January 3, 2003

January 3, 2003

Table of contents:

* New Year Wishes
* Where to find past issues of Midoriís Musings eNewsletter
* Travel hell, a warning
* 1/18 Rope Suspension class in SF
* Novice Peer Group Rope Bondage Practice Labs forming in Bay Area
* 1/9 to 1/12 Las Vegas: Classes & Demos at BondCon
* 1/26 & 1/27 Skills Tutorials in NYC for small groups, couples and individuals
* Model search for NYC shoot around January 25
* Information Leak! Midori hosts 1/29 party and 1/31 reception in SF
* Wanted! Help flyering in Bay Area

Dear Readers... Happy New Year!

May your 2003 be joyous, prosperous and safe.

It's the year of the water ram, or black sheep by the Asian zodiac. (Although, technically the Chinese year of 4700 won't start until February.
I threw the I Ching and it was very auspicious with Vessel changing to Prosperity, so I am very optimistic about the coming year! (Goodness knows, many of us can use a better year, with the world in turmoil and the economy seriously challenged globally.)

I had a wonderful pre-New Years. Went up to South Lake Tahoe with Suzi Suzuki and photo crew, where we shot some amazing and elegant rope bondage with her. Many were very traditionally Japanese. I hope to share these with you soon. We also visited the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch and got a tour from the owner, Dennis Hof. Now, that was a really interesting trip. I'll be writing it up for my Spectator column, so I'll post it here as well.
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to snow board as we had to come down the mountain before a major storm hit, that would have trapped us up there longer than we could, but fortunately I'm going up for just snow boarding this weekend. Tons of fresh powder snow! Yippee!


A big thank you for those of you who gave me feedback on my last installment of Midori's Musings. I posted the draft to the article "The Essential Domme – Notes from the Dungeon Part 1"
I'm very pleased that it resonated in a positive and affirming way for many readers. If you missed it, click on Newsletter/Archived in the menu to the left where you'll find the recent archives.


Travel Hell. . . A Warning to Fellow Travelers in the USA
Have you flown in the USA since the new FAA and TSA regulations changed over the holidays regarding checked luggage? If so, my condolences.

It's been hell, hasn't it? Perhaps some of you may have had to deal with various fallouts from that... Long line, public bag searches, misdirected luggage.

Until recently, in general, I've not had many horrible problem... but that's now changed along with everyone who travels in the USA.

Here's what happened. On December 23rd, I flew out of Washington DC airport on MidWest Express. I checked two bags. One contained exclusively play equipment and fetish wear.

The ticket agent at the United desk handling the bags told me to keep the bags unlocked because of the new regulations. I followed the law changes and unlocked my bags. I arrived into SFO later that day. My bags did not arrive. No biggie, I thought, this has happened before. They put a search out and located the bags. It was delivered to my house the next day by Sterling Delivery Service after much delay. Later, when I opened my bags to unpack my toys, equipment, photo shoot items, etc. I found the bags ransacked and many, many items stolen.

Perhaps one would say that I should have carried on these items. Unfortunately many items that we in the kink community use, such as knives, cuffs, sjombaks or single tails would be confiscated and possibly earn us a visit with the local and federal law enforcement.

The airlines are also severely limiting the size and number of carry-ons.

A full set of photo equipment for a shoot is just a bit too large for the over head bin or under the seat before me. (Heck, my bag of ropes is larger than the over head bin!)

Perhaps one would say that I ought to have shipped it. When I have the time I try to, but it's not always possible. Well, I was on the road by the time the regulations changed, and it seems to be changing every week. Anyway, how's a business person and kinkster to ship items when one travels almost every week?

In the mean time, the airlines has tried to be as helpful as possible. TSA, Transportation Security Administration, however, has still not returned my call.

Under this new regulation, no one is accepting accountability or liability. They're being quite cavelier about all this. I suppose I would not be affected or concerned either, if I had the private jet that the corporate giants and politicos have.

I am also concerned about this policy as a new security risk. Now we must trust total strangers with unsecured bags. If a person has the sort of ethics that would allow them to open a bag and steal things, what's to prevent them from getting paid to put things into a bag or let a bag go by? Who else has access to the bags? This effort seems to me like a whole lot of wheel spinning to look like there's effective security increase, when in reality it may open the door to creating greater chaos leading to greater potential risk to property and safety.

I'll be writing to my congressional representative and major newspapers on this. But in the mean time, I'm still doing to paper chase swith various departments.

My advice, lock it and be prepared for broken locks or tape it shut with bezillion layers of packing tape and tell your friends to do the same.

for more info on the regulations go to
TSA http://www.tsa.dot.gov/public/index.jsp

Want to write to your congress person about this? Find out the laws?


(Feel free to forward or re-post the following information to interested adult individuals or lists.)

Saturday, January 18
San Francisco, CA
3 Hour Hands-on Workshop
Midori's first ever rope suspension class!
Come and learn how to safely suspend your partner using only rope. Midori will share with you her secrets on how to create safe, exciting and attractive rope suspensions to suite a whole range of body types and fitness levels. Are you interested in suspension bondage?
Do you want to learn how to incorporate it into scenes for it's physical or psychological effect, sex bondage, role play, trance states, masochism or for just plain adventure? Maybe you took Midori's "Easy Suspension" class and now you're ready to move on to the rope suspensions? You know your rope bondage skills and now you find yourself ready to move on to a more advanced level? If so, then this class is for you.

No novices allowed. If you are a novice with rope bondage, please see info on novice rope lab at end of this post.
You must have thorough knowledge of basic rope bondage safely and familiarity with rope play.
- Wear comfortable clothing
- Lots of rope. Thicker diameters recommended but bring various sizes. Minimum of three ropes of 35 to 30 feet.
- Safety shears.
- 2 or 3 hand towels to be used as padding.
- Do you need to bring a person to bind? Not necessary, but it's not a bad idea. Otherwise you pair up with others in the class.
"Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook"
"Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" (Sold out but still available directly from Midori. Drop an e-mail to Midori@FHP-inc.com )
$20/person for 3 full hours.
Pre-registration highly recommended.
Send reservation to info@FHP-inc.com
Doors open 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm.
Class from 1:30pm to 4:30pm
848 Community Space, 848 Divisadero Street San Francisco, CA 94117-1506 (near Fulton Street)
For a map of 848 Community Space click here
Parking can be challenging, so please give your self plenty of time to find parking.

If you'd like to know more about the wonderful classes, events and space rental from 848 Community space go to their web site at http://www.848.com/

As I mentioned, please don't take this class if you're a novice.
But don't dismay! One of my students has organized a series of "novice peer group rope bondage practice labs" around the SF Bay Area.
If you're interested in participating in the novice lab, please request membership in a yahoo group now forming, by sending e-mail to SFBay_AdultRope-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. This lab group is for novices only.


Thursday, January 9 to Sunday, January 12
BondCon Las Vegas at Stardust Resort & Casino

(For more info on BondCon click http://www.bondcon.com/ )

Come and join me in this gathering of bondage enthusiasts!
I'll be presenting two classes on Introduction to Japanese Bondage, hand-on workshop.
You'll also find me at my booth binding beautiful bondage models, signing books, CD and presenting a continuous slide show of my recent rope bondage art.
If you've been looking for a copy of "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" this is your chance to pick one up. It's sold out in the stores and I only have a few remaining in my own inventory. My booth will be easy to find. It'll be right next to Rachel Paine and Viking.

BondCon - Bringing Bondage/Fetish Fans & the Bondage/Fetish Industry together for four days! Meet the people behind the scenes including our Guests of Honor for the weekend: Chanta Rose, Dita Von Teese, Emily Marilyn, Jenni Lee, Persephone, Sadie Belle & Stacy Burke!


Sunday, January 26 & Monday, January 7
New York
Skills Tutorials in NYC for Small Groups, Couples & Individuals
Haven't been able to make it to one of my seminars? Need specific topics to be covered? Are you too advanced for the 101 level seminars offered? Want a seminar just for a small group of your friends?
Due to recent demands, I'm setting aside time at a private studio space for tutorials while I'm in NYC. (I'm going to be in NYC for photo shoot styling and a private group instructional anyway.)
If interested, contact me directly at Midori@FHP-inc.com


Saturday, January 25
New York City
In search of a bondage model
Speaking of one of the reasons I'm in NYC. . .
One of the photo projects I'm involved with while in NYC is an artistic and erotic rope bondage photo shoot with Michele Serchuk. She and I have collaborated for many years, but this will be our first collaboration where I'm styling and rigging.
A bit about Michele: She's a fantastic sensual photographer that's appeared in "Libido", "On Our Backs," and featured in "Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica."
Her work currently appears in "Group Sex" show at Art @ Large Gallery in New York through January 4th. (The Film Center Building, 630 Ninth Avenue, between 44 & 44 Streets, Suite 707)

Here's Ms. Serchuk's Want Ad. Please feel free to pass it along to interested adult individuals or lists.

Looking for an attractive woman who would like to be tied by Midori & photographed by Michele Serchuk as part of a personal project that Michele is working on with Midori. It will also appear in Midori's upcoming rope bondage erotic art site.
We are looking for a beautiful, natural-looking woman, in good physical shape, who truly enjoys being in bondage, sex positive and not camera shy. This project is personal work & modeling will be on a time for prints basis. In exchange for shooting and signing your photo release, you will get prints of Michele's photos of you in Midori's beautiful rope rigging.
We are planning on shooting in NYC around January 25th.
Please email Michele at mserchuk@photodiva.com if you are interested.
Alternate email: mserchuk@yahoo.com .
Do you have recent photos? That would be helpful.

To see Michele Serchuk's erotic work, please visit http://www.photodiva.com/ and her fashion and portraitures at http://www.micheleserchuk.com/


Information Leak!
(Special info just for my eNewsletter subscribers.)
Will you be in San Francisco on Wednesday, January 29th and Friday, January 31st?
If so, keep those evenings open.
On the 29th I'm hosting a special party with prizes and a play area.
On the 31st come to a special reception for an exhibition.
Dress in your favorite fun kinky fashion. Rub elbows with fellow kinksters and pervy notoratti! Come and celebrate with me!
That's all I can tell you right now. I'm not allowed to tell you more until we put some finishing touches on my projects.
In a few days, I'll give you the full scoop!
(Yes, I know. I'm being a tease! Trust me, it'll be worth it. * grin * )


WANTED: Help Flyering in the Bay Area
I'm looking for someone to help me in the task of spreading flyers in appropriate places through the Bay Area during the next few days.
I'd especially like to get the flyers out in San Francisco, East Bay and South Bay.
If you have the time, have transportation and interest, please let
me know via direct e mail at Midori@FHP-inc.com


Well, that's all for now. It's quite late, so it's time for me to turn in and get my diva-rest!

Again, wishing all of us a wonderful new year!

With pervy wishes,
Fetish Diva Midori