January 9, 2003

Newsletter January 9, 2003

Table of contents:

* Announcing the unveiling of my new rope bondage site, BeautyBound.com!
* 1/29 SF Site Launch Party and Model Search at Bondage a Go Go
* 1/31 SF Bondage Photo Exhibition & Reception at Madame S
* New free SM/Bondage discussion board

Dear Readers...

Yippeee! It's finally time to unveil the project that my team and I have been working hard on for some time now.

I hereby officially announce the launch of my steamy rope bondage web site BeautyBound.com
Beauty Bound is about gorgeous women in amazing rope bondage rigged by me and other guest rope bondage tops.
The photos are shot by infamous erotic photographers like Craig Morey, Michael Blue, Eric Kroll, Michele Serchuk Steve Diet Goedde James and James, Rob Nay of Bondage.com, James Mogul, Steven Speliotis, and more.
Currently the main photographer is Michael Blue and the guest photographer is Craig Morey.
I'm keeping most of the site free. . . all the word stuff, like the Beauty Board and the fantasy stories, diaries of the shoot and model's notes on the shoots are free. The images will be updated at least once a week and there will be a new guest artist / photographer twice a month.
The photo part has a very nominal fee to allow us to keep shooting.

I decided to launch this site because very few bondage images on-line gave me the thrill and turn-on I was looking for.
I want to create a place where one will find the women in their own erotic beauty, in possession of their sexuality and finding free flight of pleasure in the bonds.
You're not going to find unflattering "pot-roast" bondage or "Michelin man" rigging with this site.
You're not going to find images that insult the full beauty of the women.
In each shoot, the erotic fantasies of the woman are brought forth in a collaborative photo shoot.
I also really love the creative process of rope bondage as art and erotica. The vision of the model, rigger and photographer brought together at the shoot location to create an erotically charged image.
I didn't like the porn out there, so I made my own!
That means that entering into the site is entering into my dirty mind! *lol*
Can you tell that I'm excited? Hooray!

Some User Suggestions:
1. Scene Reports from Photoshoots and My Internal Fantasies. . . as well as post-shoot confessions from the models and other artists are there for your reading pleasure. I often whiper my fantasies to the models as I bind them. I decided to write many of these down. You'll find them by going into the "Contributors" section and scrolling to the bottom of the page. There you'll find the creative staff listed for each shoot. When you find a name highlighted that's where you'll find the stories buried. Enjoy!
2. When viewing the photos, try the Slide show option.
3. If you want to use the Forum as well as the main site, have two separate windows open for that.
4. If you join the pay portion of the site, the photos section, that is, before January 31st, the charter membership will lock you in to the cheapest monthly membership of $15.99.

Let your fantasy roam! Tell me what you'd like to see in the future in my site! Do you want to model for me? Drop me a line!
To celebrate the launch of the site, I have two major events planned.
Remember those events I was hinting at during the last eNewsletter?
Stop by and meet the models, party and have a good time! Maybe even win prizes! Here's the scoop. . .


1. BeautyBound.com Launch Party & Bondage Model Search
at Bondage-a-Go-Go, Wednesday, January 29th from 10:30pm at the Cat Club, 1190 Folsom St, San Francisco
Come to Bondage A Go Go and help me celebrate the launch of the site. Also participate in or cheer on the Bondage Model Search for BeautyBound.com
If you're a woman interested in modeling steamy rope bondage for me and have an exhibitionistic streak, come on by in your sexy, kinky clothing! Here's what we have lined up for prizes. . .
1st Prize:
$300 Madame S. Gift Certificate + Photo Shoot with BeautyBound
2nd Prize:
$200 Madame S. Gift Certificate + Photo Shoot with BeautyBound
(Only models new to BeautyBound.com please.)
Kinky Celebrity Judges (Eric Kroll, Craig Morey and Tchukon of Madame S)
What else to expect . . . Live bondage show by me, continuous live bondage photo shoot, see some of the photos from the site, chance to meet the sexy models, dungeon play area for your SM pleasure, drinking and dancing. Dress in kink and fetish wear!
More info on Bondage a Go Go here


2. BeautyBound.com Photo Exhibit at Madame S
Gala Reception: Friday Jan. 31, 2003 8pm - 11pm
Show continues from Jan 31 through Mar. 31
321 Seventh Street San Francisco at Folsom (415) 863-WHIP
For info on the store go to http://www.madame-s.com/
Come and see many of the beautiful photos, visit with me in a lovely space, buy the actual bondage photo prints, meet the models, meet other bondage loving folks, shop, socialize.
If I get the urge I just might tie up a volunteer!


Free New BDSM and Bondage Discussion Forum
I've created a new discussion board called Beauty Board forums as a free service within BeautyBound.com
Go to http://www.beautybound.com/forums/ and get your log on ID.
You can remain as anonymous as you like, or list your all your electronic contact like AIM, ICQ, YIM, URL, etc.
Message each other. Use it as a gathering place. Use it for match making.
Read my board as my blog.
Since it's not under Yahoo or AOL, you don't need to worry about pesky ads or spams or creepy policies.


Well, it's all very new to me, so we're still working on the various bugs to tweak. . . If there are major problems, please let me know in my Midori's Lair board in the Beauty Board Discussion Forum and I'll see what we can do about it.
(Hey, maybe some of you know the work-around on some of these things. . . I'm particularly keen on trying to figure out some thing on the Forum program.)
Ok, enough for the plug.
I just couldn't help myself because I'm so excited about this!
I had better get to sleep now. . . by the time you read this, I'll be in Lost Wages, er, I mean Las Vegas at BondCon having fun tying up someone very yummy!

With Rope Lust