Flowers + Rope + Flesh + Sumi = Art. Come Play With Me

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1. Flowers + Rope + Flesh + Sumi = Art. Come Play With Me
2. Oct Classes/Events (SF, Edmonton, NYC)
3. Nov Classes/Events (NYC, SF, LA, London)
4. AIDS LifeCycle – I’m frustrated
5. My Online Hangouts. Instagram Tumblr too!


If you’re in the Bay Area tonight, and not fortunate enough to attend Bawdy Storytelling in Oakland , then come on by and help me make messy art with a beautiful women!

Kelly B, Still Motion Glass, is showing her utterly stunning glass art during San Francisco Open Studios… and I’m getting to share in her creative space and show some of my work.
Tonight is a special sneak preview and art making demo. (You see, Open Studio is officially Saturday and Sunday.)

I’m working on an ongoing project of physicalizing moments of irrational beauty and creating artifacts of the process of memory formation. This starts with me tying up people, flower arranging them, painting them and using their bodies to create abstract prints on paper. These are the artifacts of fleeting beauty; like dust left behind your hands when you try to catch a butterfly…. These shapes are beautiful and strange. They’re imperfect and distorted as memory. I will then work on these prints, embellish and alter them, like dreams retold over and over, to make scrolls of odd pleasures.


Thursday, October 18. 7pm – 9pm.
Come and help me make these moment prints of a beautiful bound body. Enjoy beautiful glass art. Get a sneak peek and share in my art. Let’s talk rope and art and weird dreams! Maybe I’ll want to print YOU!
1258 Fitzgerald #109, San Francisco CA 94124

With love and lunacy,


= = = = =



• ~ Thr 10/18 Special Sneak Preview & Flesh Flower Bound Body Printing Demo! Open Studios event at Kelly’s Still Motion Glass Studio arts. 7pm.
1258 Fitzgerald #109, San Francisco CA 94124

• ~ 10/19-10/21 Open Studios event at Still Motion Studio glass arts. 7pm. 1258 Fitzgerald #109, San Francisco CA 94124

• ~ 10/22 Art of Feminine Dominance
at Good Vibrations on Polk Street


• ~ 10/19 “How to Eat a Peach: Exquisitely Pleasuring Women”
Alberta Ropegasm event. Several classes. Yellowhead Inn.
Teaching “Kinesthetic Rope: Dynamic Passionate Movements”, “Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You”, “Rope: Flow & Speed Drills”

• ~ 10/21 “Art of Feminine Dominance”
Traveling Tickle Trunk


I've organized a series of special, intimate classes and events in my New York salon space. I'm inviting all of you to enjoy a place where playing, learning, exploring and enjoying are the priority!

• ~ 10/24 “Kinesthetic Rope: Dynamic Movements to Revolutionize Your Play”
Learn the foundation and secret of truly hot rope bondage play through this ingenious and unusual class. Tickets available online only

• ~ 10/25 Bawdy Luxe, presented by Dixie de la Tour and Midori
The Nation's Original Sex + Storytelling series featuring Real People & Rockstars sharing their Bona Fide Sexual Exploits in 10 minutes or less. Tickets available online only

• ~ 10/29: “Real Life Protocol & Etiquette: The 4 Environments” w Laura
Antoniou & Midori
Learn practical parameters of creating effective protocol for your M/s and D/s relationships that seamlessly mesh into real life and all
levels of different formalities. Tickets available online only

• ~ 10/30: 2pm - 6:30pm
“Afternoon Oasis of Pleasure: Play, Learn, Explore & Enjoy”
Escape to Midori's gorgeous private weekday afternoon oasis of delight in the heart of New York & indulge your sensual desires!
Tickets available online only

• ~ 10/30: 7pm - 9pm
"Rope Bondage: Hands-on Body Harness"
Learn to create gorgeous, effective and arousing rope body harnesses!
Body harnesses are fantastic for all types of bodies and many different sorts of scenes.
Tickets available online only
Why not enjoy both the Oasis and the class? Buy tickets for both at a discount!

• ~ 11/1: "Art of Feminine Dominance"
at Purple Passion boutique.

= = = = =



• ~ 11/1: "Art of Feminine Dominance"
at Purple Passion boutique.


• ~ 11/3: San Francisco Sex Information 40th Anniversary Party.
I might be doing something sexy there! Come and find out.

• ~ 11/8: “Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice”
Center for Sex & Culture

• ~ 11/9-11/11 Dark Odyssey: Surrender Weekend Kink Party!!!
Teaching “Erotic Humiliation Play” & “Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You”


• ~ 11/4 Possible “Art of Feminine Dominance” workshop for women
Shhhh! I may be coming into LA for a pop-up class. Stay tuned!


Private coaching and salons available by appointment. For individuals, couples and small groups. Contact me directly!

Series of Salons through Coco De Mer luxury pleasure boutique

• ~ Mon 11/19 “Joystick Secrets: How To Thrill A Man”
•~ Tue 11/20 “50 Shades Revealed”
•~ Fri 11/23 “Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture”
•~ Mon 11/26 “Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage”
•~ Tue 11/27 “Become The Fantasy: Erotic Role Play Games for Couples”
•~ Wed 11/28 “Joystick Secrets: How To Thrill A Man”
•~ Mon 12/3 “Backdoor Antics: Practicals of Anal Sex”
•~ Tue 12/4 “50 Shades Revealed”

= = = = =

4. AIDS LIFECYCLE – Frustrated. Had enough with friends dying.

I’m cranky.

Lately we've become really complacent. We trivialize the effect of HIV. This year my spouse and I lost yet another close friend - so close that he was family. He was a long-term survivor. Yeah sure - you could say he had a heart attack and that's got nothing to do with HIV. But it does. With all the meds and treatments wrecking the body, the heart gives out early. Dementia comes unexpectedly. Others things go terribly wrong. We don't talk about this part.

On top of that people are making stupid sexual decisions because HIV's considered "no big deal" by way too many people.
This isn't a gay thing, by the way. I teach a ton of classes to the het population - you'd be surprised how little condom usage is out there. This means the creepy crawlies and deadlies are having a feast on our flesh.

If I sound a bit frustrated and edgy, you're right. By now I thought we'd kick this crud in the butt... but no. So I keep doing this year after year. I'll be honest; it's really maddening at times... Thus this note is not as optimistic in tone as I've been in the past.
Dammit, help me support HIV services and education work by giving what you can. We'll keep doing this crazy thing called activism until HIV gets its ass kicked

= = = = =


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