March 7, 2003

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter March 7, 2003

Table of contents

  • Deeply Leathered in Dallas
  • Calgary & Edmonton Canada classes this weekend!
  • Classes Sneak Preview: NYC, Minneapolis, Boston & Arizona
  • Midori bondage with Tiziano Magni in major fashion magazine
  • Midori's first male bondage photoshoot
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    SouthPlains Leatherfest Report
    Wow! I had a most spectacular weekend at SouthPlains Leatherfest in Dallas. Wooo hooo!
    Lots of gorgeous men and women. (What's in the water down there?), great play, tons of intense workshops. . . and really, really nice (and sexy) people.
    Played a lot. . . I had a very intense personal experience of catharsis as a top in creating a scene that combined objectification, bondage and political expression . . . still buzzing from that . . . I'll need to write that one down with care to describing the background and inner experience . . . When I do, I'll post it on my blog-like forum at

    What else? I taught two classes; A Rope Suspension hands-on for experienced players and the class on Erotic Humiliation Play. I was really happy with how well the humiliation class was received. Many people elected to stay long after the class was over to continue the discussion. I finally closed class a full hour and a half (!) after the official end of class. The discussions and soul-bearings were really intense . . .

    There was a really hot night with a studly butch . . . And then getting to suspend this really hot and handsome Texan Leatherman for his first ever rope suspension experience . . .

    Got to spend quality, sit down and deep talk time with old friends and new acquaintances . . . A wonderful surprise tea service on a shiny silver tray by a very pleasing submissive. . .

    An exceptional track of classes on Master/slave relationships by amazing instructors . . . The late night suite party . . . and getting to be PDK sorority sisters together with Michele Serchuk

    And. . . then . . . (Too many great experiences to mention. . . )

    Wooo hoo!

    This is an event that I highly recommend! Well organized and fun... They had play parties on Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. How great is that?
    I really felt that it was an event that returned, refreshed and reminded myself and the rest of the attendees of the leather spirit.


    I'm in Calgary as I write this - Just came down from an awesome 1/2 day of snowboarding up at Sunshine Village in Banff.
    I have never been in weather so cold before, but never to be stopped from excellent snow, I bundled up like the little guy from South Park and headed up the slopes. It's really fantastic here!
    I had put out an invite to the local community to come up and board or ski with me, but only Walter, my local buddy / host / event organizer, Loger of The Western Leather Federation took me up on it.
    Hey, where is everyone? Don‚t you like to play in the snow? (* teasing *)
    I'm in town for a few days to teach classes and sign CDs / Books. Here's the schedule and info. I hope that I may see some of you this weekend!


    Friday, March 7, 2003
    Book / CD signing & Meet-&-Greet
    Calgary Eagle
    424A 8th Ave SE Calgary


    The Western Leather Federation presents 2 Midori Workshops
    Date: Saturday, March 8, 2003
    Saturday Workshops:
    * 2:00 PM Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice
    * 7:00 PM Suspension Bondage Made Easy
    Saturday workshops will be held at the Bankview Community Hall 2418 - 17 Street S.W. Calgary
    Workshops are $10 per person at the door.
    Refreshments will be available.


    Edmonton O Society presents Midori workshop
    Sunday, March 9, 2003 - 1:30 pm
    Class: Japanese Rope Bondage
    A talk/demo on the art of Japanese Rope Bondage
    Registration info: Limited number of tickets available in Edmonton at B & D Emporium, 9652 Jasper Ave.
    Direct questions to


    * March 20 ˆ 23: New York, BondCon, Japanese Bondage class
    * April 4 ˆ 6: Minneapolis / St. Paul, Midwest Fetish Fest "Spring Sting" various classes and signing
    * April 9: Boston, Boston Dungeon Society "Predicament Bondage" class
    * April 11 ˆ 15: Boston, Grand Opening Boutique, classes "Aural Sex 1", "Art of Feminine Dominance afternoon intensive", "Couples Rope Bondage afternoon intensive", "Better Flirting with Women: Approaching Venus", "Role Playing for Sexy Fun"
    * April 19: Phoenix, for members of Arizona Power Exchange, class "Pushing the Psychological Edge" (for experienced only)


    Midori bondage with Tiziano Magni in major fashion magazine
    I opened my mail and there it was! A copy of EastWest magazine. It's a super high end, large format fashion magazine from Hong Kong. I worked with that most amazing fashion photographer Tiziano Magni on a multi page fashion and bondage-as-fashion-expression set for the magazine.
    His photography regularly graces magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Mademoiselle, and Interview. I even got a front cover name mention!
    If you are near a good international magazine seller, look for the EastWest magazine "Sex!" issue.
    I am so unbelievably excited!


    Everyone has their cherries to be picked -and I did some cherry picking. It was his first ever rope bondage scene and first ever suspension and first ever rope bondage photo session. It was my first photo shoot with a male model.
    Oh, but he is soooo hot! Michael Blue shot, I rigged and Puimond, our stud in question here, posed for four hot sets. We shot over 800 images. He's painfully cute and dirty - thus the name of his web site For those who like to see hot men bound, take a look at him and tell me if he isn‚t just adorable!
    I hope to have some photos up soon - but we've been shooting hot bondage shots like mad, so we're a bit behind on processing the thousands of images we have. Don't worry though, they‚ll be up soon.
    Oh, he's also a really talented corset maker. I'm having my next few corsets and corset ensembles made by him. You can find his custom corsets at


    Ok, it‚s time to go to bed now . . .
    Good night, dear readers!