago I taught in Vancouver BC, Canada for BIO. I had a great time there! The Signature Presenter Series is also a fundraiser for the Little Sisters Bookstore to fight government censorship. I had a gorgeous trannie babe and a hot 'school girl' crawling around the floor during the Humiliation Play class collecting money for the cause. Now that was a novel fundraiser combined with erotic play demo! I got to go to the local community play party and even the local rubber maker, MOR. The first afternoon there I sat on the beach of English Bay and worked on an article on my computer. I couldn't believe how warm it was! Looks like's it's going to be a hot summer everywhere. Hmmm. . . I guess I need to go shopping for some hot weather clothes. As I'm a San Franciscan, I just don't have cute summer garb... I'm looking forward to returning to the North West at the end of July, early August. I've got a class for Libido Events in Vancouver on August 2nd and a bunch of Seattle classes at the Wet Spot and Toys in Babeland around then.
• BIO :
· Libido Events :

• Little Sisters' Books :

And somewhere in the middle of that, on May 4th I had another birthday.

Ok, that's my short report for now...


DENVER May 13 - 15
May 13 Private Group class to local martial artist on Japanese Bondage and aesthetics

May 14 The Enclave: "Hands-on Into to Japanese Rope Bondage and Other Creative Rope Bondage Essentials"
Enclave Members Only. You can join to take the class.
RSVP via members only forum at

May 15, 1:30pm - 3:30pm "Aural Sex 1: Seduction by Voice & Erotic Story Telling"
Open to all at the Enclave
Doors open at 1:00 pm, Class at 1:30 pm
$20.00 You may pay at the door, or use Paypal
For more info go to

May 15, 9:30pm - "Shibari: Into to Erotic Japanese Rope Bondage"
Open to all at the Enclave
Discover the pleasure of Shibari, Japanese erotic rope bondage. Midori will share with you a bit of what she teaches to her protégés. Share in an exciting and sensual demonstration of the art. Learn the history, psychology, scene dynamics and management, aesthetics and pleasure of Shibari. This is THE essential class to start you on your path to your pleasure and expertise. Combine this lecture with your practice at home and you're ready to go! She'll have a few books, ropes, etc. for sale after the class.
Cold buffet, beverages, coffee and tea provided.
Doors open at 7:30 pm, Demo at 9:30 pm
$30.00 You may pay at the door, or use Paypal
For more info go to

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NEW YORK May 20 - 23
May 20, Thursday
Museum of Sex lecture "Aural Sex 1: Seduction by Voice & Erotic Story Telling"
Tickets $20; $15 members/seniors/students
Tickets can be purchased at the door, online, or by phone at 212.689.6337x115.
Location: 233 Fifth Avenue @ 27th Street, New York,
For further information on the museum, its exhibitions and public programming events, please visit

May 21 - 23 TES Fest weekend
Presenting "Beyond Duality: When You Don't Fit the Standard Kink Expectations" and "Predicament Bondage" also signing books
For more info on TES Fest go to

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

CHIGAGO May 28 - 29 ShibariCon! North America's First Japanese Bondage Convention!
Hosting, teaching and hanging out at ShibariCon.
- "Scene Dynamics, Psychology of Rope Bondage"
- "History of Shibari"
- "Introducing Rope Bondage to New Partners"
- "Suspension"
- "Predicament Bondage"
- "Stump the Presenter: Problem Solving Skills"
- Key note address
For more info go to
You will probably also see me hanging around at International Mr. Leather that weekend.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

TORONTO June 1st - 3rd
June 1 Tuesday 7:30p-10:30p
Class at Come As You Are "Hands-On Rope Bondage"
Where: 701 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario
Cost: $30
For more info go to

June 2 Wednesday 8:00p-10:00p
SM Women's Discussion Group "Dishing Dirt on Dyke SM Scenes"
Location: 519 Church Street, just north of Wellsley, Toronto, Canada
A discussion group for women who enjoy playing with women or are curious about BDSM with women. Women and transfolks only, please!
Midori leads a discussion on the hot and steamy dirt and news you can use on the dyke SM scene around North America and beyond... Find out where the hot women are, dirty action happens, play party, cruisiness of areas, changes in local history and scene growth, kinky shopping tips and more.
*Barbies encouraged. Ask Nancy if you're curious!
The SM Women's Discussion Group takes place the 1st Wed. of every month at 8 pm at the 519 Church Street Community Center. It is a dyke-based group open to all women. It is also open to all trannies who were either born female or who live as female. (In other words, FTM's and MTF's are welcome.) We have no membership fee, no president, and there is a different moderator/presenter each month. We cover all sorts of topics related to SM. Some meetings are discussions, others presentations. We take turns hosting the meetings to keep the power neutral. It started almost 5 years ago, co-founded by Terri and our first real meeting had 28 women and took place in June. So guess what? Happy 5th Anniversary!

June 3 Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm
"Make 'em Blush, Make 'em Squirm: Erotic Humiliation Play"
Where: Downtown Toronto - specific location announced to pre-registered guests
Details: $35 per person by pre-registration Limited space available
Contact to register:
For detailed registration info go to

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June 4 Chicago Book Fair
I'll be at the Chicago Book fair. I wished my books were finished!

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After that I'm taking a vacation sailing in the British Virgin Islands with a bunch of kinksters. I will have photos and stories from that!
See you around!

In Leather Pride


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