February 07, 2005

Midori's Newsletter
February 07, 2005

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1. Mini Report
2. 2 Classes just added! San Francisco

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Dear Readers!

I know it's only been a week or so since I wrote to you. As you know I usually send this newsletter out about once every 4 to 6 weeks. But I just had a last minute addition of a couple of classes, and since the first one is this Wednesday I thought I'd drop a line.

What have I been up to since my last report? I went to Salt Lake City and put the cadets of a very unique SM training academy through the infamous Midori's Hell Weekend. I'm amazed they still like me! LOL! But honestly, I really enjoy spending time with my extended leather family in SLC. They have a very strong and bonded community there. I had my first snow-boarding day. I had to take it easy though, as my knees are still not good. I need find a good workout trainer and get back to the gym!

Then I went off to Boston to teach classes at Grand Opening Boutique. Unfortunately I got a head cold there that I'm still nursing. Flying with a head cold is a really miserable experience. (Fortunately my clogged ears kept me from hearing the screaming child and screaming mother in the seat behind me.)

From Boston I flew directly to where I'm at now, Toronto. Just taught a few classes for NorthBound Leather. (A bit of a challenge as I was losing my voice.)
I got to attend their monthly party "Fetish @5ive" for the first time.
It was their 15th anniversary party. Even with the head cold (I took a lot of daytime cold meds) I had a ball! It's quite the party. About 500+ folks show up and take over this gay disco, wearing loads of fetish wear.
There's a good lounge area, a small playroom and a good dance floor. The crowd is really wonderfully diverse. Lots of handsome leathermen, a few leatherdykes, fancy dressed het couples. The music was varied and constantly kept the crowd moving.
I saw a lot of friends there and that was great! The anniversary party culminated in a human birthday cake. A beautiful naked woman on a table was slathered with frosting, sprinkles and candies and was offered up to the crowd!

Ok, I'm going to wrap up this now, go down stairs and drink some hot honey lemonade and see if I can get my voice back. I sound like a cross between Lauren Bacall and a drag queen. Ug...

In Leather pride,



Wednesday, February 9, 2005
San Francisco "Hands-On Rope Bondage" at Madame S
$30/person $50/couple
Reservations: Call Madame S at 415 863-9447
321 7th Street (at Folsom St.)
San Francisco, CA

Rope bondage can be simple, elegant, effective and sensual, but if you don't know how to do it right, it can be dangerous. Midori will teach you how to use this versatile bondage tool to maximize fun and minimize risks. Learn basic techniques including two-column restraint, body harnesses and creative positions.
Midori is the author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, and is an expert in safe and effective Japanese inspired rope bondage.
Wear comfortable clothing and bring a minimum of 2 lengths of 30 feet of rope.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
San Francisco class "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice & Erotic Story Telling" at
Madame S
$30/person $50/couple
321 7th Street (at Folsom Street)
San Francisco, CA

The brain is the biggest sex organ and the voice can be the most powerful tool to create the hottest scenes. Midori will show you how to use the hypnotic magic of the voice to seduce your lover long before you enter the bedroom or the dungeon. Learn how to suggest, command, tease and take control with the art of voice. Enjoy practical exercises, tips and secrets of aural seduction.
Most of the class will address fundamentals and skills applicable to all sensual encounters. Then bring the magic of Shaherezade to your bedroom.
Incorporating seductive voice techniques learned in this class to heat up the bedroom and add spice to your erotic life. Mesmerize your lover and transport both of you to an erotic landscape. Learn how to build and enrich a powerful fantasy, practice effective voice techniques and spellbinding. In this hands-on workshop style class you'll learn techniques of finding out yours and your lovers fantasy, practice story-telling skills and improve them with Midori's gentle guidance. There will be a specific section of the class dedicated to voice and command techniques to enhance your SM and D/s scenes.
This class applies to SM players and non-SM players alike. Demos, practical exercises, tips.

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See you around!


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