January 29, 2003

Newsletter January 29, 2003

Table of contents:

* Excited jitters about this week's parties!
* Upcoming Classes & Appearances: Toronto, Atlanta, Berkeley, SF
* Caught in Josey's Messy Bedroom!
* Recent Adventures: Las Vegas, SF and NYC


Dear Readers...

Excited jitters about this week's parties!

Hey gang! Well, I'm not sure when this e-mail will get to you (Depends a bit on the timing of scheduled delivery with my newsletter manager program) but tonight I have my big site launch party and bondage model search for BeautyBound.com at Bondage a Go Go.I have the excited jitters about it.

I'm launching my baby to the world and I want it to go right! Woo hoo! I'm excited. We'll take lots of photos and hope to have it on the site soon.

(OK, do I have all the stuff ready? Ropes, prizes, books, framed prints. I know I'm forgetting something. I'll have to check in with the crew of Team Midori. They keep me sane!)

If you get this in time, and you can make it out to this cool party it would be really great! Bring your friends, dress up, try out to be a bondage model for BeautyBound.com, play in the dungeon and dance your feet off!

So, here's the bare bones info

The Hot Party is first
Midori's BeautyBound.com Launch Party & Bondage Model Search
When: Wed. Jan 29th. 9:30pm - 3am after hours
Where: Bondage-a-Go-Go, 1190 Folsom Street @ 8th. SOMA
21 +. See site about dress code suggestions
URL: www.bondage-a-go-go.com/
Model Search: Win $500 value prizes!
(1st Prize: $300 Madame S. Gift Certificate + Photo Shoot)
(2nd Prize: $200 Madame S. Gift Certificate + Photo Shoot)
(Only models new to BeautyBound.com please)

Later in the week, there's the Cool Party ....

BeautyBound.com Photo Exhibit at Madame S
Gala Reception: Friday Jan. 31, 2003 8pm - 11pm
Show continues from Jan 31 through Mar. 31
Where: 321 Seventh Street San Francisco at Folsom (415) 863-WHIP
URL: http://www.madame-s.com/
Come and see many of the beautiful photos, visit with me in a lovely space, buy the actual bondage photo prints, meet the models, meet other bondage loving folks, shop, socialize. If I get the urge I just might tie up a volunteer!


Upcoming Classes & Appearances
Here's what's happening beyond this week's site launch craziness.If this is too text based for you, try the visual calendar of classes

**Toronto, Canada**
Feb. 7 to 10: Toronto, Canada
Thanks to the sponsorship of Come As You Are Boutique, I'm headin' on up to Canada to melt some snow and hearts with some steamy classes!
701 Queen St. West, Toronto
Toll free: 877-858-3160, local: 416-504-7934
I've posted the info for the seminars below, but you'll find more details and on-line pre-registration forms here.

Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage
Friday, February 7, 2003 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm
$30.00 (Canadian $)

The Art of Feminine Dominance
Sunday February 9, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Seduction by Voice & Erotic Storytelling
Monday February 10, 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm

On Saturday I'll be teaching at Northbound Leather http://www.northbound.com/

Flogging 101: Hands-On Workshop
Saturday, February 8, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
586 Yonge St, Toronto
(416) 972-1037.
"A workshop guaranteed to improve your skill, confidence and pleasure. Learn from one of the best on how to use your flogger with accuracy, style, safety and effectiveness to create the desired effect for you and your partner. Never used one? No problem! Want to finesse your technique? She'll help you to the next level. With Midori's unique teaching style you're sure to be proficient soon! Learn multi directional flogging, methods to compensate or reduce repetitive stress for the Top, how to create emotional bond and cathartic moments through flogging, flogging in fetish wear... and more. This is a hands-on workshop. Bring your floggers with you. Don't have one yet? Pick one up at NorthBound. Please feel free to bring a partner, friend or play buddy."

**Atlanta, GA**

Love Hurts! Kinky Valentines with Midori
(Still pending final confirmation, but it seems to be pretty certain.)
Friday, February 14th and Saturday, February 15th
Bondage and SM performance at the kinky night club, The Chamber

**Berkeley, Ca**
My ever-popular Voice Seduction class returns to the Bay Area!

Good Vibrations
Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice
Monday, February 17, 8-10 pm
$25 Pre-registration suggested
Everyone welcome
"The brain is the biggest sex organ, and the voice can be the most powerful tool to create the hottest scenes. Fetish Diva Midori will show you how to use the hypnotic magic of voice to seduce your lover long before you enter the bedroom or the dungeon. Learn how to suggest, command, tease and take control through her practical exercises, tips and secrets for aural seduction."

Japanese Bondage talk and demo
Wednesday, February 19th
Sliding Scale: $20 to $10. Doors open 7:00 PM; class 7:30-10:00 PM.
"From beautiful and sensual to beautiful and excruciating, Japanese rope bondage is an art which has developed over centuries of martial and erotic practice. In this class, Midori will demonstrate a wide range of positions, including the harness, the hog-tie, standing and bent-over poses. She'll explain how the ropes and knots are placed to achieve maximum effect. This class is based upon Midori's book, The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, which is highly recommended as a reference text."


Caught in Josey's Messy Bedroom!
Check out the interview with Josey Vogel's sex column. . .


Recent Adventures: Las Vegas, SF and NYC
Since I last wrote to you. I've put a lot of miles on my suitcases.

Wicked Fun at BondCon in Las Vegas
I spent four, or was it five, days having a ball and getting no sleep at BondCon in Las Vegas. I'm posting just a few of the photos from the weekend on BeautyBound.com It'll be in the members' gallery section of http://www.BeautyBound.com.
Part of Team Midori was there; Shane (aka Weirdo Magnet), Michael Blue and yours truly. BondCon was intentionally held during the same time as Adult Video News Conventions, Consumer Electronics Convention, and just after InterNext. so the Sin City was crawling with porn starts, smut producers, tech types, IT professionals, lawyers, riggers and hot bondage models.

Silicon meets Silicone.
Team Midori drove from SF to Las Vegas. Given my recent experience with theft from checked luggage, plus the huge amount of photo equipment and 12' long bamboo poles made it mighty tough for air travel. But sometimes the good ol' fashioned American tradition of the insane road trip in an over stuffed car full of wacky folks can be quite entertaining. Anyway, there's nothing quite as amazing as the vast deserts of the Wild West with the blazing sun setting behind you...

I had the surreal experience of gazing at the brilliantly desolate landscape just outside of Mojave, dotted with alien looking, twisted Joshua trees, while I chatted about how to have better phone sex with a witty Brit sex columnist from London who was interviewing me for British Cosmo magazine.

We all stayed at the Stardust hotel and casino. The 24-hour hot tubs in simulated waterfall was cool. It was funny to have someone talk about the main performer they referred to as "DeeDee" (Of course they were talking about Dita, but hey, after a few strong drinks and the heat of the hot tub I guess syllables become challenging. * Chuckle * It was funny though.) Dita and Catherine D'Lish's shows were cool. Old style burlesque acts. They're worth catching if they come to your area.
The hotel had really weird and kind of creepy hallways that reminded us of The Shining. Or maybe it was the sleep depravation. But you judge for yourself with the photos.

The BondCon organizers were totally great about making a super event happen. I taught two classes on introduction to Japanese rope bondage / Shibari. They provided ropes for all the students, courtesy of BondCon and Rainbowrope.com

Speaking of rope, I got some new pre-conditioned hemp rope from JapanRope.com ) to replace some of my rope that I bought in Japan. (When I styled for Surface magazine recently, shot by Tiziano Magni, I had to cut some of my beloved rope to suit the styling over the million dollar couture fashions. It wasn't an easy cut to make, but I did it anyway!)

Anyhow, I'm quite pleased with the products from Japan rope. I had a chance to sit and visit with Paul, the owner of the company. The fact that he lived in Japan and we could rap in Japanese scores big from me. Cultural understanding and sensitivity to my homeland means a great deal to me. I'm thinking about carrying some of his rope as inventory for sale in my traveling "books and kinky supply store". Yeah, I'm giving him my seal of approval!

We did tons of shoots and demos.

Demos were right there at the booth. Had the pleasure of binding and suspending Kumi, Seven, Cheryl Kahn, Gwendoline, and Claire Adams. (The demo with Seven is in the Members' Gallery.)

Photoshoots were with Rosaleen, Claire Adams, Lydia McLane and Gwendoline. Rosaleen was my broken little doll. I whispered sweet fantasies of twisted Gothic love until she cried in her ropes. Claire Adams gorgeously endured some of the most challenging suspensions I could dish out and came out grinning from ear to ear. I made Lydia into a suspended vision of a falling angel. Then, the last night we were there, Sinnamon Love let us shoot in her suite at Mandalay Bay. That was a hoot of a shoot! First we had the "Rub A Dub Dub, Two Babes In a Tub" shoot with Gwendoline and Lydia bound in the deep bathtub together. It was a vision of curves, wicked grins and moist milky skin. I love my life! (I've posted the photos from that shoot on BeautyBound.com too.)

Then we had the "Room Service at the Hotel D'Sade" shoot. Both women are old school burlesque dancers, so they dolled up in vintage lingerie of delicate colors. Then Gwendoline was bound in a classic hog tie on the room service table with a plump strawberry in her mouth, surrounded by fixings for an afternoon tea. Lydia, in tern, was bound in the dinner chair, fork and knife in hand, yet bound so she could never quite fulfill her appetite whetted by the morsel before her. Oh, don't let me forget to mention that we had a highly qualified stocking seam straightener and wayward-fetish-girl chaperone on location. A special thanks to Tony Mitchell of Skin Two for the nod of approval and martini dry wit! Stay tuned for the next issue of Skin Two for his coverage of the whole nutty weekend.
Oh, and then there were the parties, and hanging out at the bars in the hotel. Fetish wear everywhere! (But then, the hotel just didn't seem phased. The week before they hosted two separate events at once, the drag queens and the showy cowboys. In both cases you have great headwear and lots of sequins.)
It was good to see and party with my pervy peeps like Steve Diet Goedde, Christine Kessler, Persephone, Emily Marilyn, Chanta Rose, David Jackson, Bert, Babydoll, Dara, Janet of Greenery Press, Jenna Lyte, Abby Ehman, Ernest Greene, Dark Lady, Rob Nay, James Mogul, Amber Burns & Betka from Purgatory and oh so many more. I can't remember (sleep depravation and shooting until 5am will do that to your brain!)
Of course there's Rachel Payne of TiedGirls.com and Viking of EroticKnots.com who brought the fab event to us.
The event link is : http://www.bondcon.com

I also had a bit of time after the weekend to hang with a friend of mine, play really hard. (Oh, how I love my electrical toys!) and go see Cirque Du Soleil's "O"
If you don't have any other reason to go to Las Vegas, go for this show. It's utterly mind blowing and mesmerizing. It's very erotic too. I got the sound track. It's good to play to!

Playing hooky in my home town
As soon as I got home to SF I crashed from BondCon. I slept for over 12 hours for two days. I hear that other attendees were equally wiped out. Now that's testament for a good weekend!

HB was visiting me from the East Coast, so I played hooky a bit. Did the local tourist thing. Played. Got a bunch of my buddies together, KN, JN, Shane, HB and I and headed up to Lake Tahoe for some sunny weather snow boarding.

All was well except that HB broke her wrist. We all crowded around the window of the emergency clinic to see how she was doing. It was awful how badly she was hurt, but she held up bravely. I guess I'm a bit twisted, (no?!) because I was really fascinated by the hand-bondage device they used to immobilize and partially suspend the hand. Hmmm, how do I get my paws on one of those?

Home time wasn't all playing hooky, but it was all about fun, because I had an afternoon of rope art fun with Bridgett Harrington. She has a fun write up about the day in her journal on her site at http://www.ropelover.com

Then I had the full afternoon of my first ever suspension rope bondage workshop. Time just flew. Next time I think I'll make it longer for even more practice time. Stay tuned for my next class on Suspension. I want to thank Loki for building the new portable, and heck of strong, suspension frame. He will be posting the specs on how to build your own on the free discussion board called Beauty Board in BeautyBound.com

Intense Shooting in NYC
... and intensely cold too! After a week back home in sunny, warm, mild, comfortable, (did I say warm?) California, I donned many many layers, packed a small bag full of ropes and hopped on the plane to NYC. (I really wished I had my furs that were stolen from my bags. Grr!) It was 8 degrees Fahrenheit there! My thoughts froze in mid air! My words were dropping in frigid fragments and shattered on the pavement.
On Friday I rigged rope and collaborated on a shoot with Steven Speliotis in a restaurant basement in the Lower East Side, one of my old haunts.

The models were Mika and Hye Young. Both were lovely, delicate women that made me feel like a giant. First I put Mika into a vertical, cocooned suspension bondage. Then I bound Hye Young to a beam below the stairs in a back arch very reminiscent of Art Deco and Erte. The final art was a duel embrace suspension with both the women arching and swinging through the air, limbs locked around one another.

On Saturday I was in a beautiful photo studio in the Garment District styling rope for Michele Serchuk. We've been collaborating for years, but it's always been me in front of the camera, using my own body and expressions to capture my emotional state as interpreted by Michele. This time we took our collaboration another step further. By working with wonderful models, I expressed my erotic aesthetics and fantasies through my rope and their expressions while Michele brought her own art to the experience. The results were spectacular.

The first shoot was with Darenzia. We made her into the bound leather nun, complete with a giant, red rope cross across her skimpy habit. She's very wicked and very sexy. The second shoot was with Elaine, a stunning Asian woman whom I bound in a luxurious reclining pose that seemed alternately post-orgasmic or languidly dead. I bound her long, pale limbs in luscious twists and decorated her and the ropes with dying roses and faded bouquets.

Sunday was my tutorial day.. I had the pleasure of teaching customized classes to several couples. With one couple we covered rope and suspension bondage, another couple learned about flogging and the last person was a woman who wanted to improve her domme personae. Teaching is a real thrill for me. It's nice to know that they'll enjoy their assignments and practice time at home!


Well now, that about wraps it up for now. I guess I'll go off to bed now.

I hope to see some of you at this week's events!

With pervy wishes