March 20, 2007

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Midori's Newsletter March 20, 2007

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Table of contents

1. Adventures, gratitude and notes from the road
2. Toronto Rope DojoSM (May) registration opens March 28
3. Women's Sensual Dominance Intensive in Toronto, April 27
4. Upcoming classes (San Rafael, SF, Montreal, Berkeley, LA, Minneapolis, Toronto)
5. Columns: Spirituality, Australia, and My Submission
6. March 24. SF Play Party co-sponsored w Center for Sex and Culture
7. Hang out with me! My on-line haunts

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Where did the time go? The last two months have been filled with really great times and just a lot of good love. Maybe it's because the days are getting longer and the flowers are blooming all over the place. Or maybe it's because there's a feel in the air, a surge of energy, of people making a difference in the world.

I've had a lot of great adventures in the last couple of months. Most of which is chronicled in my blog, so I won't rehash it here. If you're curious, drop by my blog.

One of the highlights was the blowout success of Bang 4 The Buck parties in San Francisco and Seattle. This is the annual women's wild party that Lydia McLane, Miss Indigo Blue, Kelly B. and I throw to raise funds for AIDS LifeCycle. It's a wild night of amateur strip contest, dirty raffle prizes, lube wrestling, naughty hook up games, sex and play. In San Francisco, at the Citadel, 267 women partied and raised $3003. In Seattle, at the Wet Spot Sex Positive Community Center, 190 women showed up and raised $3634.50. For both events sponsors really stepped up to the place. Our thanks goes out to Twisted Monk, X Peeps, The Pleasure Chest, The Stockroom, Good Vibrations, ID Lube, Babeland, Active Intellect Design, IMsL, and Desire Women's Weekend. Sexy fun for a great cause! In total we raised $7637.

It's been a month since the Bang 4 The Buck party, but thinking about it now, I'm still feeling that rush of excitement, the deep warmth of gratitude and the happy shivers of feeling all these people coming together to make a great thing happen.

We're already planning for next year's Bang parties!

I am continuing to raise funds for critically needed HIV services - so if you weren't able to attend the party or just believe in what we're all trying to do, please drop by and sponsor me for this year's crazy bike ride called AIDS LifeCycle. I'm hoping my friends and readers will each sponsor me for an equivalent of a cup of coffee.

Other exciting adventures:
In the past two months my travels have taken me to being crew on a boat in the British Virgin Islands, hanging out with smarty kinksters in Boston, teaching naughty things in LA, delving into D/s archetypes in Dallas, perving in Tulsa. I've also returned shooting photos for my male portfolios now that it's warmer. It's hard to have sexy man flesh looking good all nekkid when they're covered in giant goose bumps!

Speaking of photos, two of my erotic male images were accepted into the juried art show of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. It's very very exciting to get the privilege to show among erotic art greats. SEAF is a really inspiring event for me, as people from all sectors of sexual cultures as well as people who are simply art lovers converge, socialize and share ideas and their graceful presence.

Here's my art site. You'll find some of the male images in the "Purchase" section:
It's still hard to tell if all the joy is about the excitement of spring that's around the corner as we approach Solstice or all the people creating, loving and making a difference in the world. I bet it's both!

Wishing you peace and joy,


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At 9am Pacific Time, Wednesday, March 28th, the on-line registration opens for the weekend intensive, Rope Bondage Dojo&174; This one will be held in Toronto.

Dojo dates: May 5th through 6th. 10am to 6pm each day
Cost: US$350/single US$600/pair
Registration, FAQ and other

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A special treat! I offer this 3-day weekend intensive only once or twice a year. This time Come As You Are of Toronto is sponsoring the weekend.
Register on-line at Or call: 416.504.7934

Realize your potential for erotic power with Midori, author of "Wild Side Sex" and "Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage." You'll learn all that she can cram into 3 days/19 hours of total brain-dump on the Art of Feminine Dominance. Work on how to find your inner dominant and enjoy it with your partners in a nurturing, intimate gathering. The class is limited to 14 women. Strong foundation in self-actualization and archetype work combined with the delight of consensual erotic adventures. Very novice friendly with lots of content, skill exercises and psychology. You must be over 18 years old. (This class is for those interested in erotic dominance in their private play and relationships. It is not about professional dominance work.)

When: Friday, April 27 2007, 7:00PM - 10:00PM AND Saturday, April 28, 2007 9:00AM - 6:00PM AND Sunday, April 29, 2007 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Women and Trans Women Only

Where: Toronto. Class location given to registered students
Cost: CAN$450

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• Wed, 3/21/07, Class "Secrets: How to Please Your Man" Pleasures Of The Heart. $25
• Wed, 4/18/07, Class "Pussy Purring Pleasures: How to Please Your Woman&quote; at Pleasures Of The Heart. $25

• Thr, 3/22/07 Class "Hands-on Rope Body Harnesses" at QSM. $25 Bring long ropes!
• Sat/Sun, 3/24 - 3/25/07, Class "Rope Bondage Dojo®". Sold Out.
• Tue, 3/27/07, Class "Art of Feminine Dominance, Part 1" Good Vibrations Polk Street store. $25
• Wed, 4/4/07, Class "Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture" at The Center for Sex & Culture. $20
• 4/5 - 4/8/07, Classes at International Ms Leather
• Sat 4/7/07, Special Erotic Skills Lab "JoyStick Secrets: How to Please Your Man" Bring your lover and practice step by step! No cucumbers for this special evening of sensual pleasures! At OneTaste Urban Retreat. $300/couple. Register by calling (415) 503-1100 or email 1074 Folsom St
• Sun 4/8. Dolores Park. MC-ing the "Hunky Jesus" contest for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
• Tue, 4/10/07, Class "Hot and Bothered: Playing with Erotic Embarrassment" at Good Vibrations Polk Street store. $25

• Thr, 3/29/07 Class "Suspension Bondage Made Easy" at Secret Playground. $25.
• Fri, 3/30/07, Class "Joy Stick Secrets: How to Please Your Man&quote; at Secret Playground. $25.
• Sat, 3/31/07, Class "Pussy Purring Pleasures: How to Please Your Woman" at Mad-ame. $25.
• Sun, 4/1/07, Class "Wrapped for Pleasures: Sex Bondage for Couples" at Secret Playground. $25.
• Mon, 4/2/07, Class "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice" at Secret Playground $25.

• Mon, 4/9/07, Class "Hands-on Flogging" at Good Vibrations. Bring floggers if you have them. If not I'll have some to share. $25

• Thr 4/12/07, Class "Playing with the Family Jewels: CBT" at Syren. $30. RSVP encouraged. Call 323-936-6693
• Fri 4/13/07, Class "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice"" Babeland. $30 RSVP encouraged. Call (323) 634-9480
• Sat 4/14/07, Class "Sex Bondage for Couples" Babeland. $30 RSVP encouraged. Call (323) 634-9480
• Sun 4/15. Special event for LA Boys of Leather AIDS LifeCycle fundraiser at the Eagle bar

• 4/19 - 4/22/07 Classes and art presented at Leather Leadership Conference.

• 4/27 - 4/29 Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensive through Come As You Are Boutique.
• Mon 4/30/07. Class "Hands-on Rope Bondage" at Come As You Are Boutique. Bring ropes! RSVP Call: 416.504.7934
• Tue 5/1/07, Class &quote;Hands-on Flogging&quote; at Come As You Are Boutique. Bring floggers if you have them. If not we'll have some for you. RSVP Call: 416.504.7934
• Wed 5/2/07 Class "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice" at Come As You Are Boutique. RSVP Call: 416.504.7934
• Sat/Sun, 3/24 - 3/25/07, Class "Rope Bondage Dojo®".

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You'll find some of the columns I've written recently for
Here are some of the topics.
"Kangaroo Leather and Kiwi Kink"
"Spirituality of Sex and Kink"
"At Mistress Ishtar's Beck and Call: How I Learned to Love Submission"

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Carol Queen's Center for Sex and Culture is sponsoring this special Rope Dojo after party!

When: Saturday, March 24, 6pm -10 pm
Cost * $20 at the door * $15 for those bringing (non-alcohol) drinks or snacks * Free to Midori's current Rope Dojo class members * Free to 4 pre-assigned, qualified DMs.
E mail qualifications to
Where: "Joe's Place", 975 Howard between 5th and 6th Streets

A play party/practice session especially but not exclusively for bondage practitioners. Midori hosts at the party's opening and turns the room over to her trusted DMs, her students and other rope aficionados. Joe's place has lots of pillars -- it'd look fabulous with people tied to all of them!
18+ Open to all genders

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Come and hang out with me at my various on-line haunts! I run two really good sexuality discussion groups, have some blogs and MySpace as well.
They're all listed at

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