February 20, 2003

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter February 20, 2003

Table of contents

  • "Dreaming In Color" - a limited-edition anthology of erotica by Greenery Press authors
  • New photos and guest artist, Eric Kroll, on BeautyBound.com
  • Photos from Atlanta up at the club's site

  • *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    (Forwarding this to you, my dear readers ... it's from Greenery Press ... I have a few, previously unpublished pieces in this book too.)
    Greenery Press has just announced the creation of "Dreaming In Color," a limited edition anthology featuring unpublished work by most of the press's authors.
    A must-have for collectors, fans and other aficionados of fine erotica, "Dreaming In Color" will help raise funds to restore Greenery to financial health after the 2002 bankruptcy of its former distributor.
    None of these stories, poems and essays has ever appeared in book form before, and each author has promised Greenery their exclusive use for three years - so this is your only chance for at least that long to read new, hot works by the following artists:
    (List is from the table of content of "Dreaming In Color")
    "Swordplay" - Deborah Addington (A Hand in the Bush, Fantasy Made Flesh)
    "Lovely Vistas" - Charles Anders (The Lazy Crossdresser)
    "Triangle" - Miranda Austin (Phone Sex)
    "Daring: The Biography of a Kiss" - Joseph W. Bean (Flogging)
    "Patron of the Arts" - Andrew Conway (The Bullwhip Book)
    "Theory of the Big Bang: Introducing the Corps de Valets" - Dossie Easton (The New Bottoming Book, The New Topping Book, The Ethical Slut, When Someone You Love Is Kinky)
    "The Captain's Gaze" - Tammy Jo Eckhart (Justice)
    "Pain" - Janet Hardy (a lot of stuff)
    "Tony's Dad" - Sal Iacopelli ( Love, Sal)
    "Love Rain Down On Me" - Magdalene Meretrix (Turning Pro)
    Three Poems - Midori (The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage)
    Two Poems - Michael Moran (Erotic Tickling)
    "How It All Began" - Jack Rinella (Partners In Power: Living In Kinky Relationships)
    "In the Corner" - M.R. Strict (Intimate Invasion: The Erotic Ins and Outs of Enema Play)
    Two Poems - A.H. Swinburne (Bottom Lines)
    "Blunted Affect" - John Warren (The Loving Dominant, Safe, Sane, Consensual and Fun, Murder At Roissy)
    "Liberation" - James Williams (... But I Know What You Want)
    "Convince Me" - Jay Wiseman (SM 101, Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook, Tricks... To Please a Woman)
    Guaranteeing the future value of this important volume are features like:
    * Hardcover, cloth-bound edition with heavy 80 lb. paper
    * Exclusive unpublished cover photo by Charles Gatewood
    * ONLY 500 COPIES will ever be printed, in this edition or any other!*
    The cost for each book is $55, plus $3.85 for U.S. Priority Mail postage. (If you're outside the U.S., contact Greenery Press to find out what postage will be.)
    This book will not be available in stores. It must be purchased by contacting Greenery Press directly. The press can accept payment in several ways:
    * Check or money order for $58.85 to Greenery Press, 3403 Piedmont Ave. #301, Oakland, CA 94611.
    * PayPal.com payments can be made at jhardy@greenerypress.com.
    * Call 888/944-4434, or e-mail jhardy@greenerypress.com, with a VISA or MasterCard.
    The 500-book press run is expected to sell out quickly, so pre-purchasing is encouraged.
    Contact Janet Hardy at 510/652-2596, or jhardy@greenerypress.com, with any questions.


    Personally, I'm getting a few copies to stock up for holiday and birthday gifts ... Some of my pervy friends are sooo hard to shop for!


    BTW, for those who follow what we've been doing with BeautyBound.com we have been busy updating both the free area and members area.
    We have a new guest artist featured... Check out legendary fetish photographer Eric Kroll's work. You can still see the works by past featured guest artists such as Craig Morey and James Mogul.
    We've also updated the gallery images and now have over 2,000 images.
    The free bondage and kink discussion groups getting going too.
    I'm using "Midori's Lair" there as my blog.
    We'll be continuing to make improvements. Please let me know what works, what you like, what you'd like to see changed!


    Rubberella, one of my wonderful models from the suspension show in Atlanta forwarded this to me...
    They're photos from the rope bondage performances I did at the Chamber and the Secret Room in Atlanta last weekend!
    Let me know what you think!

    Btw, big thanks to Greg, Howie, Jason, G, Karla & kip & the bunny for taking such great care of me! Ohhh and my yummy models... mmm...