February 7, 2006

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
February 7, 2006

Table of contents

1. Love, Passion and Dirty Deeds! (a.k.a. my recent adventures)
2. Classes in February (SF, LA, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Dallas)
3. Boston Rope Bondage Dojo in April Sold Out!
4. Only 2 Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensives in 2006 (Boston, Ottawa)
5. Bang 4 The Buck Women's Party returns to Seattle 2/19!
6. New column, New Forum, and other media news 7. Freaky sex questions? Ask me at Midori's Student Lounge. Or Peek into my private life via my Blog.

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1. LOVE, PASSION AND DIRTY DEEDS! (a.k.a. my recent adventures)

Dear Readers,
Ahhh it's the month of love and passion! What forms your passion? What revvvvvs up your synapses and heart rate? There's just something in the air lately for me. Are you feeling it?

Passion! The last month has just been amazing for me. My second large scale installation art experience "Path-Web-Choice" at Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco went up in an a-mazing 3 days. For 2 weeks people came in and let themselves get lost in there. The creative team, the amazing volunteers that come together to build this environment did an awesome job. Honestly, I've never experienced such a high and satisfaction. Ever.

I've taken my friend Cathy's tarot card reading at the New Year to heart. I'm letting the Divine Fool rule my creativity and he's doing wonders for me. I've finished another story for "Master Han's Daughter" and hope to get that book out this year. I've been in the midst of other creative projects as well. Oh this is passion!

Love! I'm in love with my Cannon camera! I've been shooting erotic portraits and bondage images about a day or two each month. This past month I had the pleasure of 2 full shoot days, during which I worked with four fantastic models. Three of them were handsome men with totally different looks. I've really been enjoying shooting erotic images of powerful men. Love! I love the people who are encouraging me to shoot.

Dirty Deeds? I don't play fair! Nope, I don't. I had some steamy hot wicked fun scenes recently... "Princess Id" which is my inner evil 8 year-old top came out to play on a tough boi at Wicked Women. Where upon I showed the boi that all I needed for a good scene was a box of Party Picks and a pair of tweezers. Then the sweet scene with the Devoted One where I used my North Bound leather shirt as a hood... oh and then there was that interrogation scene I did for the class I taught at Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket where I got to play Home Land Security airport inspector. Mwa ha ha ha!

Spring has sprung and life is good!

And thanks for reading my newsletter!


= = =


San Francisco, CA
• Tue 2/7 "Cock & Ball Play For The Creative: Using Pervertibles & Uncommon Objects For Nefarious Purposes"
at QSM. www.qualitysm.com

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Los Angeles, CA
· Sat 2/11 "Taste of the Forbidden"

Orange County Leather Assembly www.www.ocla.org

•Sun 2/12 "Pussy Purring Pleasures: How to Please Your Woman"
at Toys in Bableland. www.babeland.com

•Mon 2/13 "Joy Stick Secrets: How to Please Your Man"
at Toys in Bableland. www.babeland.com

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Portland, WA ·Ticket pre-purchase encouraged

• Fri 2/17 "Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage - history, passion, and approach"
BodyBound a weekend of rope bondage www.www.ropelover.com/bodybound/event.htm

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Seattle, WA
·Sat 2/18 "Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside the Box"

at the Wet Spot. The class is for Everyone. (The Wet Spot calendar has it for women only and that's an error. Sorry!)www.wetspot.org

·Sun 2/19

Free Burlesque Lessons by Indigo Blue for Butches and Femmes. (Female ID required.) FREE FREE! 7pm - 8pm Taught by the sauciest, naughtiest burlesque teacher as part of Bang 4 The Buck party at the wet spot. www.bang4thebuck.org

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Vancouver, DC
·Mon 2/20 "Erotic Foot Pampering for Couples"

At Libido Events www.libidoevents.com

·Tue 2/21 "Hands-on Hand & Feet Bondage Workshop"

At Libido Events www.libidoevents.com

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Dallas, TX
•2/24 to 2/26 "Snap Decisions: Successful Scenes Created Quicklys" and "Catalytic Scenes and Conscious Perversion: Effecting Personal and Social Change through Play"
At South Plains Leather Fest 2 classes. www.southplainsleatherfest.com

You can find more info in the Calendar section at FHP-Inc (Sometimes that calendar's a bit slow. You may have to click on it a few times.)

The next Rope Bondage Dojo (tm) will be held in Boston, April 22nd to 23rd. I opened the registration and 5 days later all 30 slots were filled. We're now taking a waiting list but please note that usually only 2 or 3 people from the waiting list get in. Beyond Boston I have 2 other Dojos confirmed for 2006. July will be in the Pacific Northwest (details to be announced soon) and Montreal in late October. For more information on Rope Bondage Dojo, please go to www.RopeDojo.com

This year, due to a busy schedule I will only conduct two Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensives. Over 2 and a half days I'll work in deep concentration with 14 women doing a full brain dump on the skills, psychology and practicals on finding your feminine dominant style and having the best fun with it!

Boston. April 28th to 30th: Registration will open February 27th at www.FHP-inc.com. Hosted by "Kim Airs Presents!" Events.

Ottawa, Canada. May 26th to 28th. Registration is open now through Venus Envy. 613-789-4646 Venus Envy Ottawa

Do I have your attention now? It's now a tradition! What better way to fight HIV and contribute to my AIDS LifeCycle fundraising efforts then to come and be naughty all night long!

Here's the official blurb.

Midori, Kelly B. and The Wet Spot present
Special Women's Event and Fundraiser for AIDS/LifeCycle

Time: 7:00 FREE LESSON, 8:00 STRIP-O-RAMA, 10:00- 2:00 PARTY
Location: THE WET SPOT, 1630 15th Ave W, Bldg E, Seattle.
Cost: $5-10 Sliding Scale - Strip-O-Rama ONLY,
$15 - 20 Sliding Scale - Strip Show AND Party.
URL: Bang 4 The Buck

For the second year in a row, international star, Midori hosts a hot and steamy night for all Northwest Women with precedes benefiting AIDS/Lifecycle. Kinky Northwest Women are still talking about last year's Seattle extravaganza. After San Francisco's notorious sophomore event last month, this year's event is primed for another sold out success on Sunday, February 19 at The Wet Spot, Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center.

First... Strip-O-Rama! The evening begins at 7:00 pm with a FREE striptease lesson by Seattle's Sapphic Sweetheart, Miss Indigo Blue. Miss Indigo will teach sexy moves for butches and femmes to achieve stripping success on the catwalk! FREE, and guaranteed to be fun! Come prepared to take it all off!

Then, at 8:00 pm, Miss Indigo Blue and Miss Lydia McLane join Midori to co-host an outrageous amateur women-for-women strip-off! This will be a no-holds barred, wild extravaganza of women stripping for other women, competing to receive the most tips from the audience, with bumping tunes spun by DJ Lu Ying. The biggest tip-receivers win BIG prize packages donated by Toys In Babeland. All women are invited to come to watch, tip and compete! All tips are donated to AIDS/Lifecycle.

Finally at 10:00 pm, the night turns downright debaucherous! For those who want to play, Hostess Midori will conduct her famous "Dirty Mixers For Adventurous Singles"! Everyone is invited to stay and play late into the night for at the women-only play and sex party. This is THE hottest event of the winter! Pull out your spiciest outfit, and throw your toys in a bag to come out and play for a great cause.

Wet Spot membership not required. Non-members are asked to RSVP. RSVP if you are not a member to Bang RSVP.

$5-10 Strip-O-Rama only, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
$15 -20 Strip Show and Party 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Contact Info
Email: Support
Phone: 415-282-6555 Midori / 206-550-2570 Lydia

6. NEW COLUMN, NEW FORUM, & Other Media News
•I've been writing a twice-monthly column for eros-zine.com The last one started with "There is no kink community" and it's been quite controversial. Check it out at ezine

•The Stockroom brings together perv advisors Violet Blue, Steve Diet Goedde, Lucky Lana and myself at the hot new kink forum forum.stockroom.com

•It's been a busy month for me with the media. You'll find me in The Independent Collegian Newspaper of University of Toledo, Court TV, Redbook, MGW magazine, and even a vampire special on the History Channel. Go figure! www.livejournal.com

Any question about kink or sex answered! Meet sexy, interesting and intelligent people from all over the world! All orientations, genders and experience levels. (Populated mainly by people who've been to my classes, ranging from Denmark to Australia) join the discussion at my yahoo group called DivaMidori (it is Adult Access only) the URL is: groups.yahoo.com/group/divamidori

Or visit my my daily blah blah blah:
Am I being just too 2004? Well so be it. I have a blog. I write a lot there. I use it to get ideas for my writing, announce last minute stuff and procrastinate. Stop by! fd-midori.livejournal.com
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