February 14, 2004

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter February, 14th 2004

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  • Denver classes this weekend
  • Mini-Adventure Report and Happy Valentines message
  • Upcoming class/event reminder: Edmonton, Calgary, Boise, Philadelphia, San Jose, San Francisco, Boston Women's Dominance Intensive, DC Weekend Rope Dojo
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    Denver Classes and Performance This Valentines Weekend
    For info on all the Denver events this weekend go to www.cupidsfetishfeast.com

    Saturday, Feb. 14, 10:30am to 1pm:
    The Art of Feminine Dominance Level 1
    6040 E. 50th Ave., Commerce City, CO. 80022
    $25 per person. $40 for the 2 Saturday classes, $50 for all three

    Saturday, Feb. 14, 2pm to 4pm:
    Fetish Worship & Body Worship
    6040 E. 50th Ave., Commerce City, CO. 80022
    $25 per person. $40 for the 2 Saturday classes, $50 for all three

    Saturday, Feb. 14, 7:30pm to 1:30am, Denver:
    Cupid's Feast Party & Bondage Show

    A Valentine's night of thrill! Fetish Dress Event, Vendors, Entertainment, Play, Food,
    6040 E. 50th Ave., Commerce City, CO. 80022
    $65 per person, $120 per couple, 21 and up, Pre-sale only!

    Sunday, Feb. 15 -- 2pm to 4:30pm:
    Bondage for beginners
    Oriental Theatre 2600 W. 2nd Ave. #8
    $15 per person, $50 for all 3 classes

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    Mini-Adventure Report and Happy Valentines
    Where does the time go? It's already Valentines Day!
    May your heart beat with love of life and your days be filled with the joy of every breath! I like to think of Valentines Day as a day for celebrating the lust for life. It's the day to remind ourselves that the love and passion that we give out to the world comes back many folds greater.

    What have I been up to?

    Trip to Costa Rica
    Well, there was the most exciting trip to Costa Rica from at the beginning of the year. I love adventurous travel. Kelly and I had a blast jet skiing, canopy touring, rappelling, scuba, surfing with the locals, hiking and even nude-beachin'! The coffee was so amazing that I had it every day and I'm not a coffee drinker! I can't say if there's any kink wild life there but the actual jungle wild life is most amazing. A trip I highly recommend. A week was simply not enough.

    Canada Rocks!
    Then I spent 10 wonderful days between Toronto and Montreal, Canada. It was bitter cold so it was really good that I have a fur fetish. I was covered head to toe in furry outside clothing and clad in leather or latex below.
    Speaking of leather, of course I had to go shopping at North Bound Leather. Oh, the leather clothes there are simply. . . well, perhaps the finest leather fetishwear in North America. Yes, yes, I went shopping. I couldn't help myself. Along with some fine leather fetish wear I also purchased at North Bound some heavy-duty metal collar/chain/wrist shackle set for my warrior servant, Khadan, for Valentines.
    Nothing says "Be Mine" like shackles! (lol!) It is considerably heavy so I wasn't able to bring it back with me. So Remi Collette (Mr. Toronto Leather 2004) and David Kloss (IML 1979) were kind enough to bring it back to SF on their recent trip.
    Apparently they caused some amusing eyebrow raising in at least 2 HomeLand Security CheckPoints. And after all that, the shackles are now on the 2002 American Leatherwoman, so now these shackles seem to have truly earned their silver-lame hankie status. (For explanation of "Hankie Codes" click here)
    I had the pleasure of presenting some really fun classes and even one that's totally new.
    Thank you to Safer SM, Come As You Are in Toronto and Morpheous' bondage group. While in Toronto the Discovery Channel shot my classes for their show Sex Files. (with permission of a small select group of students) I hope you get to see it when it comes out. So now we can honestly say "I do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel."
    I'll keep you posted with any show dates if I know of them.
    The locals were kind enough to educate this ignorant American on the cultural importance of duct tape in Canada. We devoted one whole section of the Predicament Bondage class to the question of "So you have two naked Canadian babes and duct tape. Create a predicament!"
    Montreal is truly a city of Lovers. I've decided that it's the easiest way for me to travel to Europe without jet lag. This feeling is enhanced for me by the fact that I don't speak of lick of French, even if I might like doing French. Lol! (Oh goodness, when I write these newsletters late at night you end up suffering from my awful sense of humor. . . )
    My fetish shopping highlight was the day I spent with Bianca Beauchamp (hot stuff fetish model babe), Lady Alejandra (total rubber goddess babe), Mario (owner of Polymorphe) and Martin Perreault (hip fetish erotica photog).
    I am beyond lucky! I got a private tour of the Polymorphe latex manufacturing site and warehouse.
    What's really unique about his clothing is the poured and molded latex. Mario pours gorgeous marbled latex and many delicious translucent numbers too. I'm now a proud owner of a very sexy red n black marbled latex suit and corset set. You can check out the goods at www.polymorphe.com

    Thanks to Come As You Are's new Montreal shop, Attitudes.cc, Club L'Orange and Ds Montreal Club for having me as a presenter. Thank you also to the French / English interpreters.
    Speaking of Come As You Are, one of the owners, Cory Silverberg co-authored the new and wonderful book "The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability" from Cleis Press. I'm very impressed with this book. It's a general sex manual for the disabled and their partners. Check it out.
    Can I just tell you that the Canadians take their pervy fetish parties very seriously? It was minus 26 degrees there but folks went out to classes, shows and parties. (I can't remember if it was Fahrenheit or Celsius, but does it really matter when it's minus 26 degrees?) I went to the Fetish Cafe in Montreal and had a blast. It was elegant, happening, full of sexy people in sizzling fetishwear. They even had a really cool little play area down stairs with some fine play going on.
    I happen to love opera so my pervy heart was just tickled pink when a corset and thigh boot clad beauty took the stage with crop assuredly in hand and began belting out the key area from Carmen to an appreciative latex clad audience. By the way, they have the sexiest bartender babes and glide along swathed in skin-tight rubber!

    By the way, I will be returning to Toronto in June and Montreal in July for more classes and fun! Stay tuned!

    And then by way of SF to LA
    I had one week at home. Which isn't enough time to take care of all the things I need to do. You know, laundry, filing, errands, hot scenes with local play partners, sleep. Oh well, sleep may be optional here. (Time to look for a service person in SF?)
    I did have the pleasure to MC the San Francisco Dyke boy and girl contest. That and the steamy party afterwards were loads of fun!
    Then I went to LA. I have to make a confession here. I'm a Northern Californian. For those who don't know, when we Californians speak of the North / South tension, we're not talking about Yankees vs. Dixies. We're talking about NorCal / SoCal. So I have to confess to having HAD certain sense of disdain for our Southern half of the state.
    This stooopid opinion of mine has been totally eroded over the course of my recent trips to LA. I am having so much fun in LA and LA's kink scene, it's amazing! Avatar LA, the men's SM group invited me to present on "Rope Bondage: Stump the Presenter" and we must have had at least 200 people there. LA's finest elegant sexuality boutique Grand Opening also hosted several classes.
    Good News! I'll be offering the Women's Art of Dominance Intensive in LA (through Grand Opening Boutique) and I also hope to run a Weekend Intensive Rope Bondage Dojo down there too.
    The best part of LA was quality time spent with my friends. Master Skip and David Okihiro threw a great cocktail and leather formal dinner party. We were even treated to David's private shamisen performance! (This is not some crazy Oriental sex act. It's a classical Japanese stringed instrument that makes my soul flutter and my eyes moist.) That lasted to the wee hours over port, fine cigars and deep heart felt conversations. The wild women instigators of LA, L and P, hosted the private leather discussion group that ended in utter debauchery of entwined naked flesh breasts,
    Steve Diet Goedde and Kim Airs were my dates to the Bondage Ball.
    There, encouraged by wonderful perv elves, I took the stage unannounced and had fun suspending a beauty. There were so many fab freak friends and acquaintances there like Persephone, Tim, Ginger, Ken Marcus, that red devil dude, Richie, Courney Cruz, Perry Gallagher, etc etc (oh my memory fails me now.)
    Steve Diet Goedde shot me for the cover for my upcoming essay book from Daedalus Publishing. I wore a pair of wickedly high-heeled patent leather knee boots, glasses and a typewriter. Now let that spin in your head!
    So last night I got to attend Daddy Alan Selby's 75th Birthday Party in San Francisco. I got to wear my formal leather kimono. What an event that was! High formal leather dinner in a room full of some of the most fascinating leather men and women. Even the California State Assembly member Mark Leno stopped by to recognize Daddy Alan's birthday and leather activism over the past several decades. Daddy Alan Selby started Mr. S. In fact the name Mr. S is after his name.
    I am having a blast with life!.

    In Leather Pride


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    And don't forget to check out some of the new images at my bondage art site BeautyBound.com


    More info on the calendar page at www.fhp-inc.com
    Feb 20 - 22: Edmonton, Canada classes (Rope, Humiliation)
    Feb 25: Calgary, Canada class (Predicament Bondage)
    March 5 - 7: Boise, Idaho (Full Day Rope Bondage Intensive)
    March 12 - 14: Philadelphia classes (Fetish/Body Worship, Predicament Bondage, Percussive Play)
    March 18: San Jose class (Aural Sex 1)
    March 19: San Francisco performance (Club Enslaved and SF Fetish Ball)
    Apr 16 - 18 Boston: Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensive
    Apr 23 - 25 DC: Weekend Intensive Rope Bondage Dojo