July 24, 2006

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
July 24, 2006

Table of contents

1. Note from the field - Adventures and misadventures
2. AIDS LifeCycle - Photos and stories
3. "Master Han's Daughter" Finally Published!
4. Upcoming Classes & Events (Montreal, Raleigh, Japan, Kansas City, San Francisco, LA )
5. Photo Exhibition. Hot men in rope. San Francisco 9/22/06
6. Montreal October Rope Bondage Dojo. Registration Opens July 25
7. Ask me anything at my Stockroom Forum. Or Peek Into My Private Life Via My Blog and MySpace.

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Hello to everyone! It's been a while since I've been able to send all of you an e mail newsletter. It's been a busy spring and summer for me.

As usual, I'm writing this note to you from somewhere in the air, as I fly back from Vancouver, Canada where the Rope Dojo Team and I had a great weekend with 30 fantastic students.

The last two months have been a whirlwind for me. It started with 'Desire' - a women only sex and play retreat at an oasis-like resort in Palm Springs. I've been to many sensual, sexy and wild events in the past, but this one's in a class of its own. Just imagine. . . Palm trees, cool misted days, play areas set up on soft lawn among a lovely garden, sparkly pool, play all the time - play under the twinkling stars and swaying palm trees. Women were getting it on all over the place! On top of that there's loads of fun in the area like dune buggy tours and a huge water slide park! I can't wait for next year's Desire weekend. Then I headed directly to be a roadie for the AIDS LifeCycle adventure. (More on that below).

It's been a remarkable two weeks here. I visited and toured the city with my mother, who happened to be here to present at the University of Vienna. I'd not seen her for a decade so that was just lovely. She's eccentric as ever!

Other personal highlights:
I got to return to Toronto, one of my favorite cities with favorite friends, and throw a big surprise party for a special person.
I went to a big event on the East Coast that was so-so for me, but the scenes I had there, just to break the event frustration turned out to be totally amazing.
Vancouver Rope Bondage Dojo was a total success. Really great students!
I was picked up by a Canadian TV show and have been working behind the scenes on a project about Japan. I have more work with them, which takes me to Kyoto and Osaka next month. I'll stay a couple of days extra and see if I can stop by Tokyo and visit my mom. It's been ten years since I've been home. I'm excited and nervous. I am really looking forward to making some new discoveries and to have exciting stories and exposes for you!


= = =

That was just a crazy trip. 7 days on the road as a safety van roadie with 1600 cyclists and 400 other roadies traveling down from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Each individual came to the event with their own reasons - and we gathered 2000 strong, united under the need to end the suffering of AIDS and HIV. For one week we live in a moving encampment of genuine kindness and mutual support. In all sincerity I can't say that it's all about fun - but it's deeply fulfilling. A lot of people work through their pain and grief on this trip. Each day, we woke up and lived our day with a sense of community and knowledge that our choices were making a difference in the world. In the harsh world today or war and cruelty filling the headlines, it's a feeling of love from the core that just can't be beat. I guess that's why so many of us participants keep coming back to do this insane thing.

My deepest thanks to each and every one of you who supported me with the AIDS LifeCycle event. Every note that you guys sent me just make me laugh and cry at the end of each day's hard work. Every dollar you sponsored me with goes to end the plague - keeping someone healthier longer or preventing new infections.

All together you helped this year's AIDS LifeCycle to raise over $8 million dollars.

I'd love to send you photos, but I don't want to clutter up your e mail boxes, so here are the links below. You'll find photos, movies and the day to day blogs.

ALC Blog
My Photos!
Official ALC Photos

= = =

Yipppee! It's finally out! Long awaited and it's finally out - a collection of cyber punk short stories, written by yours truly. Here's what the publisher has to say about it.

"Enter a futuristic Tokyo, where sex and desire are sharp as a knife blade. In a sexual cyber-punk world, love and cruelty make a strange sadomasochistic mix in these short stories by internationally known S/M educator Midori"

You can get them through your favorite local booksellers or through me at book signings.
In US you can order on-line from the venerable and reliable indie shop www.Powells.Com
In Canada you can order on-line from www.ComeAsYouAre.com
And BarnesAndNoble.com on this page Barnes & Nobel

= = =


8 Classes + Performances + OUT Games
For detailed information on all Montreal classes go to
$30/workshop or $25/workshop for 2 or more
INFO/RESERVATIONS: 514-806-0109 email@attituedes.cc
·Wednesday 7/26: "Hands-On Hand and Foot Bondage"

·Thursday 7/27: "Beginning to Top"

·Friday 7/28: "Sumptuous Body Licks: Using the Sexy Whip"

·Friday 7/28: PERFORMANCE @ "Fetish 4 Play" Party"

·Saturday 7/29: "Eroticizing Pain"

·Saturday 7/29: "Interrogation and Military Scenes"

·Sunday 7/30: "Sex Bondage: Wrapped for Pleasure"

·Sunday 7/30: BOOK SIGNING 2pm-4pm at Northbound Leather

·Monday 7/31: "Erotic Foot Pampering for Lovers"

·Tuesday 8/01: "Aural Sex 1: Seduction by Voice & Erotic Story Telling"

·Wednesday 8/02: MC et/and PERFORMANCE at OUT GAMES www.montreal2006.org/en_leather.html

Language/langage: English avec/with French Translation
$30/workshop/atelier | $25/workshop for 2 or more
Info/RSVP 514-806-0109 | email@attituedes.cc

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Sat 8/3, Three classes hosted by Triangle Munch Group
RSVP required. For all info contact tmgpresents@gmail.com
·10am - 12:30pm: "Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside of the Box"

·2pm - 4:30pm: "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice & Erotic Stories"

•7:30pm - 10pm: "Hands-on Rope Bondage" (bring ropes!)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

·On location with CTV filming a special show.

Fortunately I'll have some free time as well!
I hope to explore.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Sat 8/19, Three classes hosted by Kansas City Dominants Council
For info go to www.kcdonimantscouncil.com
·"Beyond Twisted:Kink Outside of the Box"

• "Erotic Humiliation Play" (looking for qualified volunteers. Contact organizer.) • "Hands-on Rope Bondage" (Bring rope)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

• Tuesday, 8/22. Class at QSM "Female Genital Play" (looking for qualified volunteers. Contact organizer.)
• Tuesday, 9/12, Class "Hot & Bothered: Playing with Erotic Embarrassment" at GOOD VIBRATIONS Polk Street, 1620 Polk Street (at Sacramento Street), San Francisco, CA 94109 www.goodvibes.com $25

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

LOS ANGELES 9/6 through 9/9
Three classes hosted by The Pleasure Chest and one hosted by Syren
At the Pleasure Chest: www.ThePleasureChest.com
· Wednesday, 9/6 "Art of Feminine Dominance level 1" book here $30

· Thursday, 9/7 "Hands-on Rope Bondage" (bring ropes!) book here $30

· Friday, 9/8 "Predicament Bondage" book here

At Syren Latex & Leather: www.syren.com
• Saturday, 9/9 "Military & Interrogation Scenes" 6pm - 8:30pm. $25,
7225 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90036, Phone: 323-936-6693
Space limited to 25 people. Come early.

= = =

This fall I'll have my first major photo exhibition called "Beefcake by Cheesecake", along with Julie Simone, another photographer, at Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco. It'll showcase powerful homoerotic images of men in bondage - showing their strengths and vulnerability.

465 S. Van Ness Ave, SF, CA 94103
Reception: Friday, 9/22, 7pm - 10pm., Run of the show 9/22 - 10/1

Model Search: Are you a guy interested in being part of this project? As this is an ongoing project, I am continuing to look for male models, in particular bears and muscular men. Drop me a line with a current photo to midori@FHP-inc.com

= = =

The next Rope Bondage Dojo (sm) will be October 28 - 29, 2006 in beautiful Montreal, Canada. The registration opens at www.ropedojo.com on Tuesday, July 25th at 6am, Pacific time. Space is limited to 30 people.

= = =

Ask me anything about sex and kink. Really! Stop by my cozy little room and other pervy advisors at The Stockroom's kink forum forum.stockroom.com

Go here for my on line student lounge: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/divamidori/

My blog: fd-midori.livejournal.com

And I've now been sucked into the MySpace vortex. www.myspace.com/fd_midori

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