June 1, 2002

- Teaching kink on campus at University of California; Appeared on Oxygen, etc
- DC: Fem Dom class + Rope Bondage Intensive at The Crucible June 14 - 15
- NYC: Bond Con appearance, Class
- Rope Bondage Model Search for photo shoot
- SF: Predicament Bondage class 6/27
- SF: Special class "Education in the Slave Quarters" Peggy O speaks!


Dear Readers,

Happy June!

It's a gorgeous day in San Francisco... bright, warn with a pleasant breeze.
I was pretty productive this week... pumped out three kinky articles. (you
can check out my new column at http://www.leatherpage.com - let me know what
you think.)... Finalized or worked on plans for classes in North Carolina,
Kentucky, Michigan, London, San Francisco and more... I'll post them on my
web calendar later tonight...


[Teaching Kink on Campus]
And I even presented the class "Art of Feminine Dominance Level 1" on the
campus of University of California at Santa Cruz to the wonderful student
club for SM education and awareness.
*sniff* It just touches my pervy leather-clad little heart to see such
remarkable resources available for the students today... (Ok, so I did feel
a bit odd when I realized I am actually old enough to be parents to some of
these students...) There is this emerging movement of young pleasure
activists seeking knowledge and information around their sexual identity,
including SM play. Knowledge is power and knowledge gives choice. I think
this is great!
I traveled down to UCSC with my friend Minori and a buddy of hers, Yosh. She
owns this super cool shop in Tokyo, Japan's only feminist sex toy shop
called the Love Piece Club
Even though it's the week before finals the turn out was great. Thirty or so bright,
beautiful and pervy students showed up and I taught them the foundations of
how to find your powerful femme domme space. The volunteers from the
audience were totally fun! It was such a delight and we all had a great
time! I asked the Club Chairperson to send me a description and contact info
for the club. As soon as I know I'll pass it on to you guys... (and to the
Chairperson, could you forward this to the members? As I've not entered the
student names on this eNewsletter list yet.)


[Appeared on Oxygen]
This past week, Oprah's Oxygen Network's show "Pure Oxygen" featured a
segment on my work at the beginning of the show.
There were shots of classes, rope bondage suspension, interviews, etc. I
have not seen the finished version yet as I don't have a TV (by choice) but
I look forward to seeing it on video. I must say, it was a delight to work
with the show producer, Karen, who came from a really neat humanistic
perspective. Knowing her style and taste, I'm sure it's good. I've heard
great reports already on it's friendly and positive approach to healthy
erotic adventures for couples. There will be re-runs and I'll pass on that
on as soon as I know...


[DC: Weekend Intensive at The Crucible June 14 - 15]
1. Friday June 14th - "The Art Of Feminine Domination"
Midori teaches the Art of Feminine Domination.
Doors open @ 8:30 - Class starts @ 9 - Cost $20 (members)

2. Saturday June 15th - "A Day of Rope and Dinner with Midori"
Join Midori for an entire day as she teaches three classes on rope
bondage, going from intermediate to advanced. If you want to learn rope
bondage, there is *no* better opportunity.
Doors open @ noon, the first class will start at 1:00 PM.
The second class will start at 3:30
Dinner will be served at 6:00
The final class will start at 7:00
This is a package deal, and the cost is $80 per person
Limited to the first 40

To reserve your spot, send The Crucible an e-mail.

Class Description:
You've mastered the basic ties and positions. Now what? Spend an entire day
in an intensive 'rope bondage dojo' with Midori. Cover a wide range from
Japanese, ornamental, sex bondage, predicament bondage, free style and more
- The Emotional dynamics of a great rope scene
- Effective dominance through rope
- Taking Flight: Rope Suspension bondage
- It's in the Details: Hand and feet bondage
- Visions and Perversions: Learn to think and create with mastery, art and power
- Speed drills
- Problem solving
and more...
!! Wear comfortable clothing, a couple of medium to large sized towels,
Bring lots of rope. More and varied the merrier. If you don't have rope,
Midori will have some nice rope for sale at a very reasonable price. !!


[NYC Appearances and class]
1. BondCon
When: June 21 - 23
Where: Crowne Plaza La Guardia 104-04 Ditmars Boulevard, East Elmhurst,
New York 11369
Registration Info: http://www.bondcon.com/
I'll be there, (along with 90 bondage models attending...) signing books
and CDs, doing some hot bondage demos and having a good time!

2. Class... during weekend of June 22
Topic to be announced.
Location: very close to BondCon
A go-getter gang of kinksters from Upstate New York decided to come
into NYC for the weekend... to catch BondCon and Leather Pride weekend...
and also decided to organize a class space for instruction from me. For
information and registration e mail the organizer directly at
careid69@yahoo.com or stay tuned for further info here...

3. Attending Leather Pride Weekend
I hope to get personal time to slip away from BondCon and attend the NYC
Leather Pride weekend event. It'll be hot! Lots of parties, events, auctions
and actions... for more info: http://www.folsomstreeteast.org


[Rope Bondage Model Search for photo shoot]
While I'm in NYC for BondCon I want to document my bondage rope work for
possible publication. The photographer this time is Michael Blue. You can
see his work on http://www.kink-inc.com
I'm looking for women who really enjoy bondage and the beauty of bondage...
Seeking the gals next door as well as the unconventionally beautiful...
E mail me directly with any questions.


[SF: Predicament Bondage class Thursday, 6/27]
Where: QSM
Info: http://www.qualitysm.com
For more information, call at 415-550-7776, Monday-Friday, 11 AM to 5 PM
Pacific Time.
FAX: 415-550-7117, 24 hours a day.
Email: info@qualitysm.com
Here's a class for fun-loving, wicked tops and for bottoms who enjoy a
challenge. The predicament can be as simple as holding a glass of water for
a VERY long time or as complicated as complex rope bondage. It can challenge
your endurance, your pain threshold, or your pride. The class will include
several demos, and you may have an opportunity to volunteer for one. If
you're a service bottom or an escape artist, you may get a new challenge!
Sliding Scale: $20 to $10. Doors open 7:00 PM. Class 7:30-10:00 PM.


[SF: Special class "Education in the Slave Quarters" Peggy O speaks!]
A Special Class: Midori presents Peggy O presenting on
"Education in the Slave Quarters: The Lifestyle and D/s Relationshp from a
Bottom's Perspective (with a few Tips for Tops)"
When: Saturday June 29th, 2pm to 4pm
Where: Castlebar (e mail me for directions if you don't know it)
Who: appropriate for all consenting and thoughtful adults who seek to make
D/s relationships fulfilling and real
Contact: Midori@fhp-inc.com
Cost: $20 per person
An experienced and dedicated slave (and switch!), Peggy will teach how to
make D/s and M/s work in real life relationships. Subs and slaves learning
from a seasoned slave... some of the best D/s education happens in the Slave
Quarters! Learn the responsibilities, parameters, problem solving in
relationship problems and skills needed to get to that 'sweet place.' Lots
of tips for Dominants too...

Peggy aka O
Peggy aka O has been in the lifestyle for about 8 years, six of which have
been spent in M/s relationships. She identifies as a bisexual switch.
Currently she lives in South Florida where she runs Dykes 'n Dolls, a
women's BDSM education group. She has been active in the leather community, where she has presented at a number of events, including Black Rose, TES30, Thunder in the Mountains and GMSMA Leatherfest. She was New York Leather Woman 1999 and was 2nd runner up for International Ms Leather 1999. She has published articles on the lifestyle and relationships in Prometheus magazine and her works can be found various places around the web. She has also been on the boards of the Lesbian Sex Mafia and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Her perspectives on relationships have always been tempered with a sense of humor, a healthy dose of irreverence and a large helping of common sense. As someone who believes strongly in personal responsibility and self-determination, she believes that you can only create the relationship that you want by knowing what you need. In her teaching she tries to help people understand themselves so they can envision themselves where they need to be and transform that vision into reality.


That's all for today... I'll try send out another eNewsletter soon with other cool events update.
I have to go and get dolled up for all of tonight's pervy partying!
The leather social high season is now in full swing. Then I'll be away for a few days white water kayaking in the Sierras so it might be a few days before you hear back from me.

Have a great weekend!