March 25, 2003

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter March 25, 2003
Table of contents

  • Quick report from NYC
  • On "Naked New York" TV tonight
  • Upcoming classes: Minneapolis, Boston, San Francisco (4/18) & Phoenix
  • *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 1. Quick update from NYC
    I just have a moment between meetings so I'm going to keep this quick.

    In the last three weeks I've been in Dallas, Calgary and Edmonton Canada and LA.

    I had a blast in Canada. A bit of snow boarding, lots of good classes, great people and wonderful socials. They even made me an honorary Albertan and gave me a cowboy hat!

    Shot amazing bondage images with Ken Marcus. I hope to have images for you at soon. In the mean time you can get a sense of his work at

    A fine art photographer and amazing glamour / erotic photographer who trained with Ansel Adams.

    Now I've just wrapped up BondConNYC. Here's the report from my diary that I posted on the free forums section at I'm using it like a Blog now.


    [Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2003 12:26 am
    Post subject: 3/24/03 Post BondConNYC

    It's nearly 3am here at Crown Plaza hotel across from La Guardia airport in NYC.
    We've just wrapped four days here at BondConNYC

    I'm exhausted but it was a good conference weekend.

    I was here with Team Midori... Me, Michael Blue, Miz Kitty and Shane.

    They rolled in and check in on Wednesday to our suites. One eventually became our photo studio with suspension frame, full backdrop, professional lights, make up / style section, etc.

    I came in on Thursday night after meeting with Tiziano Magni and crew for a great idea tossing lunch. He cooked. Never turn down a good Italian boy if he offers to cook. Oh, the wild mushroom risotto was deeelicious!
    Nothing much on Thursday. A Meet and greet in the evening... it was good to see familiar old faces and socialize. No photo shoots. Not everyone was in or ready.

    Friday morning... Team Midori hits full speed.
    We set up our signing / sales / demo area... we were right across from Leather By Danny, my friends' company and Rainbow Rope. It's good to be near friends and family!

    Lots of fun meeting people. Bound 3 beautiful volunteers into suspensions. All three were suspension virgins! I can't wait to share photos! Had dinner with Master Jack and his slave and friend and my crew. Very nice!
    Later that night a bunch of us gals piled into HB's Jeep to hit the town and go dancing... Me, HB, Lydia Mclane and Sinnamon Love. We went to 3 clubs. The first one in Brooklyn was a dud, the other 2 in Manhattan were great! Stayed out until 5am.

    Saturday... signed books at the booth, did suspensions... did a gorgeous suspension over a corset body harness on Delano of Della in Distress... then 5, yes, count them 5 photoshoots...
    1. Mason: Gorgeous, petite and curvy Miami gal... Full black latex catsuit and amazing high-heeled boots in bound very provocatively with bamboo...
    2. Mayan Lee: Long limbed, striking and tall Chinese beauty... bound with bamboo poles into sexually inviting and breath-takingly arched, yoga like bondage.
    3. Sinnamon Love: The adorable Sinnamon... bound like a naughtily little pin-up girl with a vibrating yellow rubber ducky into very compromising positions... I ended up helping her, uh, get off with the duck! hee hee hee
    4. Lydia Mclane: Fierce red headed Lydia in full inverted suspension. She's got a thing for Easter images... so I tied her up like an Easter Egg... a very apt fertility symbol!
    5. Estelle: So very young... a new face to the scene... svelte little redhead with very pretty natural breasts... I suspended her to look like the sculptures at the Rockefeller Center fountain... she spun and strained and struggled and danced in midair.
    We wrapped the shoot at 4:30am. I was wiped out!

    Up in the late morning... Dressed in my full black leather kimono. Signed a bit at the table and then taught my Japanese Bondage Class. It was quite well attended... then I taught a small group, hands-on Japanese Bondage class. That was really cool!

    Dinner with Peter of and his crew.
    Freshened up and wen the closing BondCon Ball.
    Too wiped out from all the excitement to do another shoot. We just put the room back together...
    It was a good weekend! ]


    Now I'm just trying to get this newsletter off before my next meeting. So I do apologize if this seems short, brusque and rushed.
    Oh, I got to do a bit of shoe shopping in NYC. Oh, this town is dangerous for a fetishist!


    2. On "Naked New York" TV tonight
    I'll be on the "Naked New York" show being interviewed by Bob Berkowiz on Metro TV at 10m and Midnight in NYC.
    I think there might be an On-line broadcast on their site too.
    It's at

    Let me know what you think!


    3. Upcoming classes:
    April 4 to 6: Minneapolis / St. Paul
    Midwest Fetish Fest "Spring Sting" various classes and signing

    April 9: Boston
    Boston Dungeon Society "Predicament Bondage" class

    April 11 to 15: Boston
    Grand Opening Boutique, classes "Aural Sex 1", "Art of Feminine Dominance afternoon intensive", "Couples Rope Bondage afternoon intensive", "Better Flirting with Women: Approaching Venus", "Role Playing for Sexy Fun"

    April 18: San Francisco
    "Art of Feminine Dominance 1" at Madame S in San Francisco. $20 at the door. 8PM to 10:30pm
    You can preregister by using and send $20 to my e-mail address at for the category "services."
    Make sure to tell me that you're registering for the 4/18 Art of Femme Domme class!
    321 Seventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 just south of Folsom Street. Parking across the street at Mister S.
    tel. (415) 863-WHIP ( class info is not on their site yet, but it is happening. Just come on by!)

    April 19: Phoenix
    For members of Arizona Power Exchange, class "Pushing the Psychological Edge" (for experienced only!)

    Ok, don't want to be late for a meeting, so I'm off and away and out the door.
    Singing out from West Village, NYC

    With pervy wishes