June 13, 2002

Newsletter 13 June, 2002

· What I've been up to (NYC, Kayaking, Great Comedy)

· DC this weekend: Art of Fem Dom + Rope Bondage Dojo

· NYC Bondage class info 6/22

· A bunch of cool events (NYC, LA, Boston, Florida)

· Midori rope styles for July British Vogue

· London Fetish Scene interview

• Lots of cool events (NYC, LA, Boston, San Francisco, Florida)

Dear Readers,

What have I been up to? Where in the world is Midori?

[NYC: Bowl of Cherries in the Big Apple]
Life is bowl of bright red summer cherries ... pits and all.

I'm in New York City ... I've loved every minute of it here ... except for the
hours I've spent trying to fix the @#$%#!! Microsoft software problem that's
plaguing my beloved Mac G3 (the rubber coated lap top ... how appropriate for
me.) It's also affecting my e-mail program, so I'm having a bit of a problem
staying in touch with folks. (Just in case any of you have been wondering.)
I'm doing my best to foster a Zen calm in the face of technological
challenges. Persons with issues of control do very poorly when their
technology decides to go on strike.

It's great to be back here though ... the weather's been great. A bit of a heat
wave, balmy nights and a light thunder shower .... The first night I was here I
was lulled to sleep by the sweet sound of traffic and sirens under a warm
breeze from the slow-turning ceiling fan. The sound of cicadas and the smell
of burning asphalt were the only things missing from memories of my
childhood summers in Tokyo .... It takes an urban child to hear city traffic as
a lullaby ...

So far ... I had Michele Serchuk take headshots and author photos for me. I
love her new studio space, stylist, etc. Can't wait to show you!

I tried to go to this cool mega sexy performance art and play event called
the Imperial Orgy Masquerade Ball. I was all dolled up in a So Hip It Hurts
clear latex dress, wicked heels and a mask, talked Michele Serchuk, my
erotic photog buddy into joining me, found masks and went on down to the
Imperial Orgy, looking for some action, voyeurism and exhibitionism.... The
door dude decided that looking once on the list was just about more than he
could do so he turned us away ... I was bummed. It sounded like a fab event and
I'm looking forward to going the next time it happens. Hey, did any of you
go? Let me know how it was!

I also got to pop by the future location for Purple Passion while they were
still under construction. Purple Passion bought DV8. It's opening Wednesday,
June 19th. It's going to be a beautiful store with a men's area, lot's of
shoes and boots, (which I'm happy about), leather, corsets, bondage
furniture, SM toys, etc. They're also making it an erotic and kinky art
space as well as workshop space. Expect some great exhibits, kicking off
with Barbara Nitke's on Friday, June 21st from 5pm.
New Store location: 211 W 20th St, NY. http:// www.purplepassion.com
(Oh man, the sky is getting light already ... did I just stay up all night
again? I never can resist staying up all night and chatting with friends!)

[White Water Kayaking]
All this urban adventuring ... I've also been enjoying the wilderness as well.
My #1 boy, Huck, and I went white water kayaking in the Sierras last week.
For those of you who've never done it, it works like this ... I don a helmet,
ear plugs, nose plug, life jacket, wet suit, hypothermia preventing clothing
and strap myself into a tiny and unstable plastic boat. Then, assisted only
by a paddle and my own skills, I hurtle myself down a white water river
rushing with vigorously cold water as my face burns from the heat of the day
and reflections off the water ... I paddle and adventure myself down this
dynamic and constantly changing aggressive hydraulic environment ... One can
get turned over easily so I have to be able to Eskimo roll out of it quickly
and right my boat or I risk bashing my head or face against under water
rocks. It's an insane sport. I call it fun. This makes my kinky SM and Edge
Play look normal.

This trip I made some major strides ... I executed several successful 'combat
rolls' (rolling and righting the boat in the middle of a churning rapid),
worked on surfing my boat on the waves and good ferry techniques. (No, not
the kind in the Castro, silly!) The river also humbled me several times ...
teaching me to remain calm, to see the patterns in seeming chaos and to keep
paddling when fear might get the better of me.

I have to confess, we weren't exactly roughing it on this trip. We stayed at
the country retreat and villa of Kat Sunlove (of Free Speech Coalition
http://freespeechcoalition.com ) and Layne Winklebleck (the former chief
editor of Spectator mag who got me writing in the first place.) We enjoyed
their delightful hospitality, swapped kinky adventure stories, watched
birds, enjoyed the hot tub under the starts and even got to dine with
Elizabeth (former owner of the much missed House of Differences )
I can't wait to go back!

[Chink-O-Rama. Great Comedy. Don't Miss It!]
On Friday June 7th, I gathered a posse (or would this be a tong?) of fellow
'freaks-of-color' friends of mine to go to "Kate's Chink-O-Rama" at the
Brava Theater Center in San Francisco. It's a brutally hilarious comic
send-up of Asian stereo types. Kate Rigg, a self confessed "cultural
terrorist" and 'happa' sets the stage with Hello Kitty lights, does a mean
Disco Mama Saigon version of "I Will Survive" and when the rap song "Ice Ice
Baby" goes to Asia, it's made into "Rice Rice Baby" and the best Phone sex
skit I've ever seen. I laughed so hard my belly hurt. Afterwards we went out
to a country western themed sushi joint in the Mission, the Hispanic section
of San Francisco, run by Japanese Butoh dancers in Rasta caps. Seemed only
fitting. I even bought a CD and laughed for days after it.
Check it out!
Brava Theater site: http://www.brava.org
Chink-O-Rama site: http://www.chink-o-rama.com/

[DC This Weekend: 6 Hour Rope Bondage Dojo and Art of Fem Dom Class]
1. Friday June 14th - "The Art Of Feminine Domination"

Midori teaches the Art of Feminine Domination.
Appropriate experience level: novice & all levels
Elegance, power and confidence... Do you want to know how to be a dominant
without being a bitch? How do you find a sexy and effective style of
dominance? Fetish Diva Midori will share with you her secrets of the
feminine art of dominance. She will discuss the psychology, politics,
practical exercises, techniques, fashion and more. This class is not limited
to a gender, but for all who harbor the powerful woman within! Something for
everyone from the novice to the experienced player
Doors open @ 8:30 - Class starts @ 9 - Cost $20 (members)

2. Saturday June 15th - "A Day of Rope and Dinner with Midori"
Join Midori for an entire day as she teaches three classes on rope bondage,
going from intermediate to advanced. If you want to learn rope bondage,
there is *no* better opportunity.
Doors open @ noon, the first class will start at 1:00 PM.
The second class will start at 3:30
Dinner will be served at 6:00
The final class will start at 7:00
This is a package deal, and the cost is $80 per person
Limited to the first 40

To reserve your spot, send The Crucible e-mail at info@the-crucible.com with
"Rope & Midori" in the subject line.

Class Description:
You've mastered the basic ties and positions. Now what?
Spend an entire day in an intensive 'rope bondage dojo' with Midori. Cover a
wide range from Japanese, ornamental, sex bondage, predicament bondage, free
style and more
- The Emotional dynamics of a great rope scene
- Effective dominance through rope
- Taking Flight: Rope Suspension bondage
- It's in the Details: Hand and feet bondage
- Visions and Perversions: Learn to think and create with mastery, art and power
- Speed drills
- Problem solving and more...

!! Wear comfortable clothing, a couple of medium to large sized towels,
Bring lots of rope. More and varied the merrier. If you don't have rope,
Midori will have some nice rope for sale at a very reasonable price. !!

[Details for NYC Bondage class info 6/22]
Open to all adults of all level of play ...
This event is not affiliated with BondCon ... but brought to you by the
kinksters of Upstate New York, who decided to organize a big leather
road-trip to NYC. Feel free to pass this info on!
Class: Advanced Rope Bondage Demo and Tips by Midori
Date: Saturday, June 22nd 2002
Time: 4pm