January 5, 2006

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
January 5, 2006

Table of contents

1. Happy New Year!
2. SF Art show/performance opening Jan 6 (Show up through 19th)
3. Classes in January (Seattle, San Francisco, Boston)
4. Thank you for supporting AIDS/Lifecycle fundraiser party!
Next one in Seattle in February
5. Freaky sex questions? Ask me at Midori's Student Lounge.
6. Peek into my private life - at Live Journal

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Dear Readers,
Happy New Year! May the year of the Fire Dog be happy and prosperous for you and your loved ones.

Many of you have not heard from me in a while. During the month of December I've been in self-imposed isolation working to finish my next book "Master Han's Daughter" for Circlet Press. I'm almost there. Not quite done, but almost! So I apologize if you've been trying to get in touch with me and have not heard from me. I'm working on improving the situation by getting assistance to sort and screen my emails.

So it's the New Year... I'm old enough to know not to make resolutions. Instead I'm going to honor my gut feelings and feed what my passions call for. It's going to be my year to push the envelope of my creativity. There's creative excitement in the air like a hot up draft. I'm going to step off the ledge and see how to fly on it.

As my readers and students, you're part of what contributes to my creative surge. So thank you for being in my life!

And thanks for reading my newsletter!


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I'm thrilled to announce that a vision I've had for a long time is finally taking shape in a San Francisco gallery called Femina Potens. The following official blurb is a bit long, so feel free to skip down to the rest of the newsletter if you like.

While I'm excited, I'm also nervous. I've been in the gallery for the last couple of days installing. There's still a lot to be done. If this show goes well I hope to do it in a larger scale. For that I'll be looking for a bigger venue or some other curated event.

If you're going to be around SF in the next couple of weeks stop by. (I'm also looking for assistance on the 6th with security and refreshment service.)

= = Official Blurb Follows = = =

"Path Web Choice"
-Enveloping site-specific sculpture and performance by Midori

Opening Night Party and Performances: Friday, January 6, 2006. 7pm - 10pm Installation viewable during gallery hours of Thursday through Sun, noon - 6pm Come and tear it down! Closing / Demolition party: Thur Jan 19, 8pm

Where: Femina Potens Gallery, 465 South Van Ness, San Francisco CA 94103 (at 16th St. in the Mission) Tel. 415-217-9340
femina_potens@yahoo.com www.feminapotens.com

= = =

Artist's Statement

Come and take a walk on the path.
Enter the world beyond the path.
The choices are yours. All yours. It's always been yours.

= = = =

Description: The guest enters a long, gradually spiraling white hallway. It's very tall, narrow and clean. The floor below crunches like a well-manicured gravel path. Along the way there are small holes in the walls where she can see beyond the wall. These are placed a bit too high or bit too low for comfort. There are a few slits along the way where she can exit the path to enter the space beyond the path. At the end of the path is a small cul-de-sac. If the guest chooses to enter the space beyond the path, she will enter into a chaotic, dark forest made of tightly woven rope. Small tunnels, like paths created by a giant ground spider lead her through a maze. At points there will be objects that appear to be cocooned people. During the hours of interactive performances, Midori, as the weaver will create and web silently in methodical motions. Guests who choose to sit or stand still for extended periods in the web space may be woven silently into the creation. (Information on how they consent and how they will be "released" will be posted before the entry.)

This is not a wheel chair accessible experience.

Each day we make dozens and hundreds of choices, often without awareness. Choices we make determine the environments we live in. We choose our own reality. In experiencing art, we each choose the level of involvement and how art will affect, or not affect, our lives. Some people make conscious choices to make their lives into art.
We choose with each step.

Some choices...
We may choose a controlled, clean, predictable and confined world. We may choose to consider and peek at the unknown. We may choose to enter into the unknown and chaotic. We may choose creation at the risk of destruction.

To make a conscious choice often creates distress and discomfort. The physical environment that we choose directly affects our emotional states, which in turn affects the next decision. The conscious act of the guest becomes motion in the space, and that in turn is part of the whole art piece. Decision and action consciously made by the participant blends with the creation of the artist. By entering into the artwork, the guest has the potential to experience what the artist was feeling. Two strangers, the artist and the guest, thereby become intimate in that experience - perhaps even to connect briefly. Connection to another soul, and weaving together of experiences, seems to be a constant human search.

The Artist:
Midori experienced a rich and paradoxical up bringing. She was born and raised in Japan, educated in the public school system with its traditions and arts while her all-female, feminist intellectual household provided the foundations for radical, independent thinking. Currently she is a full time writer and educator on sexuality and intimacy with emphasis on alternative sexuality. She's written "Wild Side Sex" and "Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" as well as many columns and magazine articles. She's currently finishing "Master Han's Daughter" a collection of her science fiction short stories.
Inspired by various traditional Japanese use of rope in art, craft and sexual expression, Midori does rope art as performance, and sculpts, rigs and photographs her rope work. Some of her rope art include...
- Gallery Flux, San Francisco, installation and performance
- Resident artist 2004, Das Arts, post-graduate performing art school in Amsterdam
- Rope art for Nick Knight, British Vogue 2003
- Rope art for Titiano Magni, several projects 2003

E mail the artist directly: Midori@FHP-inc.com

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You can find more info in the Calendar section
www.fhp-inc.com (Sometimes that calendar's a bit unstable. You may have to click on it a few times.)
(Please feel free to pass this on or post in appropriate places.)

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Seattle, WA
· 1/13-1/15 "Hands-on Body Harness" and Erotica Reading at Wicked Womyn

Info at www.wickedwomyn.com

•1/15 "Erotic Role Play for Lovers"
at Toys in Bableland. www.babeland.com

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San Francisco, CA
• 1/21 "Beginning to Top: Scene Scenarios and Scripts for Novices"
Extended class at QSM www.qualitysm.com

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Boston, MA
· Sat 1/28 "Military & Interrogation Play"

At the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket www.nelaonline.org/fff.html

· Sun 1/29 "Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside the Box"

At the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket www.nelaonline.org/fff.html

· Mon 1/30 "How to Top: For Bottoms, Nervous Switches & Uncertain Beginners"

(private location. by pre-reg only.) book class here

· Tue 1/31 "Hands-on Rope Body Harness Workshop"

(private location. by pre-reg only.) book class here

· Wed 2/1 "Aural Sex 1: Seduction by Voice & Erotic Stories"

(private location. by pre-reg only.) book class here

· Thr 2/2 "Sensual Foot Pampering for Couples"

(private location. by pre-reg only.) book class here

Last November Kelly B and I threw our third Bang 4 the Buck party and it was a huge success. Over 150 women showed up and partied! With hot sex, steamy SM and delicious food we raised $1780. 100% of the proceeds will benefit AIDS Lifecycle's efforts to bring an end to the suffering HIV brings to the world. Thank you to all who came and 'came'. Thank you to all of you, companies and individuals, who donated awesome, raffle prizes. Thank you to our sponsors: On Our Backs magazine, Good Vibrations, ID Lube, Daedalus Publishing, The Stockroom, The Exiles, The Citadel and Desire.

The next party is in Seattle, Feb 19th. Go to www.Bang4theBuck.org for more info.

Can't come to the party but want to support my fundraiser for 2006? Please go to my personal fundraiser site at www.aidslifecycle.org/8564 Volunteers and raffle prizes needed! Send e-mail to: support@bang4thebuck.org

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Any question about kink or sex answered! Meet sexy, interesting and intelligent people from all over the world! All orientations, genders and experience levels. (Populated mainly by people who've been to my classes, ranging from Denmark to Australia) join the discussion at my yahoo group called DivaMidori (it is Adult Access only) the URL is: DivaMidori

6. My daily blah blah
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