February 15, 2003

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter February 15, 2003

Table of content

  • Happy Valentines!
  • In Atlanta this weekend
  • Classes Next 2 Weeks: Berkeley, San Francisco, Dallas
  • Wanted: Feb 18th, 4 Couples to be Filmed taking a class by me
  • Adventure Report: Toronto

  • *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    Dear Readers,
    Wishing you a wonderful day of sensuality and passion...
    May you revel in the sensuality of the present...
    May the memories of passions past fuel your imagination...
    May quietly harbored love blossom with grandeur...

    Love comes in many forms.
    The flames of passions of lovers
    The ever-present quiet love of the one who raised you
    The ever innocent love of the child
    The unconditional love of our furry companions
    The rock steady love of your best friend
    The global love of peace
    And the love in the eyes that look back in the mirror...
    Happy Valentines
    (A bit belated from Atlanta, with love.)


    Speaking of Atlanta, yes, that's where I'm at right now. The Chamber club invited me to perform for two nights. Last night was for their Friday Masquerade night.
    I had a blast with three lovely young women, suspending them one after the other, in dramatic moving, twisting suspension.
    The club photographer was busy taking photos, so soon we should be able to see the action on their site.
    Tonight will be the more risqué night called The Secret Room. I'll be doing a series of suspension combined with some good SM. (Now that I know exactly what these young ladies enjoy!) If you're around, stop by!
    It's a fun place to wear your kinky and sexy clothes too!

    "Love Hurts! Kinky Valentines with Midori
    Friday, February 14th , Bondage and SM performance at the kinky night club, The Chamber http://www.chamberatlanta.com/
    Saturday, February 15th for The Secret Room http://www.secretroom.net/


    Berkeley, CA
    Monday, February 17th 8pm - 10pm
    Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice and Erotic Story Telling.
    At Good Vibrations on San Pablo Ave.
    For more info go to GoodVibes.com education series page.
    A class that's good for everyone interested in sensuality and fantasy!
    2504 San Pablo Avenue at Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702
    (510) 841-8987San Francisco, CA

    Wednesday, February 19h
    Japanese Bondage, Shibari: Demo and Discussion with Midori
    At QSM
    For more info go to QualitySM.com classes page.
    (415) 550-7776 or (800) 537-5815
    Sliding Scale: $20 to $10. Doors open 7:00 PM; class 7:30-10:00 PM.

    Dallas, TX
    February 28 - March 2
    Classes at South Plains Leatherfest
    I'll be teaching Suspension Rope Bondage and Erotic Humiliation, along with a book signing
    For more information go to SouthPlainsLeatherfest.com


    Sex TV of Canada wants to film my Aural Sex class! Would you like to help in the filming?
    For more info on this excellent program, you can check out their web site at Sextelevision.net

    They've interviewed me before. I'm very impressed with their quality of production, sincerity, sex positivity and intellect.
    To see how they covered my rope bondage passions, you can see the footage in their archive section.

    They want to know about what classes of mine are like... But I don't allow the filming of my usual classes, to protect the comfort and privacy of my students.
    So we decided to do a class just for those who would like to take a class and be filmed. You need to be ok with appearing on TV. They may want to interview you for a few minutes.
    I am looking for 4 pairs of people to help out. (You don't have to be couple, just good friends is fine too!)
    We need you to pre-register.
    The class is only $5 to cover my expenses.
    When: Tuesday, February 18th 7:30pm - 10pm
    Where: San Francisco, South of Market Location. (Location given to those who pre-register)
    Cost: $5
    What to wear: Street-clothes are fine. A bit of fetish is fine too!
    What to expect: my full Aural Sex class, TV filming, being interviewed about SM education, appear on TV in Canada, refreshments, meet other interesting folks.
    For more info or to register, please call Matthew at 416-591-7400 ext. 2708 or just drop me an e-mail at Midori@fhp-inc.com


    Wow! I had such a great time in Toronto!
    I'm really impressed with the town and the sex positive folks of Toronto.
    Come As You Are Sexuality Boutique and Northbound Leather brought me into town to teach a bunch of classes.
    To find them go to:
    Cory, one of the owners of Come As You Are (CAYA) was my host. He took really great care of me. I really enjoyed kicking around town with him and getting to know him... and Dexter the wonder dog and his wonder tail!
    The classes were a load of fun. Over 80 people came to my rope bondage class at CAYA.
    At the flogging class at NorthBound everyone got to swing the whip and improve their skills.
    We even had a brave novice flogging me as part of her 'rite of passage' in to her flogging top space. I'm really glad she didn't faint! ;)
    I was delighted to see Trevor from Aids Committee Toronto (for whom I'll be teaching more classes in May!) and Michael Horowitz from NYC drop by my class.
    It was really nice having dinner with them and Steven and Jason. My delightful friend Jason and I shopped around town. The shops there are so fun! I increased my Barbie collection at a toyshop (yes, I have a Barbie habit!) and indulged in my fur and leather habit.
    The classes were so well received that more classes are planned around my May visit back to Toronto. The 6 hour bondage class with ACT is nearly sold out already!
    Really cute and sexy folks (which Canada seems to be full of) from NorthBound, CAYA and the local leather community took me out on Saturday night to the Bovine Sex Club (yes, there really is a club by that name there) and Savage Garden. There I enjoy the local micro brew and put heads together with them to plan wild events for the near future. Hee hee hee!
    I had several interviews as well. The Toronto Sun and Toronto Star, both main stream newspapers interviewed me. Their weekly paper, the Eye interviewed me a long with Xtra, Sex City Radio, Ciut FM, Canadian Broadcasting Company , Dim Sum FM, CafeGlove.com a Japanese women's web magazine. (Corey, did I miss any of them?)
    We also enjoyed a very hedonistic dinner over at NorthBound's owner's Anna & George's place. Wow, she's a great cook and they're fab hosts! They hosted a small group of pervy friends with great wine, fantastic food and wicked conversations to the wee hours....
    My time in Toronto came to an end too quickly... alas...
    Then I rushed home to San Francisco, did a hot photo shoot suspending Seven for BeautyBound.com uploaded a bunch of images there to the members section, packed, stayed up too late, caught a flight way too early, and now I'm in Atlanta!


    Hope to see you guys in my travels!